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6h January Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                         Maccalewram

Travellers Rest Thornton                 Keytars

Farmers Arms                                 Andy Holt

Station Tavern Lytham                    The Deadbeats

7th January Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                          Drea Knight

Knott End WMC                             Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                       Good Machine

Waterloo                                         Electrio

Hampton Road SC                           Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Kazoobian

Station Tavern Lytham                    The Versions

13th January Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                          The Stories

Gardeners Arms Thornton                The Deadbeats

The Venue Cleveleys                        Bartender

Travellers Rest Thornton                  On the Edge

Blackpool Cricket Club                     The Deadbeats

14th January Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                           Powertrip (Farewell Gig)

Kings Arms Fleetwood                      Free Roll 9pm

The Venue Cleveleys                        Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                         Glitterballs

Hampton Road SC                           Andy Holt

Stanley Ward Con Club                    The Secrets

Station Tavern Lytham                     Soulvation

20th January Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                           Cold Shot

Royal Oak Fleetwood                       Tin Pan Alley

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                  James Luke Singer Guitar Solo

The Venue Cleveleys                        Billy NoMates       

21st January Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                      The Stories  

The Steamer Fleetwood                     Don't Panic   

The Venue Cleveleys                        The Keytars

Albion Bispham                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Genting Casino                                 Wyreless Acoustic

Gillespies                                         Jokers N' Cowboys 9pm

Waterloo                                          Troyen + Avarus

Highfield SC                                    The Secrets

Highfield Pub                                   Bob On!

Stanley Ward Con Club                    Electro 80's (£2 non members after 8pm)

Vic St Annes                                    Full Fat Boogie Band

Station Tavern Lytham                      Kazoobian

22nd January

Burlington                                         Paul Darran 8pm

27th January Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                            Bosh Claret

The Venue Cleveleys                         The Versions

Castle Gardens                                  Deadbeats      

Waterloo                                          Tom Hingley Solo Acoustic + Slumdogs

Stanley Ward Con Club                     Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations      


28th January Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                     SkaFace

Steamer Fleetwood                             Monkberry

Kings Arms Fleetwood                        Hush

The Venue Cleveleys                          The Secrets

Golden Eagle Thornton                       English Electro "Electronic Music With A Bite"

The Bay Horse Thornton                    Glitterballs

The Clarence                                      Wyreless Acoustic

Marton Institute*                                Chique (non members £3)

Waterloo                                            Rupert Fabulous

Farmers Arms                                    On the Edge (Afternoon)

Highfield SC                                       Deadbeats

Stanley Ward Con Club                       Whistle Test

Station Tavern Lytham                        Monster Squad

29th January Sunday

Winter Gardens Open Day               Opera House Backstage -  Access all areas.     

                      Two Floors to explore,  Free Entry Donations welcomed.

Gillows Bar                                     Pineapple Jack 11-3pm 

Empress Ballroom                            Wurlitzer Organ

3rd February Friday                               

Royal Oak Fleetwood                           Midnight Johnny

Hambleton SC                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                           On The Edge

Layton                                                Sin after Sin

Waterloo                                             Zipheads, plus Teenage Zombies, Psychobilly, Tijuana Deathshot, The Freakbeats

Farmers Arms                                      Rockorama

4th February Saturday

Highbury @ FTFC Fleetwood                 The Monkeymen     

The Steamer Fleetwood                          Tony Mitchell                      

The Venue Cleveleys                              The Gobots

The Layton                                            Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations (Elvis)

Wainwright Con Club                             Glitterballs

Bootleg Social                                        Off the Bone, Strange Bones, Blackwater, Slumdogs etc £3

Gillespies                                                Free Roll

George                                                   Twelve Paces

Belle Vue                                               The Good Machine

Martom Institute                                     Electro 80's (£3 non Members)

Waterloo                                                The Machine Rages On + Avarus

