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Archive - Live Bands Blackpool 2014 - 2015

28th February 2014

                                     Station Tavern                                SkaFace

                                     The Venue                                      Lieutenant Dan

                                     The Layton                                     Whitefake

                                     The Albert Pub,  Lytham Road         Glitterballs

                                      Royal Oak                                      The Jokers

1st March 

                                      Old Town Hall                               Off The Rails

                                      Marton Inst                                    Electro80's

                                      Royal Oak                                      Dirty Onion

                                      Stanley Con Club                            The Ratlers

                                      Station Tavern Lytham                    Bob the Gob

                                      Waterloo Pub                                  Bobon v Gatorville from 8pm

                                     Dockers Fleetwood                          The Jeps

                                     The Links St Annes                          Kudos

                                     The Layton                                     Lune Deep

                                     Belle Vue                                         Rupert Fabulous

                                     UTC                                               Belvadere

7th March     

                                      Hop Inn                                         Gatorville

                                      Station Tavern Lytham                   Bobon

                                      The Layton                                    Metalleeka*

                                      Stanley Ward Con Club                   Deadbeats

                                      Toast St Annes                               Kazoobian

                                      Travellers rest                                 Keytars

8th March

                                      Links                                             Off The Rails 

                                      The Highfield                                Kazoobian       

                                       Royal Oak                                   Contraband   

                                      The Layton                                   The Rattlers  

                                       UTC                                            Brother Rabbit 

                                      Gardiners Arms Thornton               Borders of Dawn

                                      Station Tavern                               Hooker

                                       The Blue Room                             Jekyll

                                       Stanley Ward Con Club                 Groovestar

                                       The Venue                                    Monkberry

                                       Old Town Hall Poulton                  The Heat

                                        No 4 Pub                                     The Secrets

14th march                 

                                      Layton                                          AC DC Experience

                                      UTC                                             Off the Rails

                                      Cleveleys WMC                             The Keytars

                                      The Venue                                     Lune Deep

                                      The Townsman                              The Heat

15th March

                                      UTC                                             SkaFace

                                      Blue Room                                    DePalma + X-Rays *charge made.

                                      Old town Hall Poulton                    Borders of Dawn

                                      Belle Vue                                      Contraband

                                      Links St annes                               The Rockits

                                      The Highfield                                 Kazoobian

                                      The Halfway House                        Kudos

                                       Stanley Ward Con Club                  Monkberry

                                      Royal Oak                                      Powertrip

                                      Gillespies                                       April Moon

                                       Last Orders Blackpool                    Idle Promise

16th March Sunday

                                      Farmers Arms                                 Allen Cartright                               

21st March

                                      Halfway House                               Repeater

                                      Cedar Tavern                                 Borders of Dawn

                                      The Layton                                    Kazoobian

                                      Strawberry Gardens                        Monkberry

                                      Hop Inn                                         Powertrip

                                      The Venue                                     On the Edge

                                      Cleveleys WMC                             Zig Zag

22nd March              

                                      Belle Vue                                      Touch the Pearl

                                      UTC                                             Drea Knight

                                      Blue Room                                    The Nouvelles

                                      The Layton                                   Brother Rabbit

                                       St Annes Cricket club                    Deadbeats

                                     Dockers Fleetwood                         Hooker   

                                     Highbury SC Fleetwood                  The Jeps   

                                     Old Town Hall Poulton                   Kazoobian     

                                     Waterloo                                        Powertrip       

                                      Stanley Ward Con Club                 Glitterballs

                                      Royal Oak                                     Hooker

23rd March Sunday

                                      The Hop                                       The 3 Shy Teds

27th March

                                      The Grapevine poulton                   The Keytars

28th March

                                      Layton                                           Glitterballs

                                      Station Tavern                                DePalma

                                      The Venue                                     The Jeps


29th March                   

                                      The Links                                      Mad on Blonde

                                      Belle Vue                                       Kazoobian

                                      The Hole in One                             Deadbeats

                                      King Edward VII                            Joey Matthews

                                      Marton Inst                                    The Rattlers

                                     Broadwater Caravan Pk Fl'wood      Brother Rabbit

                                      The Venue Cleveleys                       Bobon

                                      Strawberry Gardens F'Wood            Fag Ash Lil

                                      The Layton                                     The People + Jekyll

                                      The Bay Horse Thornton                 The Keytars

                                      Station Tavern   Lytham                  Kudos

                                      Old Town Hall Poulton                    Monkberry

                                      Burlington                                       Powertrip

                                      Royal Oak                                       She/Rox

30th March            

                                      The Dockers Fleetwood                   Lune Deep

4th April               

                                       Belle Vue                                       Deadbeats

                                       Highfield  SC                                 Glitterballs  Birthday function

                                       The Hop                                        Cold Flame

5th April

                                       Royal Oak                                     Rupert Fabulous 

                                       Burlington                                      Kazoobian

                                       The Raikes                                    Starfish    live & acoutic

                                      The Queens Hotel, Talbot Rd           Hush

12th April    

                                       Blackpool Golf Club                       Glitterballs

                                       Bispham Rugby Club                      Drea Knight

                                       UTC                                             Touch the Pearl

                                       Highfield Social                               Rupert Fabulous                

13th April

                                       UTC                                             Drea Knight

18th april

                                       Toast St Annes                               SkaFace

19th April

                                      Marton Institute                              Rupert Fabulous 

                                      Gillespies                                       The Power 3

25th April

                                      The Layton                                    Drea Knight 50 Shades

26th April        

                                       Station Tavern                               Off The Rails

                                       Halfway House                              Glitterballs

                                       Noth Euston Hotel                          SkaFace


                                       Hole in One                                    Deadbeats

2nd May                          

                                       Cleveleys WMC                             Glitterballs

                                       The Layton                                    Rupert Fabulous

3rd May

                                       Station Tavern                                Drea Knight

                                       Belle Vue                                       Kazoobian

                                       Royal oak                                      AC/DC Experience


4th May                     

                                       Sandhills ?                                      Drea Knight?

9th May                           The Layton                                    AC/DC Experience

10th May

                                       The Highfield                                  Kazoobian

                                       Strawberry Gardens                         ABOG

                                       Toast St Annes                                Rupert Fabulous 

16th May

                                       UTC                                              Deadbeats

17th May

                                       UTC                                               Kudos

                                       Royal Oak                                       Riff Raff

23rd May

                                       Layton                                           The Sex Pissed Doll (£5)

                                       Station Tavern                                BBGM

24th May

                                       Layton                                           Glitterballs

                                       Belle Vue                                        Rupert Fabulous 

25th May Sunday

                                       Blue Room                                    AC/DC Experience * door charge

30th May

                                       Station Tavern                               Deadbeats

31st May

                                       Burlington                                     Kazoobian

                                       Stanley Con Club                            Rupert Fabulous 

7th June                 

                                       Links St annes                               Off The Rails

8th June Sunday

                                       Stanley Park Bandstand                  Bob on & friends 1-5pm

15th June 

                                       Stanley Park Bandstand                  Repeater (afternoon event)?

20th June

                                      Stanley Ward Con Club                     Electro80's

21st June       

                                       Royal Oak                                      Rupert Fabulous          

                                       The Links                                       Mad on Blonde

                                       Stanley park Bandstand                   Stowe Big Band

22nd June                         Stanley park Bandstand                  Touch the Pearl & friends 1-5pm


22nd June     

                                       Stanley Ward                                  Drea Knight

28th June

                                       UTC                                              Drea Knight

                                      Belle Vue                                        Touch the Pearl

29th June

                                       MAG Anniversary Bike Fest, Bispham Rugby Blackpool     Drea Knight

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                       AKS swing band     2-4pm

5th July

                                      Gilespies                                         Crash Course  -  Real punks playing Real Punk

                                      Royal Oak                                       Mothers Ruin

6th July                           Stanley park Bandstand                    Monster Squad 1-5pm  (also Motorcycle Show Italian Gardens 1-5pm)

13th July

                                      Stanley Park Bandstand                    Rupert Fabulous  + Venezuela  Venezuela

25th July

                                      Layton                                            Glitterballs

19th July    

                                     Eaglefest                                          Rupert Fabulous 

20th July

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                     Guardian Concert Band  2-4pm

26th July  

                                      Royal Oak                                       Gatorville

                                      Strawberry Gardens                          ABOG

27th July

                                       Stanley park Bandstand                    Belvadere & Kudos 1-5pm

3rd August

                                    Sandhills?                                         Drea Knight?

                                     Stanley park Bandstand                    Marton Operatic

8th August                 

                                      Station Tavern                                Deadbeats

                                      UTC                                              Glitterballs

9th August

                                       UTC                                             Drea Knight

                                       UTC                                             Touch the Pearl ??

