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Check with Venue before travelling, as there may be changes/ mistakes etc.

To add a gig / report a mistake / cancellation etc please email  -

      Most Venues are free, except special events   

* = Venue which normally charges 1-3 entry. Eg  Social Clubs (non members)          

Some of the best pubs, with a stage  for Live Bands         

- The Layton, The Venue Cleveleys, Waterloo, Station Tavern Lytham

Social Clubs with good concert room & stage -

*Marton Institute, *Stanley Ward Con Club, *Highfield SC, Dockers Flwd.

Stanley Park Bandstand, wonderful setting, bring the family, just add the Sun!

- Don't forget something to sit on, sun cream, picnic/ refreshment etc! Free Entry!




Blackpool live bands gig guide -           Start times normally 9.30pm                        

Gigs - 2017    

23rd November Thursday

Steamer Fleetwood Folk Club        Geoff Higginbottom 5 8.30

Gillespies *grand reopening*          Dirty Work
24th November Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                        Mick Dee

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                 Paul Darran

Bloomfield Pub                             Electro80's

Stanley Ward                               The Good Machine

Station Pub & Grill Lytham          The Versions


25th November Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                              Tony Mitchell

Royal Oak Fleetwood                           Bad Moon

The Venue Cleveleys                             Blue Pig Orchestra

Burn Naze Thornton                             Roll Back

Layton                                                 Rupert Fabulous

Genting Club                                        Starfish (Duo)

Washington                                          Bosh Claret

Boars Head                                          Rockorama

Royal Oak                                           Shotglass

Belle Vue                                             Dirty Work

Highfield SC                                        The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club                       The Rockits

Bar Fifteens St Annes                          The SofaKings

Lytham Station Pub & Tavern              Ska Face

1st December Friday

North Euston Fleetwood                      Ska Face

Royal Oak Fleetwood                         Marauders

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Thornton     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                      The Jeps* 10

The Albion                                       AC/BC

Waterloo                                          Discharge plus Avarus, Sick 56

2nd December Saturday

Knott End WMC                             Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak Fleetwood                      Marauders

The Venue Cleveleys                      Take That Tribute* 10

Layton                                           The Rockits

Golden Eagle                                  Molly's Chamber

Washington                                   Room 4

Gillespies                                       Hooker

Belle Vue                                      Ska Face

Marton Institute                             Electro 80'S

Waterloo                                       The Heat

Stanley Ward Con Club                  Rupert Fabulous

Highfield Pub                                Kazoobian

Station Pub & Grill Lytham            Electrio

8th December Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                     Smack the Monkey

The Venue Cleveleys                      Abba Tribute* 10

Bay Horse Cleveleys                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Belle Vue                                      Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                       The Jam Collective

9th December Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                      Take that Tribute*

Carelton Bowling Club                       Rupert Fabulous

Washington                                    Don't Panic

Waterloo                                           Wild Hearts Acoustic 13.20

Stanley Ward Con Club                      Kazoobian

Station Tavern Lytham                       Free roll

15th December Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                            The Shakers

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Thornton        Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                      The Jeps* 10

Stanley Ward Con Club                     The Heat Reunion - Original line up of 1995.

16th December Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                           Molly's Chamber

The Venue Cleveleys                      Queen Tribute* 10

Old Town Hall Poulton                     Kazoobian

Washington                                    3 minute Hero

Belle Vue                                        The Heat

Waterloo                                         AC/DC

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Rock of Ages

Town House St Annes                      Bosh Claret

Station Pub & Grill Lytham               Kudos

22nd December Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                         Blue Pig Orchestra

Belle Vue                                          Rupert Fabulous

Waterloo                                           John Rossall* (Founder Glitter Band) 10

23rd December Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                         Molly's Chamber

12 Restaurant & Bar Cleveleys           Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                         Kazoobian

Gardeners Arms Thornton                  Deadbeats

Old Town Hall Poulton                      Free Roll

Belle Vue                                          Bob On

Waterloo                                          Dirty Work

Stanley Ward Con Club                    5th Element (2 non members)

The Shovels                                    Glitterballs

Station Tavern Lytham                    Contraband

24th December Sunday

The Mount Fleetwood                     Hooker          

The Venue Cleveleys                      DJ

Farmers Arms                               Glitterballs

Stanley Ward Con Club                 Boombox (2 non members)

26th December Tuesday Boxing Day

Belle Vue                                        AC/BC

28th December Thursday

Belle Vue                                        Deadbeats

29th December Friday

Castle Gardens Poulton                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Belle Vue                                              The deadbeats

Farmers Arms                                    Rockorama

30th December Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                             Higher Ground

Belle Vue                                              Blue pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                               Rupert Fabulous

Station Tavern Lytham                           Bob On

31st December Sunday New Years Eve

Hambleton Sports & SC                         Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                              The Jeps* 10

Layton                                                  Prime Mover

Old Town Hall Poulton                           Bob On

Genting Club                                        Starfish (Duo)

Belle Vue                                              The Monster squad

Tyldesley Conservative Club                  Rockorama

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Twelve Paces (Members only, 7 Tickets, membership available!)