Highfield SC                                           Superfly

Stanley Ward Con Club                           The Tracks

Highfield Pub                                          Kazoobian

Station Tavern Lytham                            Bob On

5th February Sunday

Waterloo                                                  Billy NoMates 6pm

10th February Friday

Marine Hall Fleetwood                           One Eyed Jack  Beer Festival                     

The Venue Cleveleys                               The Deal

Travellers Rest  Cleveleys                       Billy NoMates

Waterloo                                               Related to Lions + Jay Thackery

Stanley Ward Con Club                              

St Annes Ex Servicemans club                Deadbeats

11th February Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                          The Section    

The Steamer Fleetwood                         Eddie P                  

Marine Hall Fleetwood                          Old Boys Band (afternoon)  Don't Panic 7pm Beer Festival

Wings Club Cleveleys                            Chique

The Venue Cleveleys                             The Jeps

Washington                                           On the Edge

Belle Vue                                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                               Smoking Monkey

Stanley Ward Con Club                          Soulvation

Station Tavern Lytham                           Shotglass

14th February Tuesday

Waterloo                                                AC/DC Experience Free Entry 8pm

17th February Friday                                  

Royal Oak Fleetwood                             A Band of Gypsies

The Venue Cleveleys                              Hush

Waterloo                                               The Shakers Blues Band

18th February Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                  Keytars

North Euston Hotel                                  Brother Rabbit

The Venue Cleveleys                               Rupert Fabulous

Old Town Hall Poulton                            Electric Echo

Genting Club Casino                                Starfish Acoustic Duo1

Belle Vue                                               Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations (Elvis tribute)

Marton Institute                                      Rockorama (£3 non members)

Waterloo                                                English Electro (updated 16/02)

Burlington, Lytham Road                         On the Edge 8pm               

Highfield SC                                           The Heat 9pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                            Kathy & the Hornbeats

St Annes Ex Servicemans Club                 The Deadbeats

Station Tavern Lytham                             Electrio

24th February Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                   Maccalewram

The Venue Cleveleys                                Happy Days

Layton                                                    Tin Pan Alley

Belle Vue                                                The Deadbeats - Charity Night

Waterloo                                                 Red Watts  updated 24/02

Station Tavern Lytham                             Nicola Marie - Amy Winehouse Tribute

25th February Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                   Barkin'

Highbury Club FFC                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                               Dirty Work

Albion Bispham                                       The Heat 9pm

The Layton                                             The Secrets

Waterloo                                                 Jam Collective

Stanley Ward Con Club                            Queenesque

Fifteens At Annes                                    Riverside Trio

British Legion St Annes                            Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                             Higher Ground

26th February Sunday

Farmers Arms                                          Billy NoMates

2nd March Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                Andy Hall & Joe 9.30pm

3rd March Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                             Freebird

The Venue Cleveleys                              Monkberry                          

Royal Oak Fleetwood                             Freebird

Waterloo                                               Vomit plus Litterbug, The Muffwings, Potential Victims

Stanley Ward Con Club *                       Neil Tudor music from Beatles & Wings

Fifteens St Annes                                   Full Fat Boogie Band

Station Tavern Lytham                           Electro80's

4th March Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                  Hooker

The Venue                                             Contraband

Grapevine Poulton                                  The Misfires

The Layton                                            Brother Rabbit

Blackpool Cricket Club                           The Rattlers

Hop Pub                                                Jordan Dennison

Belle Vue                                               The Heat

Waterloo                                                FlashHearts

Stanley Ward Con Club*                         Dirty Work

Station Tavern Lytham                           Tom Wilson Band

10th March Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                             Cartoon Food

The Venue Cleveleys                          The Heat

Marton Institute*                               AC/DC Experience  - Ticket event

Waterloo                                           Blue Pig Orchestra

Station Tavern                                   The Deadbeats

11th March Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                      Blue Pig Orchestra           

Royal Oak Fleetwood                          Fag Ash Lil

Steamer Fleetwood                             Don't Panic

The Venue Cleveleys                          Sonic Jam Project

Old Town Hall Poulton                      The Heat

Grapevine Poulton                             ARK (Andy Hall & Stevie Gregg)

Genting Casino                                  Keytars (Duo)