10th August

                                      Burnaze Thornton                           Drea Knight

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                   The People + Jekyll + Atmospherics 1-5pm

17th August

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                   Kazoobian & Friends  1-5pm

23rd August

                                       Marton Inst                                    Touch the Pearl

24th August

                                       Stanley park Bandstand                   Soul in The Park

25th August Monday

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                    Glyn Bailey & the Beholden, Quadrant, Maladty & Medicine 1-5pm

29th August  

                                       UTC                                              Deadbeats

                                       Cleveleys WMC                              Glitterballs

31st August

                                      Eaglefest Golden Eagle Cleveleys      Drea Knight  (5-5.45pm)

                                      King Edward                                   Drea Knight  (9pm)

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                    Munkey score & friends 1-5pm

6th September

                                      Royal Oak                                       Rupert Fabulous 

                                      Stanley Ward Con Club                    Drea Knight

                                      Highfield S Club                               Glitterballs

7th sept

                                     Stanley park Bandstand                    Whistle Test - Music from the Old Grey Whisle Test   1-5pm

13th September            

                                     Stanley Con Club                              Glitterballs

14th September

                                      Royal Oak                                       Drea Knight

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                    Gatorville


20th Sept                        Belle Vue                                        Touch the Pearl

21st Sept        

                                      Stanley park Bandstand                   Zenith Nadir

27th Sept

                                      UTC                                               Drea Knight

                                      Stanley Ward                                   Touch the Pearl

                                      Layton                                             Glitterballs

4th October                      

                                      The Links                                        Mad on Blonde

10th October

                                       Station Tavern                                Deadbeats

25th October    

                                       Royal Oak                                      Mothers Ruin

1st November

                                      Royal Oak                                       Rupert Fabulous 

                                      Marton Institute                               Touch the Pearl                            

2nd November


21st November

                                      Layton                                             Glitterballs

28th November

                                      Station Tavern                                  BBGM

5th December

                                       Cleveleys WMC                              Glitterbaslls

13th Dec

                                      UTC                                                Touch the Pearl

24th December

                                      The venue                                       Glitterballs

26th Dec

                                       Station Tavern                                Touch the Pearl

27th Dec

                                      Belle Vue                                        Touch the Pearl

                                      Layton                                            Glitterballs

28th December

                                      King Edward                                    Drea Knight


31st December 2014

Ashley Club Thornton                                             Borders of Dawn

Norcross SC Thornton                                            April Moon (Full Band)

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Monkberry Free Entry      

Twelve Restaurant                                                  The Versions

Rossall Tavern                                                        Higher Ground

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Monkberry Ticket Only 10pm

Golgen Eagle Anchorsholme                                     Atmospherics + Whisper from 7pm

Old Town Hall, Poulton                                           Kazoobian Free Entry

Genting Casino                                                        Alternative Brother Rabbit 8pm

Layton                                                                    The Monster Squad (Concert Room Tickets £5.50 inc booking fee)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                                   Ska Face*  (Tickets on sale £5)

Hop Inn                                                                  Torville (Gatorville without Rab) Free Entry

Gillespies                                                                 Smoking Monkey

Viva Show Bar                                                        Touch the Pearl (Ticket charge)

Belle Vue                                                                Hooker Free Entry

Royal Oak                                                               Monroe  (Neal Orin ex Twisted Romance new band) 10pm Free Entry  Confirmed

Tyldesley Con Club                                                 Rock O Rama

Marton Institute                                                      The Heat (Ticket Only)

Star / Apple & Parrot                                               Sessions (open till 3.00am) Free Entry

Stanley Ward Con Club                                           The Jeps (charge for non members)

Shovels                                                                  Twisted Romance Free Entry

The Links                                                               Mad on Blonde + dj etc.   Tickets £8 inc buffet/raffle

 St Annes Cricket Club                                            The Deadbeats  NYE Tickets £10 - SOLD OUT

Lord Derby St Annes                                              The Coustics Free Entry

Vic St Annes                                                           Free roll

Olive Tree St Annes                                                The Keytars


2nd January 2015 Friday

The Venue                                                              Road Trip 10pm

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                          Keytars

Layton                                                                    James Luke

The Albert, Lytham Road                                         On the Edge

Duple Club                                                              Trident

Toast St Annes                                                        The Versions



3rd January Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                                   Hooker

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                          On the Edge

The Venue                                                              Rupert Fabulous

Last Orders                                                             The Deal

The Albert, Lytham Road                                         The Heat

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            Higher Ground

Toast St Annes                                                        Chique 10pm

The Links Lytham                                                   Off The Rails

Station Lytham                                                        The Versions


8th January Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Galleon                                                                   The Monster Squad Acoustic

9th January Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                                Alibi

Layton                                                                     Billy Nomates

Toast St Annes                                                         Twisted Romance

Station Lytham                                                         Torpedo Vegas


10th January Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                            Keytars

Kings Arms                                                              Hush

Highbury SC Fleetwood                                            Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue  Cleveleys                                               The Jeps 10pm

Layton                                                                     Road Trip

New Road Inn Talbot Rd                                          Whisper

Blue Room                                                               Drawing Lines

Bloomfield Pub                                                        Montagu

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                                         The Heat

Marton Institute                                                       Scarletts Web (duo)

Highfield SC                                                            The Rattlers

Highfield Pub                                                           Sonic Jam Project + Atmospherics 9pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            Monkberry

Toast St Annes                                                         Higherground

The Links                                                                Deadbeats

Station Lytham                                                        The Rockits



16th January

Royal Oak, Fleetwood                                             The Mauraders

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Keytars

Layton                                                                   Quotation

Galleon                                                                  The Monster Squad Acoustic

Stanley Ward Con Club                                           The Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Station Lytham                                                       The Monster Squad


17th January

The Steamer Fleetwood                                           Monkberry

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                            The Stories (punk)

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Rampage 10pm

Layton                                                                   Tin Pan Alley

Queens Layton                                                       The Atmospherics

Blue room                                                               Empress + Dots 9pm

Belle Vue                                                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                                         Hooker

Marton Institute                                                       Boomin'

Highfield Pub                                                          Contraband

Stanley Ward Con Club                                           The Versions

Toast St Annes                                                       Ash Parkinson

Station Lytham                                                       The Heat


18th January Sunday

Royal Oak                                                               Billy Nomates 4.30pm

Halfway House                                                        Angela Robinson 6pm

Station Lytham                                                        The Monster Squad


January 23rd Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                               On the Edge

Travellers Rest Thornton                                          Hush

Layton                                                                    Fag Ash Lil

Galleon                                                                   The Monster Squad Acoustic 10.45pm

 Belle Vue                                                               Deadbeats

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            The Coustics

Toast St Annes                                                        Trident                            


24th January Saturday

Knott End WMC                                                     Off the Rails

Steamer Fleetwood                                                  Envy with Drea Knight

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                             The Atmospherics

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Monkberry

Layton                                                                    She Rox

Genting Club                                                           April Moon (Duo)

Gillespies                                                                 Higher Ground

Queens Talbot Rd                                                    Hush

Blue Room                                                              Monsters as Humans + Decembers Twin + Megan Rothery (acoustic)

The George                                                             Twelve Paces

Belle Vue                                                                SkaFace

Royal Oak                                                              5th Element

Star /Apple & Parrot                                                On The Edge confirmed A&P facebook page

Marton Institute                                                       Double Decker

Highfield Pub                                                          The Monster Squad

Highfield SC                                                            Full Fat Boogie Band

Halfway House                                                        The Deal

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                                        Road Trip

Station lytham                                                          Rupert Fabulous


25th January Sunday


Lane Ends                                                               Trident

Royal Oak                                                               Paul Darran 4.30pm

Farmers Arms                                                          Billy Nomates



30th January Friday

North Euston Fleetwood                                           Skaface

The Steamer Fleetwood                                            A Band Of Gypsies

The Venue Cleveleys                                                Quotation

Old Town Hall Poulton                                             Lisa Jones & Alishagaga

Layton                                                                    The Heat

Hop Inn                                                                  AC/BC

Farmers Arms                                                          Trident

Station Lytham                                                  Blue Pig Orchestra 9.45pm



31st January Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                                    Rawkuss

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                               Higher Ground

Bay Horse Thornton                                                  The Rattlers

Iron Horse Thornton                                                  Montagu

The Venue Cleveleys                                                 The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                                              Dirty Work

Layton                                                                      Rupert Fabulous (Concert Room)

New Road Inn, Talbot Road                                       Whisper

Galleon                                                                     The Monster Squad Acoustic

Washington                                                               Sonic Jam Project

Blue Room                                                                Cheeky Keys + Bone Shake

Belle Vue                                                                  The Heat

Gillespies                                                                   Borders of Dawn

Royal Oak                                                                 On the Edge

Marton Institute                                                         Paul Heyes collection

Stanley Ward Con Club                                              The Rockitts

Toast St Annes                                                          Smooth Chalk

Station Lytham                                                          Bobon


1st February               

Royal Oak                                                                 Allen Cartwright 4.30pm

Duple Club                                                                Trident

Halfway House                                                         Paul Darren 6-8pm


6th February

Steamer Fleetwood                                                    Starfish

The Venue Cleveleys                                                 Blue Pig Orchestra     

Layton                                                                      Rampage

Toast St Annes                                                          Happy Daize


7th  February Saturday 

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                              Dirty Work

Steamer Fleetwood                                                   Tony Mitchell

Strawberry Gardens                                                  The Ramblin' Riversiders

The Venue Cleveleys                                                Bob On     

Cleveleys WMC (Top Club)                                     Rock O Rama

Layton                                                                    The Keytars

Boars Head                                                             PR2  (Rock Duo)

Gillespies                                                                 Free Roll

Wainwright Club                                                      The Lost Archives + Crawling Hex + The Victims + Boredom 7-11pm £3

Belle Vue                                                                The Monster Squad

Royal Oak                                                               The Heat

The Star / Apple & Parrot                                         Rupert Fabulous  

Marton Institute                                                       Popaganda

Highfield Pub                                                           Kazoobian

Stanley ward Con Club                                            April Moon    

Toast St Annes                                                        On the Edge

Fairhaven                                                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Station Lytham                                                        Contraband


8th February Sunday

Royal Oak                                                               On the Edge 4.45pm

Halfway House                                                        Steve Sav 8.30pm


13th February Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                                  Trident

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                          Billy Nomates

The Venue                                                              The Jeps

Grapevine Poulton                                                   Flip (Reopening do)

Layton                                                                    Monkberry

Rose & Crown                                                        Starfish acoustic

Waterloo (The 'New')                                              Cheap Suits

Star/ Apple & Parrot                                                Gaz Jenkins

Lord Derby St Annes                                               Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                                        Trix


14th February Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                            April Moon

Strawberry Gardens                                                Alley Cats Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                                  Whisper 8.30pm + Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                               The Shakers

Layton                                                                    ABR Brother Rabbit (Acoustic)

Queens Layton                                                       Wyreless Acoustic

Norcross SC                                                           Higher Ground

Old Town Hall Poulton                                            Shiver

Marton Institute                                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak                                                              DePalma

Hampton Road Club (off Lytham Road)                   Rock O Rama

Highfield SC                                                           Keytars

Star/ Apple & Parrot                                                On the Edge (Duo)

Halfway House                                                       Twisted Romance

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            Kiss Da Beat

Toast St Annes                                                       The Rattlers

Station Lytham                                                       Deadbeats


15th February Sunday

The Hop Inn                                                           The Mofo's 7.30pm

Royal Oak                                                               Revolution Brian & Andy Holt (The Heat)5 - 7pm