St Annes's Ex Servicemans Club          Contraband

Station Pub & Grill Lytham              Ska Face 5 from 8pm, 25 with 3 course meal, advance tickets on sale



6th January 2018

The Venue Cleveleys                         Good Machine

!2 January

The Venue Cleveleys                         Billy NoMates

13th January Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                         Blue Pig Orchestra

19th January

The Venue Cleveleys                        Blind Panic

20th January Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                        The Deadbeats

26th January Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                         Rockorama

27th January Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                         Rupert Fabulous

Stanley Ward Con Club                      Electro80's 8.45pm

3rd February

Belle Vue                                         AC/BC

17th February

Belle Vue                                         Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                          AC/BC

23rd February Saturday

Station Pub Lytham                           Electro80's

!9th May 2018

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Insanity Beach

21st July

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Insanity Beach

More information on local bands -

A must visit facebook page -   Mark Taylor Gig Guide 


Live Bands / Solos, Duos, Trios, live music performing in the Blackpool area

Blackpool, Fleetwood, Thornton-Cleveleys, Poulton, Lytham St Annes..

AC/BC                    - AC/DC Tribute Band             

AC/DC Experience         

Alpha State of Mind - Mainly originals - Rock                  

April Moon           - Classic Rock                                    



Bartender  -                                                                    

Blue Pig Orchestra                      

Bob On                -   Reggae      Bob Marley Tribute


Borders of Dawn           Classic/Modern Rock                      

Bosh Claret                                                                                     

Brother Rabbit      -      Rock, blues, funk, country, folk                

Contraband                    Classic & Modern Rock                     

Coustics               -       Indie/ Rock                                     

Crossroads               - Classic Rock

Chique - Duo                                                                       

Don't Panic              Classic Rock Pop                                  

The Deal                    Rock                                                  

The Deadbeats    -   rock & pop professional partyband                   -

Dirty Work                                                                                 -

Drea Knight               Pop Rock                                                    -

DePalma                    Ska - Dirty Reggae                                        - link broken

5th Element   -           Classic Rock                                       

Free Roll                                                                            


Full Fat Boogie Band -          Tribute Duo 60's 70's                                   

Fogpocket                 Classis Rock Blues                                  

Gatorville        -     Classic Rock     last gig  9/10/15              

Glitterballs -               Glam Rock  -                                        

Ghost Dancer              Rock, Punk, Grunge, Indie                         

Gin Pit Rock Band                                                                

The Good Machine        Rock n Roll                                    

Electro 80's               Electronica 80's                                      


Insanity Beach  -                                                                     

The Heat -                        Pop Rock                                                            

Kazoobian                 - Classic Rock                                       


Kudos                      - Funky Rock Dance Music                    

Mad on Blond                                                                       

Molly's Chamber                                                                   

Night Train                 Blues/Rock                                                broken link

One Cent Magenta     - (Chique with full Band)                       

On the Edge                                                                          

Off the Rails               - Pop Rock                                          

Rampage                      Classic Rock     (See Ghost Dancer) 

Rattlers                       - Pop Rock                                        

Road Trip               -    4 piece rock band                              (site closed) farewell gig 18/04/15 Albion Bispham.

Rock O Rama             vintage rock 'n' roll, blues and soul      

The Rockits               Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis, Kinks, Who       

Rupert Fabulous        - Rock Pop                                          

Twelve Paces     - Classic Rock                                             

The Scoundrels     

The Secrets                 - Pop

Senton Bombs              Hard Rock (Blackpool)                    

Sex Pissed Dolls   -  punk ska etc covers - all female band.                No dates for Blackpool at present

Sorted                 (no longer gigging, website closed                       

Ska Face                       Ska                                                  

Starfish Acoustic / Two Blokes                                                 

The Monster Squad  aka TMS (Funk)                                     

Tin Pan Alley               Blues Rock                                           

Touch The Pearl        - Soul                                                    


New Republik                                                                         

The Stories                 - Punk                                                   

The Versions                                                                             

Wyreless Acoustic                                                                     




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