Norcross SC                                     DePalma

Washington                                      Bosh Claret

Belle Vue                                         Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                       SOLD OUT  March Of The Mods Charity Fundraiser Ft. Heavy Sol, The Immediates, The Kite Collectors, Button Up, The Atmospherics plus DJ's

Highfield SC                                       The Original Replica (Rock)

Stanley ward Con Club                        Contraband

Station Tavern Lytham                       Montagu

12th March Sunday

Galleon Bar                 

Waterloo                                               Touching Cloth 5.30pm

16th March Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                   Jeannie & the Tonics  

Galleon Bar                                             Luke Neptune

17th March Friday - St Patricks Day

Royal Oak Fleetwood                               Wayne Carrick Band

The Venue Cleveleys                               New Fangled Party Band

Brannigans                                              Touch The Pearl*

Boars Head                                            Wagontown

Waterloo                                                 Sin Circus plus Phantom Sea, Ward XVI

Olive Tree St Annes                                 The Keytars

Vic St Annes                                           The X-Centrics

18th March Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                               The Jeps

Golden Ball Poulton                                 Keytars

Brannigans                                              Touch the Pearl* cover charge

Galleon Bar                                             Monster Squad Acoustic

Belle Vue                                                AC/BC

Waterloo                                                 Rupert Fabulous

Burlington                                              On the Edge

Stanley Ward Con Club                           Boombox

Station Tavern Lytham                           The Onions

23rd March Thursday

The Grapevine Poulton                 The Keytars

24th March Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   Three Minute Heroes

The Venue Cleveleys                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Bispham Con Club                       Chique (Duo)

Yates South Shore                        Room 4 (free entry)

Waterloo                                      Dirty Work

Shillaylee St Annes Wood St         Coustics Duo

25th March Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                      Monkberry

Bay Horse Cleveleys                   The Versions

Old Town Hall Poulton                AC/BC

Belle Vue                                    Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                    Twelve Paces

Stanley Ward Con Club               The Rockits*

Highfield Pub                              Free Roll

Shovels                                      The Heat

Station Tavern Lytham                Kathy & the Hornbeats

26th March Sunday

Waterloo                                    Deeper Purple

31st March Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                      The Heat

The Venue Cleveleys                   The Slumdogs

Old Town Hall Poulton                The Keytars

Layton                                        Joe Marcel and the Sweet Aspirations (Elvis tribute)

Waterloo                                     Bloodyard plus Avarus, Revolting Chaos, Mizm (4 Metal bands)8pm

Stanley Ward Con Club               Abba Again tribute £7 non members

Station Tavern Lytham                Bruno Mars tribute - Chris Jay

1st April Saturday

Royal Oak Dead'uns Fleetwood    Blue Pig Orchestra

Kings Arms Fleetwood                 April Moon (Full Band)

Steamer Fleetwood                      Whistle Test

The Venue Cleveleys                   Glitterballs

Old Town Hall Poulton                Hooker

Layton                                        Monkberry

Albion                                         Joe Marcel & Sweet Aspirations (Elvis Tribute)

Belle Vue                                    Rupert Fabulous

Waterloo                                     English Electro + the Freekbeats

Stanley Ward Con club                 The Heat

Station Tavern Lytham                 Greenpeace Festival of Music

2nd April Sunday

Farmers Arms                             Andy Holt

7th April Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   The Marauders

Steamer Fleetwood                      Flashback Duo

The Venue Cleveleys                   Hush

Layton                                        Jolt (Duo)

Waterloo                                     Subvision plus CSOD, Drop Out Wives, Sunday Punk Club 7pm

Stanley Ward Con Club               The dBs  Debut gig Deadbeats 2nd Band

8th April Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood               The Stories

The Venue Cleveleys                   Reform

Old Town Hall Poulton                The Heat

The Grapevine Poulton                Jeannie & the Tonics

Layton                                        Neil Tudor - Beatles/ McCartney Tribute

Belle Vue                                    The Immediates

Marton Institute                           Dance INC

Waterloo                                     Electrio

Stanley Ward Con Club               Collision (£2 non members)

Halfway House                            Martini Blonde

Station Tavern Lytham                Sonic Jam Project CANCELLED

*New management at Station Tavern, please double check gigs if travelling a distance.