Farmers Arms                                                          Tribute to Dave Tucker RIP - Macmillan charity - Rock O Rama, On the Edge, Zebra X,  Trident,

                                                                                                  Scuttlebugs, Alpha State of Mind, Vineyard, Angela Robinson, live music from 2pm


20th Feb 

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                              Cold Flame

The Bug Fleetwood                                                 Trident

Strawberry Gardens                                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Poundstone

Travellers Rest                                                        The Deal

Layton                                                                   One Cent Magenta

Galleon                                                                   Monster Squad Acoustic 10.30pm

Apple & Parrot / Star                                               Fade to White (Acoustic Duo)

Jacks Bar St Annes                                                  Wyreless Acoustic

Toast St Annes                                                       The Jeps

Links Pub                                                               Tom metcalfe n guests

Station Lytham                                                        Electro80's


21st February

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                             Higher Ground

Steamer Fleetwood                                                  Hooker

Strawberry Gardens  Fleetwood                                Sonic Jam Project

The Venue Cleveleys                                               SkaFace

Rossall Tavern                                                        The Deal  

Old Town Hall Poulton                                            Twisted Romance

The Albion Bispham                                                Road Trip

Layton                                                                   (Still Stones cancelled) update - now - A.I.M. Band (classic Rock)

Blue Room                                                             Tom Metcalf Acoustic + April Keen, Dylan Brierely, Jess Allan

No 4                                                                      Starfish Acoustic

Gillespies                                                                Hush

Belle Vue                                                                The Atmospherics

Royal Oak                                                              Glitterballs

The Star / Apple & Parrot                                        The Mirrors

Marton Institute                                                       Freefall

Halfway House                                                       Off the Rails

Highfield Pub                                                          The Heat

Stanley Ward Con Club                                            Kazoobian

Toast St Annes                                                        Coustics

Station Lytham                                                        Off The Rails


22nd February Sunday

Royal Oak                               James Luke 4.30pm


26th February Thursday

Marton Institute                                                       Andy Holt's Equinox Experience + AC/DC Experience.7.30pm £7 /£8 on door

Grapevine Poulton                                                    Billy NoMates

27th February Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                                   Cartoon Food

Bug (fm Prince Arthur) Fleetwood                            Monster Squad Acoustic                                     

The Venue Cleveleys                                               Contraband

Travellers Rest                                                        The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                                            AC/BC

Layton                                                                    5th Element

North Shore SSC                                                     Trident

Uncle Toms Cabin                                                   Heat, BobOn, Atmospherics, Lost Archives

The Hop Inn                                                           Free Roll

Raikes Hall                                                             April Moon

Waterloo                                                                 Hooker

Farmers Arms                                                         On the Edge

Stanley Ward Con Club                                           Boomin'

Toast St Annes                                                        Hush

St Annes CC                                                           The Deadbeats

Station Tavern Lytham                                            Superluminal


28th February Saturday 

The Mount Fleetwood                                             Hooker

The Steamer Fleetwood                                           Whistle Test

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                              Del Rio Ramblers 8pm

Hambleton Sports Club                                           Wyreless Acoustic

The Venue Cleveleys                                              Manhatten

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                         The Secrets

Golden Eagle                                                          The Jeps

Bay Horse                                                             April Moon Full Band

Norbreck Bowling & Tennis SC                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall                                                        Monkberry

Layton                                                                  The Rockits

Uncle Toms Cabin                                                   Monster Squad 9.15pm, Kudos, Brother Rabbit, +++

Hilton Hotel                                                           Touch the Pearl      

Merry England Bar, N Pier                                      Alisha GaGa Hosts Trinity Hospice Charity Night 7.30pm

Galleon Bar                                                            Monster Squad acoustic 11pm

Washington                                                            Electric Echo

Belle Vue                                                               AC/BC    

Royal Oak                                                              Night Train

Highfield SC                                                           The Versions

Stanley Ward Con Club                                           The Coustics

The Shovels                                                           The Deadbeats

Town House St Annes                                            Montagu

Toast St Annes                                                       Borders of Dawn  

Links St Annes                                                       Free Roll

Station Tavern                                                        Bon Jovie tribute


1st March Sunday    

Uncle toms Cabin                                                  Ska Face, The People, Dirty Work, Jekyll +  (Entry - Donation)

Waterloo                                                               Billy Nomates 6.45-9pm

Royal Oak                                                             Andy Holt 4.30 pm

Farmers Arms                                                        Allen Cartwright 8pm


5th March Thursday

Layton                                                                  Limehouse Lizzy + Powertrip 7.30pm £12.10 adv. inc booking fee, £13 door

Grapevine Poulton                                                 Billy Nomates 9pm cask ale& beers from £2


6th March Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                                The Stories

The Steamer                                                          The Crawlin' Hex

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                        Higher Ground

The Venue Cleveleys                                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall Poulton                                           The Heat

Layton                                                                   Free roll

Washington                                                            On the Edge

Jacks Bar St Annes                                                 Scoundrels

Lord Derby St Annes                                              Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                                       The Versions 10.30pm

Jacks Bar St Annes                                                 The Scoundrels

March 7th

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                          Flashback (Tribute Duo)

Windy Ridge Caravan Park                                   Blue Pig Orchestra      

The Venue Cleveleys                                            Monkberry      

Uncle Toms Cabin                                               The Jeps

Layton                                                                 Quotation

Queens                                                                Mollys Chamber

Blue Room                                                          Pink Floydian

HMV Bank Hey St                                              The Scarletts 3.30pm

Boars Head                                                         The Deal

Belle Vue                                                             BobOn

Royal Oak                                                           Wrecked (classic rock) Updated 04/03

Waterloo                                                             Contraband

Star/ Apple & Parrot                                             Montagu

Marton Institute                                                   Twisted Romance

Highfield Pub                                                       Higher Ground

Stanley Ward Con Club                                         Power Trip 8pm

Vic St Annes                                                        Road Trip

Toast St Annes                                                     Katie Alexander  (solo)

Station Tavern, Lytham                                        Touch the Pearl 


8th March Sunday

North Euston Fleetwood                                        Jeps Atmospherics, People + +         

Royal Oak                                                            Billy Nomates 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                              James Luke  7.00pm            


13th March

The Bug Fleetwood                                              Gin Pit

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Alibi 10pm

Travellers Rest Thornton                                      Hush

Layton                                                                Sonic Jam Project

Galleon Bar                                                         The Monster Squad Acoustic     10.45pm   

Waterloo                                                             Free Roll

Burlington                                                           The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Halfway House                                                    Barkin'

Toast St Annes                                                    Keytars


14th March Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                       Monkberry

Strawberry Gardens                                             March Royal Scot Skiffle Train

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Rupert Fabulous 10.00pm

Norcross SC                                                       The Secrets

Layton                                                                Skaface

Genting Casino                                                    The Monster Squad Acoustic     10.45pm   

Uncle Toms Cabin                                               Jekyll

Blue Room                                                          Akin  (updated 14/03)

Belle Vue                                                            Dirty Work

Royal Oak                                                           Zebra X

Yates South Shore                                               Cold Shot

Star Apple & Parrot                                             Borders of Dawn

Marton Institute                                                   April Moon (Full Band)

Stanley Ward Con Club                                        Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Halfway House                                                    Andy Holt - from Equinox 8.30pm

Toast St Annes                                                    Higher Ground

Town House St Annes                                          The Deal

Links Pub                                                            Repeater

Fairhaven                                                             Superluminal

Station Tavern Lytham                                         The Coustics

15th March Sunday

Blue Room                                                          Luke Neptune  7 - 9pm

Royal Oak                                                           Paul Darran 4.30 to 6pm

Waterloo                                                             Paul Darran  7 - 9pm

Boars Head                                                         Wagontown (Acoustic trio) 4pm?

Halfway House                                                    Scuttlebugs (folk Irish jigs) 6pm


17th March Tuesday St Patrick's Day

Molloys                                                              Live Music all day.

Blue Room                                                         Acoustic Folk Music


19th March Thursday

Galleon Bar                                       The Monster Squad Acoustic     10pm   

The Grapevine Poulton                                        The Deal 9pm


20th March Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                          Forty Four

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Keytars 10pm

Uncle Toms Cabin                                              Twisted Romance

Bispham Con Club                                              Trident

Galleon Bar                                                        The Monster Squad Acoustic     10pm   

The Hop                                                             On the Edge

The George, Central Drive                                   F U B A R

Stanley Ward Con Club                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Layton                                                               Bob On 9.30pm

Waterloo                                                            Kazoobian

Farmers Arms                                                     Fantastic Vineyard

Toast St Annes                                                   Nikki Fallowes        (Solo) 

Jacks Bar St Annes                                             Wyreless Acoustic       


21st March Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                          Forty 4                                        

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                             Fag Ash Lil

Steamer Fleetwood                                              Hooker

Broadwater Caravan Park                                    Brother Rabbit

Knott End WMC                                                The Jeps

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Barkin' 10pm

Old Town Hall Poulton                                        Molly's Chamber

Uncle Toms Cabin                                              Tamara Fox + Jay Thakery.

Layton                                                               Power Trip

Genting Casino                                                   The Scoundrels

No 4                                                                  Starfish Acoustic  (21st March now at the No 4 instead of the Clarence )

Blue Room                                                         Fighting Bears + Alter Eden

Belle Vue                                                           Robbie Williams Lady Gaga Tributes

Royal Oak                                                          Riff Raff

Star/ Apple & Parrot                                           The Deal

Marton Institute                                                  Trident

The Highfield                                                      Kazoobian

Highfield SC                                                       The Rockitts

Stanley Ward con Club                                        The Heat

Toast St Annes                                                   Catlow   (Solo)

Station Tavern Lytham                                        Sorted


22nd March Sunday

Royal Oak                                                          Allen Cartwright 4.30

Waterloo                                                            On the Edge 7-9pm

Halfway House                                                   Angela Robinson 8.30pm


26th March Thursday

Galleon Bar                                                        The Monster Squad Acoustic     10pm   

The Grapevine Poulton                                         The Jeps


27th March Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Mitch (acoustic)

Kings Arms  Fleetwood                                        Borders of Dawn

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                          The Inciders

North Shore WMC                                              The Heat

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Glitterballs

Travellers Rest                                                    The Scoundrels

Old Town Hall Poulton                                         The Jeps 9pm

Bispham Cons Club                                             The Merzees

Layton                                                                Deadbeats

Uncle Toms Cabin                                               Happy Daze

Galleon Bar                                                         The Monster Squad Acoustic     10pm   

Gillespies                                                             Tin Pan Alley

Waterloo                                                              Atmospherics

Farmers Arms                                                      Sav (Guitar, vocals comedy) After England match

Vic St Annes                                                        Roll Back

Toast St annes                                                     Kazoobian

Links Pub                                                            Fogpocket 8.30pm

The Station Tavern                                               SkaFace


28th March Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                         Borders of Dawn

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                           Red Eyed Jedi

The Steamer                                                       The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                           The Secrets

Iron Horse Thornton                                           The Atmospherics

Bay Horse                                                          Roll Back

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                                      Frayed at the Edges

Hambleton Sports & Social Club                           Higher Ground

Old Town Hall Poulton                                        The Versions

Genting Casino                                                    Starfish

Uncle Toms Cabin                                               Off the Rails

Layton                                                                Scottish Punk Invasion £5

Last Orders                                                         Idle Promise

Gillespies                                                             Night Train

Washington                                                         Electric Echo

The Raikes                                                          Smooth Chalk

Blue Room                                                          The Cobras 9pm

Last Orders                                                         Idle Promise

Belle Vue                                                           Touch the Pearl

Royal Oak                                                          The Rattlers

Marton Institute                                                   Sai

Star/ Apple & Parrot                                            Powertrip - Pub now closed - see info on - Apple & Parrot

Stanley Ward Con Club                                       Twisted Romance

Toast St Annes                                                   Glitterballs

Town House St Annes                                         Drea Knight

Station Tavern                                                    Kazoobian


29th March Sunday

Waterloo                                                            Touching Cloth 7pm

Farmers Arms                                                     Paul Darran


2nd April Maundy Thursday

The Grapevine Poulton                                        TBC

Blue Room                                                         Harry Hammond +

Nellie Deans                                                       The Jeps

The Grapevine Poulton                                        TBC

Marton Institute                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra (Charity Event)


3rd April Good Friday

The Dockers Fleetwood                                      The Jeps

The Bug Fleetwood                                             Dysphonia & Crawlin' Hex

Broadwaters Caravan Park                                   Blue Pig Orchestra 8.30pm

The Venue Cleveleys                                           Free Roll

Genting Casino                                                    Starfish

Old Town Hall Poulton                                        Kazoobian

Layton                                                               Glitterballs

Uncle Toms Cabin                                              TNT

Blue room                                                          Atmospherics +

The George                                                         Deadbeats

Yates South Shore                                               Contraband Off the Rails

Waterloo Pub                                                      Shiver

Highfield SC                                                       The Heat

Stanley Ward Con Club                                       Monster Squad

Toast St Annes                                                   Twisted Romance

Jacks Bar St Annes                                             Wyreless Acoustic

Station Tavern Lytham                                        Rupert Fabulous


4th April Saturday

Highbury Soccer SC Fleetwood                     Blue Pig Orchestra

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood                       Higher Ground

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  The Vineyard

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Jeps

Queens Layton                                            The Scoundrels

Layton                                                        Kudos

Uncle Toms cabin                                        Touch the Pearl

Washington                                                  On the edge

Blue Room                                                  Senton Bombs

Belle Vue                                                     Kazoobian

Waterloo                                                     Twelve Paces

Royal Oak                                                   The Deal

Marton Institute                                            Backwater

Highfield Pub                                                Dirty Work

Blackpool CC                                               SkaFace

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Coustics

Toast St Annes                                             The Heat

Fairhaven Pub                                               Superluminal

Station Tavern Lytham                                  The Monster Squad


5th April Easter Sunday

North Euston Fleetwood                             The Jeps

The Steamer                                              Hooker

The Grapevine                                           Lowey (Sex Pissed Dolls) 9pm

St Annes CC                                              Deadbeats

Stanley Park Bandstand                              Noches de Salsa 1pm to 5pm

Blue Room                                                Jekyll

Belle Vue                                                  Road Trip last 2 gigs

Blackpool CC                                            SkaFace

Royal Oak                                                 Jennifer Love 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                   Andy Holt 7-9pm

Farmers Arms                                            Rock 'O' Rama
Shovels                                                     Repeater

Toast St Annes                                          Monster Squad Acoustic 10.30 pm


6th April 2015 Monday

The Highfield Pub                                     The Sessions

 9th April 2015 Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                      Billy Nomates


 10th April Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                     Red Bank Road

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Contraband

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                             Allen Cartwright

Layton                                                       Equinox £5 adv  £7 door

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Keytars

Galleon                                                      Monster Squad Acoustic

Ardwick                                                     Sessions

Royal Oak                                                  Deadbeats

Waterloo                                                    Riff Raff

Highfield SC                                               One Cent Magenta (Chique & Band)

Vic St Annes                                              Free roll

Toast St Annes                                           Sorted


11th April Saturday

Broadwater Caravan Park Fleetwood            Cherrybomb

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Kazoobian

Travellers Rest  Thornton                            On the Edge

Old Town Hall Poulton                                DePalma

Genting Casino                                            April Moon (Rock Duo)

Layton                                                        Northern Soul & Motown DJ line up. £3

Blue Room                                                 Go Around Captain, Pocket Apocalypse & Monsters As Humans free entry

Washington                                                 Happy Daize

Gillespies                                                     Dirty Work

The Ardwick                                               The Atmospherics

Belle Vue                                                    Rupert Fabulous

Royal Oak                                                   Power Trip

Waterloo                                                     Kudos

Marton Institute                                           Krys

Stanley Ward Con Club                                RockORama (Updated 20/03)

Vic St Annes                                                Borders of Dawn

Town House St Annes                                  Whistle Test

Toast St Annes                                             Starfish Acoustic

Links St Annes                                             The Scoundrels

Fairhaven Lytham                                         Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Jeps


12th April Sunday

Royal Oak                                                    On the Edge 4.30 pm

Waterloo                                                      Revolution (Duo from The Heat) 7pm

 16th April Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                         Billy NoMates

 17th April Friday

Royal Oak R&B Club Fleetwood                    Fogpocket 8pm

Travellers Rest                                              The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                     On the Edge

Travellers Rest                                              The Deal

Layton                                                          April Moon (Full Band)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                         Brother Rabbit

Galleon                                                         Monster Squad Acoustic

Ardwick                                                        Vineyard

Belle Vue                                                       Deadbeats

Royal Oak Blackpool                                      5th Element

Waterloo                                                       Twisted Romance

Toast St Annes                                               Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

 18th April Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                     Wayne Carrick Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                         Powertrip

The Venue Cleveleys                                      Trix

Rossall Tavern                                               The Deal

Norbreck Tennis Club                                    The Monster Squad Acoustic aka TMS Funk

Old Town Hall Poulton                                   Borders of Dawn

Albion Bispham                                              Road Trip last chance to see - Road Trip's Farewell Gig.

Genting Casino                                               Wyreless Acoustic

Uncle Toms Cabin                                          Rupert Fabulous

Layton                                                           Rebells Yell

Tiffany's Hotel                                               Joe Marcel (Elvis Tribute)

Blue Room                                                    The Assist + The Empress + The Dots

Washington                                                    Twisted Romance

No4                                                               Starfish Live & Acoustic

Ardwick                                                         Three Blokes and a Bird

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                                The Heat

Hampton Road SC                                          Charity Night - Chique +Solitare + Claudia + Tony Just

Marton Institute                                              Back to Back

Stanley Ward Con Club                                   The Jeps

Halfway House                                               Frayed at the Edges (Classic Rock)

Shovels                                                          Touch the Pearl

St Annes British Legion                                   Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                    Molly's Chamber


19th April Sunday

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                                 Fluid Rock guitar duo 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                         Quotation UK Duo 7pm


20th April Monday 2015

Royal Oak, Lytham Road          AC/DC Experience - Landlord's son - Birthday Bash - All Welcome!! 9.30pm


23rd April Thursday - St Georges Day              

The Layton                                                     Wild Honey, Borders of Dawn, The Atmospherics, Bob On! and the Deadbeats Partyband. £5adv/ £6 door.

Grapevine Poulton                                           Mike Lee 9pm

Old Bridge Pub, Lytham Road                          Sex Pistols Experience 8pm £6adv £7 door

Royal Oak, Lytham Road     Free Entry            On the Edge awesome rock/ pop covers band 4.30 to 6.30pm, and Glitterballs 7 to 9pm - Glam Rock at its best!


24th April Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                       Pink Torpedoes

The Steamer Fleetwood                                    A Band Of Gypsies

Bug Bar fleetwood                                           Monster Squad Acoustic

The Venue  Cleveleys                                      Manhattan

Layton                                                            5th Element

Bispham Con Club                                           Monkberry

Uncle Toms Cabin                                           Sorted

The Hop                                                         The Deal

Ardwick                                                          Jeps

The Bloomfield                                                Borders of Dawn

Waterloo                                                         Glitterballs - Glam Rock at its best!

Stanley Ward  Con Club                                   Deadbeats

Shovels                                                           Kazoobian

Jacks Bar                                                        The Scoundrels

Toast St Annes                                                Free Roll

Station Tavern Lytham                                     The Rockits


25th April Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                         Fogpocket 8pm

Steamer Fleetwood                                          Monkberry

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                     The Stories - punk

The Venue Cleveleys                                       SkaFace 10pm

The Iron Horse Thornton                                 The Jeps

Bay Horse Thornton                                         Gin Pit

Rossall Tavern                                                 Leoni Jane Kennedy (solo acoustic)

The Venue                                                      SkaFace

The Albion Bispham                                        Molly's Chamber   

Old Town Hall Poulton                                    Jekyll

Layton                                                            Break Tone 5  

Uncle Toms Cabin                                           The Good Machine

Gillespies Blackpool                                         On the Edge 

Cedar Tavern                                                  The Deal              

Washington                                                     Sonic Jam

Ardwick                                                          Roll Back

Belle Vue                                                        The Heat

Marton Institute                                               Touch the Pearl

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                                  Bob On - Bob Marley Tribute band.