9th April Sunday

Farmers Arms Lytham Road        Black Frog (Guitar duo)

13th April Thursday

Marton Institute                           Andy Holt's Equinox (Pink Floyd tribute) £3 non members

14th April Good Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   Midnight Johnny

Steamer Fleetwood                       MaccaLewRam

The Venue Cleveleys                    Keytars

Old Town Hall Poulton               TBC

Belle Vue                                    The Deadbeats

Waterloo                                     The Atmospherics plus The Patriots, Charlotte Lily

Stanley Ward Con Club                Electr80's (£2 non members)

Station Tavern Lytham                 Tina Turner Tribute - Niqi Brown

15th April Saturday

Steamer  Fleetwood                      Eddie P

The Venue Cleveleys                    Brother Rabbit

Bay Horse Cleveleys                     New Fangled Party Band

Old Town Hall Poulton               Dirty Work

Boars Head                                  PR2 (Duo)

Belle Vue                                     The Collixion

Marton Insitute                             Touch the Pearl (£3 non members)

Waterloo                                      The Heat

Highfield SC                                 April Moon (full band)

Stanley Ward Con Club                 Rock of Ages (duo) (£2 non members)

Shovels                                        Hush

Station Tavern                              Free roll

16th April Easter Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood               Hooker

Old Town Hall Poulton               The Deal

20th April Thursday

Fleetwood Folk Club @the Steamer   David Swann £5 8.30pm

Grapevine Poulton                       Kasey Christian

21th April Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   Triple Threat

Steamer Fleetwood                       Flashback (Duo)

The Venue Cleveleys                   The Versions

Travellers Rest Cleveleys              Keytars

Waterloo                                     Montagu plus support- Sugarcage

22nd April Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                     Barkin'

Royal Oak Fleetwood                  Bad Moon

Kings Arms Fleetwood                Flashback (Duo)

The Venue Cleveleys                  Tracks

Cleveleys WMC (Top Club)        Rockorama

Old Town Hall Poulton               The Immediates

Albion Bispham                          Rupert Fabulous

Highlands Pub Promenade Bispham   The Keytars

Genting Casino                           April Moon (duo) 8.30pm

Gillespies                                   English Electro 8.30pm

George                                      Twelve Paces

Waterloo                                   The Monster Squad

Stanley Ward Con Club               Kathy & the Hornbeats

St Annes British Legion               Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham               Touch the Pearl

23rd April Sunday St Georges Day    

Steamer Fleetwood                    Bert-Fest 2pm 

Waterloo                                   Billy NoMates 6-8pm

Vic Pub St Annes                       Roll Back 5.30pm St Georges day celebrations

28th April Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                     Chique

The Venue Cleveleys                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall Poulton               Hugh Jarre Band

Layton                                       Montagu

Bloomfield Pub                           Beat Generation

Waterloo                                 April 28th-30th - Anarchy @ The Waterloo Weekend -  Free Entry                                    

Waterloo                                    Anarchy,  999 + Support 6pm

Station Tavern Lytham                Robert Taylor - George Michael Tribute

Albion Bispham                          AC/BC

29th April Saturday

North Euston Hotel F'wood          Ska Face

The Steamer Fleetwood               Brother Rabbit ABR

Royal Oak Fleetwood                  Molly's Chamber

Queens Pub Fleetwood                Bosh Claret

The Venue Cleveleys                   Kazoobian

Bay Horse Thornton                    The Coustics

Old Town Hall Poulton                TBC

Gillespies                                    Repeater 8pm

Belle Vue                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Marton Institute                          Electrio (Non Members £3)

Waterloo                                    Drongos For Europe, Support Knock Off, Mayhem Freak, 5-11pm

Highfield SC                               Soundcasters (Oldies)