Waterloo                                                          Smokin' Monkey

Stanley Road Con Club                                     Borders of Dawn

Shovels                                                            Kazoobian

Toast St Annes                                                Chique

The Links St Annes                                          Off the Rails

Lord Derby                                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

St Annes CC                                                    Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                     Torpedo Vegas


26th April Sunday

Royal Oak                                                       Billy NoMates 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                         Allen Cartwright

Farmers Arms                                                  On the Edge

30th April Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       The Jeps 9pm

Galleon Bar

Cucina Pazzo St Annes                                Touch The Pearl


1st May Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Alkatraz Blues Band

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Monkberry

Layton                                                       Twisted Romance

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       The Rattlers

Blue Room                                                  Déjà Vega, The Blue Waves, Pablo's Monkey, (Free Entry all Weekend)

The Ardwick                                               The Heat

Belle Vue                                                    SkaFace

Royal Oak                                                   Starfish Live & Acoustic Classic Rock

Waterloo                                                     On the Edge

Farmers Arms                                             Trident

Lord Derby                                                 Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                            Blue Pig Orchestra

Station Tavern Lytham                                Dirty Onion

2nd May Saturday

The Mount Fleetwood                                  Sonic Jam

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                 April Moon (Full Band)      

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Quotation

Iron Horse Thornton                                    1pm Leoni Jane Kennedy, Jess Allan, Lewis Dickinson. The People 9pm inside

Queens Layton                                            Wyreless Acoustic

Layton                                                        Cold Flame

Norbreck SC                                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Genting Club                                               Brother Rabbit (acoustic)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Borders of Dawn

Blue Room                                                 The Scarletts, The Getsettes, The 86'd, Laura Catlow

Boars Head                                                 PR2 (duo)

Ardwick Pub                                               The Mirrors (updated 30/04)

Royal Oak                                                   Sorted

Waterloo                                                     Dirty Work

Highfield Pub                                               Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Love Rats

Toast St Annes                                            Tom Hingley

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Bob On

3rd May Sunday

Blue Room                                                 FIGHTING, I Drink Therefore There's Darkness, Olympus in Ruins     

Galleon Bar                                                Galleonairs    10pm            

Royal Oak                                                  Andy Holt 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Revolution 7pm

St Annes Ex Servicemen                              Deadbeats

Layton                                                        Peter & the Test Tube Babies (Punk) + Guests £8.80 adv £10 door

4th May Monday

The Bay Horse Thornton                              April Moon (Full Band) 


8th May Friday - Motorhead Day!

The Bug Fleetwood                                      Trident

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Barkin'

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Glitterballs

Layton                                                         Smooth Chalk

Norbreck Bowling Tennis Club                      Deadbeats

Galleon Bar                                                       Monster Squad Acoustic 10.45pm

Ardwick                                                       Borders of Dawn

The George                                                  Deadbeats 9pm

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                              Twisted Romance    

The Waterloo                                               The Heat

British Legion St Annes                                 Off the Rails

Toast St Annes                                             DePalma

9th May Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Borders of Dawn

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              The Secrets

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Bob On

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The Heat

Layton                                                         Kazoobian (Concert Room)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        April Moon

West Coast Rock Cafe                                   Sorted Stone Roses Etc etc till 4am £3

Blue Room                                                   Alright the Captain + Peur 9pm free entry

Gillespies                                                      Whistle Test

Tache                                                          Sorted

Washington                                                  Drea Knight

Belle Vue                                                     The Monster Squad

Royal Oak                                                    Dirty Work

Waterloo                                                      Montagu

Marton Institute                                            Electro80's 8pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Glitterballs

Toast st Annes                                              Ash Parkinson

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Shiver

10th May

Royal Oak                                                    Revolution 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                      Paul Darran 7pm

Halfway House                                             Angela Robinson 6pm

14th May Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                        Fluid Rock - Guitar Duo

15th May Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Twisted Romance / Starfish ?

The Bug Fleetwood                                       Dysphonia and Anti-Social Punk Rok 8pm

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Ground Floor Blues Band

Travellers Rest                                              Keytars

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Blue Pig Orchestra 10pm

Layton                                                          Billy NoMates

Uncle Toms Cabin                                         Full Fat Boogie Band

Galleon Bar                                                   Monster Squad Acoustic 10.45pm    

George                                                          Borders of Dawn

Ardwick Pub                                                 The Stories - Punk

Royal Oak                                                     The Heat

Waterloo                                                       Rockits

Stanley ward Con Club                                   The Scoundrels

Toast St Annes                                              Chique

Olive Tree St Annes                                       Flip 8pm

16th May Saturday

Knott End WMC                                           Blue Pig Orchestra 7pm

Fleetwood FC  Family Fun Day                      Bob On - Monster Squad - Flip - Atmospherics £3

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Tony Auton

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Borders of Dawn

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Bob On 9.45pm  

Layton                                                         Quotation (Duo)

Washington                                                  The Deal

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        U ZU (last gig!)

Gillespies                                                      Smokin' Monkey

No4                                                             Monster Squad Acoustic

Boars Head                                                  Touch the Pearl

Bloomfield                                                   April Moon duo

Royal Oak                                                    Riff Raff

Waterloo                                                      Kudos

Queens Hotel                                                Chique

Belle Vue                                                     Whistle Test

Marton Institute                                            Private Eye

Stanley ward Con Club                                 Monkberry

Toast St Annes                                            Higher Ground

Station Lytham                                            Twisted Romance


17th May Sunday

Galleon Bar                                                  Kozma Orsi Quartet 9pm

Royal Oak                                                   Paul Darren 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Andy Holt 7-9pm

21st May Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Billy NoMates

22nd May Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                      The Deadbeats Total Punk Rock

The Mount Fleetwood                                   Loyal Blood - Tribute Band

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Fleetwood Mix Irish Folk blues Band

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Sin after Sin

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Kazoobian

Norcross SC                                                The Secrets

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Kazoobian

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 TBC

Golden Eagle, Warren Drive            Eaglefest - 7:00pm The Auditors 8:00 Sonic Jam 9.00 Doug Perkins & the Spectaculars 10:30 Dirty Work.

Norbreck SC                                                The Versions

The Layton                                                  The Rattlers

Genting Casino                                             Starfish

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       The Deal

Galleon Bar                                                 Monster Squad Accoustic 10.45 pm

Stanley Park Cricket Ground Marquee           Touch the Pearl , Chique (Alfesco Marquee)

Viva                                                             SkaFace - Supporting Chubby Brown - Tickets

Bootleg Social. Topping St                             Breaktone5

Ardwick                                                       April Moon (full Band)

Excelsior, Lytham Road                                Trident

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                              Insanity Beach

Yates South Shore                                         Red Bank Road 9pm

Waterloo                                                      Whistle Test

Farmers Arms                                              Alpha State of Mind

Jacks Bar St Annes                                       Wyreless Acoustic

Olive Tree St Annes                                      Keytars 8pm

Toast St Annes                                             On the Edge

Station Tavern                                              Deadbeats

23rd May Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Whistle Test

Strawberry Gardens                                     Ramlin Riversiders

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Alibi

Genting Casino                                            Keytars

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Free Roll

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Skaface

Queens                                                       Hush                                                  

Layton                                                        Rupert Fabulous

Golden Eagle Warren Drive          Eaglefest - 1:30pm Whisper 2:20 Cartoon Food 3:15. Borders of Dawn 4:10 Bosh Claret ,5:10pm Free Roll

Golden Eagle                               Eaglefest - 6:00pm Solid States 7:05 Jekyl, 8:10  X-Ray Cinema 9:20  Sorted, 10:30pm Black Pearl

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       SkaFace

Blue Room                                                  Good Foxy

Washington                                                 Steve Procter (Solo)

Ardwick                                                      Havoc

Boars Head                                                 Wagontown

Belle Vue                                                    AC/BC

Royal Oak                                                   Quotation (duo)

Waterloo                                                     The Cheap Suits

Marton Institute                                           The Scoundrels

Shovels                                                       Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                                The Rattlers

Toast St Annes                                             Superluminal

The Links                                                    The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Heat

24th May Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Hooker 9pm

Dockers Fleetwood                                       The Jeps 7pm

Golden Eagle, Anchorsholme                          Eaglefest -  DePalma, Sorted

Bay Horse Thornton                                      Free Roll afternoon

Bispham Hall Club                                        Tex & the Hardcore Troubadours

Belle Vue                                                      Free Roll

Royal Oak                                                    Glitterballs 6pm

Waterloo                                                      Jennifer Love 5pm

Toast St Annes                                             Monster Squad Acoustic


25th May Bank Holiday Monday

Burlington, Lytham Road                              The Scoundrels 7pm


28th May Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Acoustic duo, ARK featuring Andy Hall and Stevie Gregg   

29th May

Steamer Fleetwood                                       FY7

Queens Fleetwood                                       Malady & Medicine

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Rattlers

Travellers Rest                                             Repeater

Layton                                                         Fluid Rock

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Blue Pig Orchestra

North Shore SC                                            Electro80's

Blue Room                                                   Cheeky Keys +

Gillespies                                                     The Deal

Malloys                                                        Touch the Pearl

Ardwick                                                       Hush

Royal Oak                                                    Atmospherics

Toast St Annes                                             Higher Ground

Station Tavern Lytham                                  SkaFace

The Shovels                                                 The Deadbeats


30th May

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                 The Mirrors

Bay Horse Thornton                                    Dark Horse (Rock) 9pm

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Akin

Genting Casino                                           The Scoundrels

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Sorted

Thatched House Poulton                              Mikey Lee (acoustic)

Genting Casino                                            Scoundrels

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      The Inciders

Gillespies                                                    Malady & Medicine 9pm

Marton Institute                                          Glitterballs

Clarence                                                     Starfish

Washington                                                 Electric Echo

Ardwick                                                      Molly's Chamber

Belle Vue                                                    Breaktone5

Royal Oak                                                   Tin Pan Alley

Waterloo                                                     The Musketeers

Marton Institute                                           Glitterballs

Highfield Pub                                               Sessions

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Sonic Jam Project

Halway House                                             Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                Off the Rails