Stanley Ward Con Club               Higher Ground

The Links St Annes                    Glitterballs

Station Tavern Lytham                The Keytars

30th April Sunday

Dockers Fleetwood                      Good Foxy

North Euston                               Ska Face

Old Town Hall Poulton                Free Roll

Waterloo                April 28th-30th - Anarchy @ The Waterloo Weekend -  Free Entry    

Waterloo                                   Vice Squad plus The Poly-Esters, 4 Past Midnight, The Empty Page, Rocket Reducer

St Annes Ex Serviceman's Club   Deadbeats    

1st May Bank Holiday Monday

Farmers Arms                            On the Edge 3.00-5.00pm

Burlington                                  On the Edge 6.30-8.30pm

5th May Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                 Shotglass

Steamer Fleetwood                     Drea Knight      

The Venue Cleveleys                 Happy Days

Castle Gardens Carleton             The Deadbeats

Old Town Hall Poulton              The Versions

Layton                                      Coustics

Waterloo                                   The Negatives plus Clan Of Anarchy, Reject, Renegades 7.30 - 12.00

Farmers Arms                            Paul Darren Soloist 8.30pm

6th May Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                     Tony Mitchell

Cleveleys WMC                         Clark & Paige

The Venue Cleveleys                  Bob On

Old Town Hall Poulton               Railermania

Albion Bispham                          On the Edge

Layton                                      The Rockits

Scruffy Murphys                        Coustics Duo

No 4                                         Brother Rabbit

Belle Vue                                  Dirty Work

Marton Institute                         April Moon (full band) (Non Members £3)

Waterloo                                   The Blackaways

Hampton Road SC                     Joe Marcel (Elvis Show)

Stanley Ward Con Club               Martini Blonde (£2 non members)

Station Tavern Lytham                The Heat


12th May Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                      Trident

The Venue Cleveleys                  On the Edge

Bootleg Social                            Off the Bone

Blackpool Cricket Club               The Deadbeats 9pm  

Marton Insitute                           Ska Face 8.30pm (Non Members welcome £5)

Waterloo (Pub website)               The Lurkers - Support King Crows, Fuckwits. Free Entry 6pm

13th May Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                      Quarterlight

Kings Arms Fleetwood                  Hush

Kings Own Old Comrades Club Fleetwood - Flashback

Highbury Club @ Fleetwood FC    Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                  The Jeps

Cleveleys WMC                          The Liver Birds (Duo)

Old Town Hall Poulton               The Cheap Suits

Gillespies                                    The Coustics (Full Band)

Albion Bispham                          The Heat 9pm

Xanders Bispham                       Don't Panic

Belle Vue                                   Bob On

Waterloo (Pub website)               Smokin' Monkey

Marton Institute                         Split Decision (Non Members £3)

Stanley Ward Con Club              Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations

Station Tavern Lytham               Ska Face

18th May Thursday

Steamer - Fleetwood Folk Club    Richard Moss 8.30pm

Harts Amusements Bispham        Prime Mover 6.30pm        

19th May Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                 Champagne Nippers

Steamer Fleetwood                     Caribbean Night

The Venue Cleveleys                  New Fangled Party Band

Gillespies                                  Tin Pan Alley

Bootleg Social                            Nana White Pepper / Dü Pig / Related to Lions / Betty Kendrick

Waterloo                                   Aladinsane (David Bowie Tribute) Free Entry

Halfway House                          Keytars 8pm

20th May Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood               The Section

Steamer Fleetwood                     The Deal

Royal Oak Fleetwood                 3 Minute Hero

The Venue Cleveleys                 Contraband

Old Town Hall Poulton              Bob On

Belle Vue                                  Twelve  Paces

Marton Institute                        TBC

Waterloo                                  Good Machine

Highfield SC                             The Versions

Stanley Ward Con Club              Monkberry

Links St Annes                          Free Roll

Station Tavern Lytham               Electrio

25th May Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                     Repeater

26th May Friday 

Royal Oak Fleetwood                 A Band of Gypsies

The Steamer                              Captains Crew

Travellers Rest Thornton             James Luke

The Venue Cleveleys                  Monkberry

Golden Eagle                             Eaglefest -   Atmospherics, Good Machine,

Golden Eagle                              Atmospherics, Good Machine, 12 Paces, Velvet Kills

Layton                                       Joe Marcel & the Sweet Aspirations

Gillespies                                   AC/BC

Belle Vue                                  The Deadbeats

Waterloo  9.59pm 1 minute silence    Norman Beaker Band

Dalmeny Hotel St Annes              The Coustics 4pm

Station Pub & Grill Lytham        Bradley Johnson as Ed Sheeran

27th May Saturday

The Kings Arms, Fleetwood        The Stories (Punk) 9pm

The Steamer Fleetwood               Eddie P

Dockers Fleetwood                     The Misfires

The Venue Cleveleys                  Electrio

Golden Eagle                              Eaglefest

Old Town Hall Poulton               Higher Ground

Genting Casino                           Brother Rabbit ABR

The Layton                                5th Element (Classic Rock)

North Pier Merrie England Bar    The Coustics Full 5 piece band 8.30pm

Gillespies                                   Don't Panic

Marton Institute                         On the Edge (Non Members £3)

Waterloo                                    DePalma

Highfield Pub                             Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club              Twelve Paces

Station Pub & Grill Lytham        The Monster Squad

28th May Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                    Hooker

The Eagle Thornton                   Eaglefest      Don't Panic 1.30.  Molly's Chamber

Stanley Park Bandstand              Touch the Pearl 1pm - 4.30pm

St Annes British Legion               Repeater

Station Pub & Grill Lytham         Monster Squad

29th May Monday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood    Dragstaruk 4pm

Burlington                                  On the Edge 6.30pm   

June 2nd Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                     The Heat

The Venue Cleveleys                 The Rattlers

The Layton                               Insanity Beach (Rock band from the Wirrel)

Belle Vue                                  Touch the Pearl

Marton Institute                         AC/DC Experience 9pm (Non Members £3)

Waterloo (Pub website)               Kiss My Acid, Ariel Salad, Loaded 44   7.30pm

June 3rd Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood               Molly's Chamber

Steamer Fleetwood                   Tony Auton Band

The Venue Cleveleys                Good Machine

Old Town Hall Poulton              The Coustics (Full Band) 10pm

The Layton                              Alternative Brother Rabbit (ABR)

North Pier   2pm                       On the Edge 2pm      

Belle Vue                                 Touch the Pearl

Waterloo (Pub website)             Manchester Victims Appeal  Entry by Donation

Waterloo    Gazette Article         English Electro Queenesque +++ 3pm

Burlington                                 Repeater
Stanley Ward Con Club              Rupert Fabulous (£2 non members)

Station Pub & Grill Lytham         Railermania


June 4th Sunday

Waterloo (Pub website)             Manchester Victims Appeal  Entry by Donation

Waterloo                                2nd day of Fantastic bands !  Get there early.

8th June Thursday

Burlington                                   Billy NoMates 8pm

9th June Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                  Company of Strangers

Steamer Fleetwood                      Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                  The Gobots

Waterloo (Pub website)               The Cracked plus Freekbeats


10th June Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                      Hooker

The Venue Cleveleys                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall Poulton                Twelve Paces

The Albion Bispham                    Molly's Chamber

Belle Vue                                    Brother Rabbit

Waterloo (Pub website)               Rupert Fabulous

Stanley Ward Con Club                Kazoobian

Links St Annes                            Electro 80's

Station Pub & Grill Lytham          Bob On

11th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand               Bob On & Friends 1-4pm

Stanley Park Bandstand               Manchester Blackpool Car Run arrives Italian Gardens 2pm

Gillespies                                    On the Edge 6-8pm

Waterloo (Pub website)               Peter and The Test Tube Babies Support - Sick56,  +  Nobelschrott  5-10.30pm

15th June Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                     Deadbeats 9pm

Harts Amusements Bispham       Burnouts & Burgers - Joe Marcel & Sweet Aspirations 6.30pm