Toast St Annes                                            Coustics

Vic St annes                                                Roll Back

Links St Annes                                            Baby Driver


Sunday 31st May:

Fleetwood CC                                            Monkberry

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Sixteen Men Swinging 2pm to 4pm

Royal Oak                                                  Allen Cartwright 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Fluid Rock 7pm

4th June 2015

The Grapevine Poulton                                Acoustic solo signer, El Ramsbottom from THE JEPS
5th June

Fleetwood Cricket Club                                Monkberry

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Starfish

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              James Luke

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Musketeers

Layton                                                        Sonic Jam Project + Vendetta suport

Washington                                                 On the Edge

Royal Oak                                                   Kazoobian

Waterloo                                                     Higher Ground

Toast St Annes                                            Happy Daze

St Annes CC                                               Deadbeats

Lord Derby                                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

Jacks Bar                                                    The Scoundrels

June 6th 2015

Hambleton SC                                             Keytars

Highbury SC Fleetwood                               Monkberry

The Steamer                                                Flashback (Tribute duo)

Newton Hall Caravan Park                           Cherrybomb

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Cheating Hearts

Windy Harbour                                           Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Rupert Fabulous

Old Town Hall                                            Jekyl

Newton Arms                                              Scoundrels

Layton                                                        Rock of Ages

Albion Bispham                                           Bob The Gob

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Kudos

New Road Inn                                             Bosh Claret

Blue Room                                                  Cleft, Vasa & I Drink Therefore There's Darkness

Washington                                                 Jordan (Solo)

Talbot Con Club                                          Bob On

No4                                                            Sessions (acoustic)

Ardwick                                                      Powertrip

Belle Vue                                                   Touch the Pearl

Royal Oak                                                  The Rattlers

Waterloo                                                     Sonic Jam Project

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Kazoobian

Highfield  SC                                               Trident

Toast St Annes                                            Hush

Lytham Station Tavern                                 Contraband

Sunday 7th June

Stanley Park                                               Frayed at the Edges - classic hard rock, and Monster Squad,  1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                  On the Edge 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Paul Darren 7pm


11th June Thursday

The Grapevine Poulton                                Fluid Rock (duo)

12th June

The Bug Fleetwood                                     The Stories

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Crawlin' Hex

Strawberry Gardens                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Poundstone

Bispham Con Club                                       Trident

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Hooker

Layton                                                        Tin Pan Alley

The Hop                                                    AC/BC

Ardwick                                                     Montagu

Royal Oak                                                  Andy Holt


Toast St Annes                                           Kazoobian

Jacks Restaurant & Bar                               Keytars                    

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Coustics


13th June 2015

The Steamer Fleetwood                              Trident

Strawberry Gardens FWD                           X Ray Cinema Band

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Layton                                                      Twisted Romance

Gillespies                                                    Borders of Dawn

No 4                                                           Starfish

Blue Room                                                  Jackobins  + Blue Waves support 9pm

Clarence                                                      Sessions

Washington                                                 Studend Band

Belle Vue                                                    BobOn

Royal Oak                                                  The Rockits

Waterloo                                                    The Mirrors

Hampton Road SC (off Lytham Road)          Rockorama

Burlington                                                   Scoundrels 8pm

Highfield Pub                                              Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                                On the Edge

Halfway House                                           Off the Rails

Town House St Annes                                 Montagu

Toast St Annes                                            Smokin' Monkey

Fairhaven                                                    Repeater

Lytham Station Tavern                                Frayed at the Edges


Sunday 14th June

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                Old Boys Band 4pm (Charity Event)

Stanley Park Bandstand                              Touch the Pearl and guest DJ Ed Mahon 1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                  James Luke 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Andy Holt 7pm

17th June Wednesday

Blue Room                                                Battle of Bands - Blue Waves, Solid States & The Shards

18th June Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                  The Jeps 8.30pm

Grapevine Poulton                                      Luke Neptune

Fylde Rock & Roots Festival,                      Twisted Romance                  £10 day £20 3 days

Birchwood Country Park Nr Lytham,              Fylde Rock & Roots 2015 - new family friendly 4 day music festival Twisted Romance The Solid States Joni Fuller


June 19th 2015

Royal Oak R&B Club Fleetwood                 The Extras

Mount Pub Fleetwood                                 The Deal

Queens Pub Fleetwood                               Smooth chalk

Broadwater Caravan Park                           Trident

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                            Hush

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Barkin'

Uncle Toms cabin                                      Keytars

Layton                                                       Brother Rabbit Acoustic

Galleon Bar                                                TMS Acoustic 10.45pm

Royal Oak                                                 Glitterballs

Waterloo                                                    Jekyll

Farmers Arms                                            Placeholder (Acoustic Duo)

Stanley Con Club                                       The Heat

Olive Tree St Annes                                    Scoundrels    

Toast St Annes                                           The Secrets

Station Tavern, Lytham                              Touch the Pearl

Birchwood Country Park Nr Lytham,              Fylde Rock & Roots 2015 The Repeat Offenders,The Skys, Ghengis Grimes

20th June

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Down at the Doctors

Marine Hall                                                 Jekyll

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Manhattan

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Dirty Work

Queens Layton                                            Scoundrels

Norbreck Bowling and Tennis Club               Rock-o-rama

Blue Room                                                  Peur + Support

Washington                                                 Sonic Jam Project

The George                                                 Twelve Paces

Belle Vue                                                    Kazoobian

Boars Head                                                 The Deal

Royal Oak                                                   Alpha State of Mind

Waterloo                                                     Sessions

Highfield SC                                                Monkberry

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Blue Pig Orchestra 9pm

Halfway House                                            Mod-Life Crisis

The Shovels                                                The Mirrors

Lord Derby St Annes                                   Twisted Romance

Toast St Annes                                            Borders of Dawn

Station Tavern Lytham                                Quotation (duo)

Birchwood Country Park Nr Lytham,              Fylde Rock & Roots 2015 Mick O'Toole Jimmy & the Revolvers Soldier

Sunday 21st June

Stanley Park Bandstand                              Stowe Big Band 11am to 1pm, Park School Brass Band 1pm to 1.45pm. Preston Concert Band 2pm to 4pm

Royal Oak                                                  Fluid Rock (duo) 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Billy NoMates 7pm

Birchwood Country Park Nr Lytham,              Fylde Rock & Roots 2015   Connemara Stone Company Ten-79 Choc Electrique

24th June 2015 Wednesday

Blue Room                                                 Band Competition Black Eddy I Drink Therefore There's Darkness and Ark 8pm Free Entry
25th June Thursday   

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                   Loyal Blood   

Grapevine Poulton                                       On the Edge

26th June

Fleetwood Rugby Club    MAG                     Powertrip

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                             The Deal

Twelve Reaturant/ Lounge Bar                     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                    On the Edge

Layton                                                        Borders of Dawn

North Shore Sports & Social                         Black Thursday

The Hop                                                      Trident

The Ardwick                                                Dirty Work

Boars Head                                                  Luke Neptune

Royal Oak                                                   Whistle Test

Waterloo                                                     Insanity Beach

Farmers Arms                                              Montagu

Halfway House                                            Roll Back

Toast St Annes                                           Smooth Chalk

Tavern Lytham Station                                Stiver (Stiff & Shiver)      

27th June 2015

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                Borders of Dawn

North Euston Fleetwood                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Rugby Club Fleetwood   MAG                     Hooker

Broadwater Caravan Park                            Off the Rails

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Jeps

Old Town Hall Poulton                                AC/BC

Thatched House Poulton                              Kelly Johnson (acoustic)

Layton                                                       The Courtesans + support (£5 on door)

Genting Casino                                            Scoundrels

Uncle Tom's Cabin                                     The Heat

Blue Room                                                 The Ravens

Galleon Bar                                                 Luke Neptune 10.45pm

Gillespies                                                    The Cheap Suits

Washington                                                 Whistle Test

Ardwick                                                      Complete Control

Lyndene Hotel, Promenade                           Chique

Belle Vue                                                    Sonic Jam Project (updated)

Royal Oak                                                  AC/DC Experience

Waterloo                                                     Double Sensation (duo)

Toast St Annes                                           The Rattlers

Station Tavern Lytham                                Torpedo Vegas

Sunday 28th June

Stanley Park                                               Bob On and Spectral Rebel, and DJs. 1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                  Paul Darren 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     James Luke 7pm

Farmers Arms                                             Billy NoMates 8pm

1st July Wednesday

Blue Room                                                  The Lost Archives + Sky Valley Mistress + Related to Lions 8pm              

2nd July Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                    Glitterballs (Glam Rock) 9.30pm

Grapevine Poulton                                        The Jeps 9pm

3rd July

Steamer Fleetwood                                       The Deal

Travellers Rest                                            Scoundrels

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Higher Ground

Layton                                                        Metaleeka

Hop Inn                                                       Free Roll

Royal Oak                                                   Vagabond

The Vic St Annes                                        Trident

Toast St Annes                                            On the Edge

Station Tavern                                             Blue Pig Orchestra

4th July

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                     Fag Ash Lil

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Keytars

Hambleton Sports Club                                Wyreless Acoustic

Broadwater Caravan Park                            Glitterballs    

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Bob On

Rossall Tavern                                            The Deal

Castle Gardens Carleton                               The Deadbeats 9pm

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Free roll

The Layton                                                 SkaFace   Support -Atmospherics Tickets £3 door

Queens Talbot Rd                                        Hush      

Newton Arms                                              Contraband

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Deadbeats

Gillespies                                                     Powertrip cancelled - band required.

Blue Room                                                  AC/BC 

Ardwick                                                      The Sessions              

Belle Vue                                                    The Heat

Boars Head                                                  Cheap Suits

Royal Oak                                                   The Good Machine

Waterloo                                                      Lisa Jones - Lady Gaga

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Brother Rabbit

Toast St Annes                                             Higher Ground

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Rupert Fabulous

Lytham Hall                                                 Touch the Pearl - Charity Ball

Sunday 5th July

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Kudos, Tiny Mountains, Dirty Work, Clare Helen, 1pm to 5pm

- Also in the Italian Gardens - the Stanley Park Motorcycle Show.