Burlington                                 Billy NoMates 8-10pm

16th June Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                 Brian Rawson Band

The Steamer Fleetwood              Chique Birds (Acoustic Duo)

The Venue Cleveleys                 Hush

Scruffy Murphys                       Coustics (After ub40 gig)

Waterloo (Pub website)              Main Grains + Senton Bombs +New Generation Superstars

Halfway House                          Old Rope -power blues/rock 9pm

Bar Fifteens St Annes                Roll Back 9pm

17th June Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                    Monkberry

North Euston Fleetwood            Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                 Rupert Fabulous

Belle Vue                                 The Heat

Waterloo (Pub website)             Green Haze

Stanley Ward Con Club             Brother Rabbit

Station Pub & Grill Lytham       On the Edge


18th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand            The Cracked

Waterloo                                 MOD's  Olivia Campbell Fundraiser from 1:00pm

22nd June Thursday

Burlington                                Andy Holt 8-10pm

23rd June Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood               Champagne Nippers

Steamer Fleetwood                   Cartoon Food

The Venue Cleveleys                Kazoobian

Travellers Rest Cleveleys          Bosh Claret 9pm

Layton                                     The Keytars

Waterloo (Pub website)            Motley Crüde

Farmers Arms                          Billy Nomates

24th June Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood               Free Roll

The Steamer Fleetwood             The Stories (Punk)                            

Royal Oak Fleetwood                The Cheating Hearts cancelled

Kings Own Comrades Club        Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                 Hooker

Golden Eagle Cleveleys              April Moon (Full Band)

Bay Horse Cleveleys                  Don't Panic

Town Hall Poulton                     Kazoobian

The Layton                                The Rockits

Belle Vue                                  AC/BC

The Bloomfield                          Bob On

Waterloo (Pub website)              Liquid Engineers (Gary Numan Tribute)

G Casino Sandcastle                    Electro80s

Highfield SC                              The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club               Quotation UK (Quo)

Station Pub & Grill Lytham         The Coustics 9pm

25th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand               Stowe School Big Band 11am

Stanley Park Bandstand               Preston Concert Band + 5 guests 2.00 pm

Waterloo                                     XSLF plus The Reverends, Fuckdust4, Litterbug

29th June Thursday

Burlington                                Paul Darren 8-10pm

Saddle Beer Festival                      Andy Holt

30th June Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                    Three Minute Hero

Steamer Fleetwood                        Flashback

Queens Pub Fleetwood                  John Banks Acoustic 8.30pm

The Venue Cleveleys                     Keytars

Old Town Hall Poulton                  AC/BC

Castle Gardens                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Albion Bispham                             English Electro

Saddle Beer Festival                      John Brindley

Layton                                         On the Edge

Waterloo                                      Alex McKown

Farmers Arms, Lytham Road         Rockorama

Stanley Ward                                Made in Liverpool (Tribute) (£7 non members inc drink)

1st July Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                       Tony Mitchell

Kings Arms Fleetwood                  3 Minute Hero

The Venue Cleveleys                   Casino Allstars (Northern Soul Night)

Newton Hall Caravan Pk              Blue Pig Orchestra

Castle Gardens Poulton FY6 7NH      Joe Marcel (Elvis Tribute)

Town Hall Poulton                       Keytars

Layton                                        The Secrets

Winter Gardens                           Jazz Fest Free Entry

Belle Vue                                    Rupert Fabulous

Saddle Beer Festival                     John Brindley

Waterloo                                     Chris Holmes (WASP) Mean Man UK Tour plus Alexa de Strange, Avarus

Stanley Ward Con Club                The Immediates

Station Pub & Grill Lytham          The Jeps 9pm

2nd July Sunday

Winter Gardens                           Jazz Fest Free Entry

Stanley Park Bandstand               Kathy and the Hornbeats, Free Roll and The Secrets Live 1pm

6th July Thursday

Burlington                                   James Luke

7th July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   The Method

Steamer Fleetwood                       Whistletest

The Venue Cleveleys                    Beer Festival - Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                     System of Hate + Boredom+ Weld+ Black Eddy+Scared