Old Town Hall Poulton                               Shiver

Waterloo                                                    Allen Cartwright 7pm

Wednesday 8th July

Blue Room                                               Battle of the Bands - Empress, Montagu, Refreshers, Pablo's Monkey

Thursday 9th July    

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                  Venezuela Venezuela 9pm

The Grapevine Poulton                               Fluid Rock 9pm

Friday 10th July

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Boneshaker

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Bug Fleetwood                                     Trident

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Free Roll

Layton                                                        One Cent Magenta (Chique + full band)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       The Good Machine

Ardwick                                                      Fogpocket

Royal Oak                                                  Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                                    The Rattlers

Toast St Annes                                           Katie Alexander as Adele

11th July Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  A Band of Gypsies

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                     Borders of Dawn

The Venue                                                  Kazoobian

Catholic Club, 20th Birthday                         The Rattlers

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Twisted Romance

Layton                                                        Starfish - full Band

Genting Casino                                             Wyreless

Blue Room                                                  Eye the Bomb (formerly Cheeky Keys)

Gillespies                                                     Tin Pan Alley

Washington                                                 Ghostdancer

HMV   shop                                                 Montagu 3.30pm

The Ardwick                                               The Deal

Belle Vue                                                     Rupert Fabulous

Marton Institute                                            Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak, Lytham Road                              On the Edge

Dog & Partridge, Lytham Road                      Dirty Onion

Burlington, Lytham Road                               Fogpocket

The Highfield Pub                                        The Heat

Halfway House                                             Roll Back (acoustic)

Toast St Annes                                             Whistle Test

Station Taverrn Lytham                                Molly's Chamber (updated 06/07)

Sunday 12th July

Jean Stansfield Park Poulton                       The Deadbeats, Poulton People's Choir, The Keytars, Ark, Ian Hooper, Solid States, VenezuelaVenezuela and many more

Stanley Park                                              Mod Life Crisis, ARK and John Carroll & Geoff Parsons. 1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                 Andy Holt 4.30pm

Wednesday 15th July

Blue Room                                                Battle of the bands 8pm - Alpha State of Mind + Bad Weather + Ward XVI

De Veres Hotel                                           Molly's Chamber

Thursday 16th July

Ma Kelly's Fleetwood                                 The Rattlers

Grapevine Poulton                                       Monster Squad Acoustic

Royal Oak                                                   Billy NoMates & Paul Darran

17th July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Bare Wires

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Jekyll

The Layton                                                Stiver

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Whistle Test

Ardwick                                                     Mr Moo & His New Shoes

Royal Oak                                                  The Deal

Marton Institute                                           Forever - Abba Tribute £6

Waterloo                                                     Free Roll

Toast St Annes                                            Blue Pig Orchestra

18th July Saturday

Windy Harbour Caravan Park                       Glitterballs

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Hooker

Bay Horse Cleveleys                                    The Rattlers - Charity Day

The Venue                                                   Monkberry

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Off the Rails

Golden Ball Poulton                                     Venezuela Venezuela

Genting Casino                                             Scoundrels

Layton                                                         The Good Machine

Gillespies                                                      Free Roll

Washington                                                   Repeater

Ardwick                                                       Three Blokes & a Bird

Belle Vue                                                      Loyal Blood

Royal Oak                                                    Still Stones UK

Waterloo                                                      5th Element                 

Highfield SC                                                Twisted Romance

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Touch the Pearl

The Shovels                                                Kazoobian

Vic Pub St Annes                                         The Deal

The Vic St Annes                                         B.T.G.

Toast St Annes                                            The Heat

Station Tavern Lytham                                Full Fat Boogie Band

19th July Sunday

Dockers Fleetwood                                      Atmospherics 5pm

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Rupert Fabulous and Fy Wingz dance crew. 1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                    Paul Darran 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     On the Edge 7pm

St Annes Lifeboat Stn                                    Repeater

23rd July Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                    The Jeps 9pm

Waterloo                                                     Billy NoMates 5-7pm   

Grapevine Poulton                                       Billy NoMates 9pm


24th July Friday

Knott End WMC                                          Blue Pig Orchestra

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Borders of Dawn

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Superluminal

Golden Eagle                                                April Moon (full band)

Layton                                                         The Sessions

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        The Rattlers

Ardwick                                                      Glitterballs

Excelsior Lytham Road                                 Trident

Royal Oak                                                    DePalma

Waterloo                                                       Still Stones UK

Toast St Annes                                              Keytars

St Annes Library                                           Alex Hulme & Joni Fuller 8 - 10.30pm

The Links                                                    The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Kazoobian

25th July Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Rupert Fabulous

Bay Horse Thornton                                    The Versions

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Off the Rails

Old Town Hall Poulton                                DePalma

The Thatched House Poulton                       The Freelove Band (Acoustic Set)

Layton                                                       Riff Raff

The Bay Horse Thornton                            The Versions

Queens Layton                                            Wyreless

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       SkaFace

Gillespies                                                    Night Train

Cedar Tavern                                              Jekyll 8pm

Washington                                                 The Rattlers

The Clarence                                               Starfish

Belle Vue                                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak                                                   Hooker

Waterloo                                                     Brother Rabbit

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Wings Banned - Paul McCartney Tribute Band

Townhouse St Annes                                   Whistle Test

Toast St Annes                                           Glitterballs

 St. Annes kite festival                                  Starts 12.30   The Riverside Trio (4.30pm ) + +

Station Lytham                                            Kazoobian

30th July Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood

Grapevine poulton                                        Monster Squad Acoustic

31st July Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Keytars

Travellers Rest                                             Whistle Test

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Kazoobian

Layton    ***CANCELLED     Alternative Rock Night - Sinnergod - Black Eddy  CANCELLED***

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Loyal Blood

Malloys                                                       The Deal

Ardwick                                                       Borders of Dawn

Royal Oak                                                    Shiver

Waterloo                                                      Quotation

Farmers Arms                                               Allen Cartwright

Station Tavern                                             The Versions

Toast St Annes                                             Tom McLeod

1st August Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Repeater

Steamer fleetwood                                        Hooker

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  The Stories

Iron Horse Cleveleys                                     Keytars

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 AC/BC

Norbreck SC                                                The Versions

Blackpool Jazz & Blues Festival - North Pier    Gigs TBC  (Free Event sponsored by Galleon Bar)    Fogpocket + + RUNNING ORDER LINK

Washington                                                   Musketeers

HMV                                                            Leoni Jane Kennedy 3.30 & 4.30 pm

Boars Head                                                   PR2 (duo)

Royal Oak                                                     Sherox

Waterloo                                                       Kudos

Halfway House                                              Meatloaf & Skool Dayz - Mark Paul

Highfield Pub                                                Kazoobian

Highfield SC                                                  April Moon (full Band)

Stanley Ward Con Club                                  Power Trip

Townhouse St Annes                                     Whistle Test

Toast St Annes                                              The Coustics

Links Pub, St Annes                                      The Vaults of 109 + Robusta

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Off the Rails

2nd August

Blackpool Jazz & Blues Festival - North Pier     Gigs TBC Fogpocket

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Marton Operatic, 2pm to 4pm.

Royal Oak                                                    Allen Cartwright 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                      Touching Cloth  7pm

6th August Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                     Hooker 9pm

Grapevine Poulton                                         Billy Nomates 9pm

Gillespies                                                      Live music weekend (Punk Festival)

Royal Oak                                                    Andy Holt 6-8pm

Lytham Festival                                            Faithless (Promenade Arena)  ++

7th August Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                       The Deadbeats -Total Punk Rock Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Cartoon Food

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    The Method

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Whistle Test

Old Town Hall Poulton                                  Keytars

The Layton                                                   5th Element (Concert room Hayley Heymaker Barnes birthday bash, all welcome!)

The Layton                                                   Ghost Dancer - Lounge Bar

Uncle Toms Cabin                                         Sonic Jam Project + Vendetta (support)

Gillespies                                                      Alpha State of Mind + 4 more bands 7.30 to 12am

The Hop                                                       Montagu

Royal Oak                                                    The Blackaways (Acoustic Rock)

Waterloo                                                       The Heat

Farmers Arms                                                Rockorama

Toast St annes                                               Roll Back

Lord Derby                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                              Roll Back

Station Tavern Lytham                                  The Monster Squad

Lytham Festival                                             Sinitta (Promenade Arena)

8th August Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                       Blue Pig Orchestra

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Contraband

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Glitterballs     

Genting Casino                                             Keytars      

Queens Pub (Layton)                                    April Moon (full Band)   

The Layton                                                  A.I.M                         

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        The Heat

New Road Inn Talbot Rd (opp North Stn)      Bosh Claret

Cedar Tavern                                              The Deal

Washington                                                 Last Breath

Boars Head                                                  Wagontown

Marton Institute                                           One Cent Magenta (Chique + full band)

Royal Oak                                                   The Good Machine

Waterloo                                                     Twelve Paces

Stanley Ward Con Club                                The Versions

Blackpool Breeze (VW event @ Coastriders)  Montagu   (Ticket event)

Vic St Annes                                                Borders of Dawn

Toast St Annes                                             The Rattlers

Lytham Festival                                           McBusted + + click link full details

9th August Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                               The Heat (Cardiac Unit). 1pm to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                   On the Edge 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Andy Holt 7pm

12th August Wednesday

Blue Room                                                 Battle Of The Bands Final -  Alpha State of Mind + The Empress + Montagu + Ward XV1

13th August Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood

Grapevine Poulton                                        Fluid Rock

14th August Friday

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood                      The Versions

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Keytars

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Cover Up

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

The Layton                                                 The Heat

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       The Macca Band (Beatles etc)

The Ardwick                                               Molly's Chamber

Royal Oak                                                   Sorry, no bands on Fridays till further notice

Waterloo                                                    Off the Rails

Shovels                                                       Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                            The Deal

15th August Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Eddie P

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Alley Cats

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  The Section Blues Rock Band

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The Versions

Miller Arms Singleton                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Queens Layton                                             Scoundrels

Layton                                                         Gig Guide Fest 4  8pm BOB B.T.G + + +

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Hooker

Washington                                                  Off the Rails

Blue Room                                                   28 Boulevard (Indie) 9pm