Grapevine Poulton                        The Jeps

Halfway House                            Sofakings

8th July Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                   Fagash Lil

Steamer Fleetwood                       Flashback Finale

The Venue Cleveleys                    Beer Festival - Dirty Work

Genting Club                               Keytars

Belle Vue                                    The deal

Marton Institute                           Electro 80s (£3 non members)

Waterloo                                     Electrio

Stanley Ward Con Club                Kasuals

Lord Derby St Annes                   The Coustics               

Station Tavern Lytham                 Contraband

9th July Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                Sixth Form College Bands 1pm


13th July Thursday

Burlington                                    Simon Lee 8pm

he Venue Cleveleys                    Beer Festival -

14th July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                    The Marauders

Steamer Fleetwood                       Chique

The Venue Cleveleys                    The Heat

Layton                                         Mystic Rose £8 adv

Waterloo                                      Paul Middleton Angst Band

15th July Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                         Barkin'

Kings Arms                                    Anarcky Heros

The Venue Cleveleys                      Brother Rabbit

Bay Horse Cleveleys                       Keytars

Ashley Clb Cleveleys                       The Versions 4pm (Fun Day)

Old Town Hall Poulton                   The Heat 9pm

Albion Bispham                              Glitterballs

North Pier                                      On The Edge 2-4pm           

Gillespies                                        Bosh Claret

Belle Vue                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                       Twelve Paces

Stanley Ward Con Club                  Contraband

The Shovels                                   Hush

Ansdell Institute                              April Moon (Full Band)

Station Tavern Lytham                   Kudos


                 Rupert Fabulous Stanley Park                                             Tram Sunday Fleetwood                                                     Poulton - Jean Stansfield Park Sunday


16th July Sunday

Tram Sunday - Ash St Fleetwood    Anthony Holden 10 45 am *11.15 am The Ask

   *12 Noon Darren & Julie Groves & very special guests 3 Minute Hero*1.00 pm Cartoon Food

   *1.45 pm SofaKings*2.30 pm Bosh Claret* 3.15 pm Molly's Chamber

Harbour Lights Amusements            13.30 & 14.30 Joe Marcel & Prime Mover, 14.10 Cassidie Hannigan  (Tram Sunday)

Steamer Fleetwood Eddie P 2pm

Dockers Fleetwood                          Bosh Claret 9pm

Jean Stansfield Park Fundraiser        Blue Pig Orchestra 1.55pm The Deadbeats, Ian Hooper , The Keytars, Happy Daz

Stanley Park Bandstand                   Rupert Fabulous 1pm

Waterloo (Pub website)                    Dirty Work 3pm (Beer Festival)

20th July Thursday

Steamer                                     Folk Club  - Dave Gibb £5

Grapevine Poulton                          Blue Pig Orchestra

Harts Amusements Bispham            Prime Mover 6.30pm

Burlington                                      James Luke 8-10pm

21st July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                     Intercity Blues Band

Steamer Fleetwood                        Quaterlight

The Venue                                   The Versions

Travellers Rest Cleveleys               Stringy 9pm

Waterloo                                     GAGE plus Avarus, Faster Than Bills, The Cracked           

Halfway House                              Repeater   

St Annes Music Festival Ashton Garden Park 5-9pm

22nd July Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                        Hooker

The Venue Cleveleys                       Higher Ground

Bootleg Social                                 Witch Fever + Nana White Pepper + The Slumdogs 8-3am

North Pier                                      Billy Nomates 2-4pm

Belle Vue                                       Ska Face

B'pool Subscription Bowling Club     Sofakings 8.45pm FY1 5QU

Waterloo                                        The Heat

Stanley Ward                                  Free Roll

Shovels                                          On the Edge

St Annes Music Festival Ashton Garden Park 12-9pm    April Moon 3pm

Johnnys Wood St                          Sideline

St Annes Ex Servicemans Club       The dB's (Deadbeats 2nd Band)

Lytham Station & Grill                   Soulvation