No 4                                                            Starfish


Marton Institute                                            Trident

Royal Oak                                                    The Coustics

Waterloo                                                      Glitterballs

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Kiss Da Beat

Highfield SC                                                The Heat

Halfway House                                             Montagu

Toast St Annes                                             Touch the Pearl

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Rockits

16th August Sunday

Rossall Tavern                                              Raw Deal 6pm

Layton                                                         Gig Guide Fest  Montagu + 9pm AC/DC Experience

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Zenith Nadir, Wild Honey & Brother Rabbit 1-5pm

Royal Oak                                                    Jennifer Love

Waterloo                                                      James Luke 7pm

The Links                                                    Alpha State of Mind

20th August Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                         Ark (Andy Hall & Stevie Gregg) 9pm

Galleon Bar                                                   Dan Forshaw Quartet 8pm

21st August Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Sly Fox

Steamer Fleetwood                                        X-Ray Cinema

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                               The Deal

Layton                                                         Whistle Test

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Chubby Brown Tribute Act Free Entry

The Ardwick                                                The Heat

Belle Vue                                                     Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                                      Repeater

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                             Jake McRae 8.30pm    

August 22nd Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Borders of Dawn

Strawberry Gardens                                      The Deal

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Whistle Test

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The People (best wishes to all band members on their final gig)

The Albion Bispham                                     Molly's Chamber

Genting Club                                                April Moon (duo)

The Layton                                                  Twelve Paces

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        The Great Tune Robbery

Raikes Hall                                                   AK47

Blue Room                                                   Zauwie  + supports from Rumboy & Placeholder

Gillespies                                                     Repeater

Washington                                                  Rock O Rama

Pump & Truncheon                                      Luke Gribbon (acoustic funk)

Royal Oak                                                   The Heat

Burlington                                                    The Blackaways (Acoustic Rock)

Halfway House, St Anne’s Road                     The Flying Scott Skiffle Train

Townhouse St Annes                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                             Nikki Fallows 8.30pm

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Frayed At The Edges (Classic Rock)

23rd August Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Mr Lewis

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Cobras, Red Rooms, The Polyesters, Full Fat Boogie Band 1pm - 5pm

Royal Oak                                                    Paul Darran 4 - 6pm and On the Edge 7 - 9pm

27th August    Thursday                     

The Galleon                                                 Alpha State of Mind

28th August Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Ginpit

The Bug Fleetwood                                     TMS Acoustic

Norcross SC                                               The Secrets

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Rattlers

Bay Horse Cleveleys                                    Higher Ground

Old Town Hall Poulton                                The Heat

Layton                                                        Touch Too Much (Guitar Duo)

Genting                                                       Starfish (Duo)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Higher Ground

Blue Room                                                  The Inciders

Washington                                                 Trident

The Hop                                                    The Deal

The Ardwick                                               The Fuze

Waterloo                                                     Dirty Work

Marton Institute                                           Ska Face (Beer Festival) opens 4pm, band 7-7.30pm

Toast St Annes                                            Free Roll

Silantro Cafe St Annes                                 Spiral Scouts 9pm

Station Tavern Lytham                                Electro80's

29th August Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Trident

Strawberry Gardens                                     Captains Crew

Fleetwood WMC                                         Clark & Paige

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Contraband

Iron Horse                                                  Monkberry 9pm

The Tramway Cleveleys                              Bosh Claret

Genting Casino                                            Brother Rabbit Acoustic

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      The Inciders

Clarence                                                     Starfish

Gillespies                                                    Smokin' Monkey

Ardwick                                                      The Stories (punk)

Marton Institute                                          Touch the Pearl

Boars Head                                                 Repeater

Belle Vue                                                    The Monster Squad

Royal Oak                                                  Free Roll

Waterloo                                                    Whistle Test

Marton Institute                                          Touch the Pearl (Beer festival free entry) band 7-7.30pm start

Stanley Con Club                                        Borders of Dawn

The Highfield Pub                                       Gig Cancelled

Toast St Annes                                            DePalma

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Shiver

30th August     Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Hooker

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The Underground Rodents

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Soul in the Park  1-5pm

Galleon                                                        Rebecca Roberts

No 4                                                           TMS Acoustic

Belle Vue                                                    Free Roll

Royal Oak                                                   Revolution. Brian Ball & Andy Holt (from The Heat) 5.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Dom Corcoran 7pm

Marton Institute                                           The Heat (Beer Festival) 2 sessions 3.00pm and 7-7.30pm

St Annes CC                                               Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                            One Cent Magenta

31st August Monday

Stanley Park Bandstand                               The Deal + Lythium Glass Road, Glass, Gage 1-5pm

3rd September Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       TMS Acoustic (Monster squad)

4th September

The Bug Fleetwood                                     Trident

The Steamer Fleetwood                               175th Birthday from 8pm - Trident, Vendetta, Eddie P, Doktor, Leoni Jane Kennedy, Full Fat Boogie Band

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                     Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Monkberry

Layton                                                        Quotation

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Monster Squad Acoustic

The Hop                                                     Loyal Blood

Ardwick                                                      The Buzzz

Toast St Annes                                            The Coustics

Vic St Annes                                                Free Roll

5th September

The Steamer Fleetwood                               175th Birthday  Live music event 12 -12am

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Old town Hall Poulton                                 The Monster Squad

Genting Casino                                            Scoundrels

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       DePalma

Layton                                                        Jekyll

Gillespies                                                     Musketeers

Blue Room                                                  Merrick's Tusk

Washington                                                 Sonic Jam Project

Boars Head                                                 Starfish acoustic duo

Belle Vue                                                    AC/BC

Royal Oak                                                   Hooker

Waterloo                                                     The Mirrors

Highfield SC                                                Deadbeats

Stanley Ward Con Club                                The Heat

Shovels                                                       Kazoobian

Toast St Annes                                            Chique

Fairhaven                                                    Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Bob The Gob

6th September Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Lifeboat Day from 2pm. Bands QueenEsque, Atmospherics etc    

Castle Gardens Carlton                                 Phantom Voices                    

Stanley Park Bandstand              Mr Mel's Chill in The Park with Last Breath, Franki n the Jets, Utopia, Rachel Cane, Luke Woods, Happy Daize. Noon to 5pm

Royal Oak                                                   Fluid Rock (guitar duo) 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Allen Cartwright 7pm

10th September Thursday

Grapevine Poulton

Marton Institute                                            Equinox £5 adv £6 door Pink Floyd experience

11th September Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Doug Perkins & the Spectaculars

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Barkin'

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              The Deal

Layton                                                         Shiver

Ardwick                                                       The Phonics

Waterloo                                                      On the Edge (updated)

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Chique

Toast St Annes                                             Bob On

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Torpedo Vegas

12th September Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Alley Cats

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Rupert Fabulous

Cleveleys WMC (Top Club)                          Rockorama

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Panic

Layton                                                        Monkberry

Queens Talbot Road                                    Hush

Washington                                                 Electric Echo

Gillespies                                                    The Rattlers

No 4                                                           Sessions (duo)

Blue Room                                                  Pinkfloydian

Belle Vue                                                    Bob On

Boars Head                                                 The Deal

Royal Oak                                                   On the Edge

Waterloo                                                     Elektrio (Back to the 80's) 9pm

Highfield SC                                                The Rockits

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Kazoobian

Townhouse St Annes                                   Whistle Test

Toast St Annes                                            The Versions

Vic St Annes                                                Roll Back (duo)       

Station Tavern                                             The Heat

13th September Sunday          

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Youth Bands Festival. Sonic Jam Project, John Banks, Leoni Jane Kennedy, Christian Dobson. 1pm to 5pm.

Royal Oak                                                   Billy Nomates 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                     Paul Darran 7pm

17th September Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       TMS Acoustic 9.30pm

18th September Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                 cancelled      The Stories

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Northern Lights

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Tin Pan Alley

Travellers Rest                                            Keytars

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Kazoobian

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Brother Rabbit

Layton                                                        On the edge

Galleon Bar                                                 TMS Acoustic 10.45pm

Blue Room                                                  Pub Now Closed

The Hop                                                     Trident (New Landlord - confirm before travelling)

Ardwick                                                      April Moon (full band)


Highfield SC                                                Twelve Paces

Lord Derby                                                  Deadbeats

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Heat

September 19th

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Monkberry

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Jules Atkinson Band

Hambleton SC   Fleetwood                            Trident                

Windy Harbour Holiday Park                         Off the Rails

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Alibi

Albion Bispham                                             Bosh Claret

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        TMS Acoustic

Layton                                                         Kazoobian

Gillespies                                                      Montagu

Washington                                                  Dirty Work

Ardwick                                                       Free Roll

Boars Head                                                  PR2

Halfway House                                            Glitterballs

Royal Oak                                                   The Rattlers

Waterloo                                                     The Deal

Halfway House                                            Glitterballs can't confirm?

Station Tavern, Lytham                               Touch the Pearl

The Links St Annes                                     Repeater

20th September Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Lewis Dickinson (Plays Sax Flute Guitar & vocals) 5pm

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Power Trip, Borders of Dawn & Friends. 1pm to 5pm.

Royal Oak                                                  Andy Holt 4.30pm (families welcome)

Waterloo                                                    Billy Nomates 7pm

24th September Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                  The Jeps

Grapevine Poulton                                      Billy Nomates

25th September

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  The Deal

The Venue                                                 On the Edge

North Shore club                                         Little Black Dog

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Full Fat Boogie Band

Layton                                                       Hooker

Last Orders                                                Idle Promise

Galleon Bar                                               Aaron and The Argonauts10.00pm

Royal Oak                                                 The Deal

Excelsior Lytham Road                              Trident

Marton Institute                                         Montagu

Farmers Arms                                            Repeater

Stanley Ward Con Club                              Whistle Test / Brother Rabbit

Toast St Annes                                          Hush

Station Tavern Lytham                              The Coustics

26th September

The Steamer Fleetwood                              Power Trip

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                    Ramblin Riversiders

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Keytars

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                            On the Edge

Uncle Toms cabin                                      Off the Rails

Layton                                                      The Sessions

Genting Casino                                           Scoundrels

Uncle Toms Cabin                                     Vince Ripper & the Rodent Show + Guests

The Clarence                                             Starfish

Blackpool CC                                            The Rattlers

Last Orders                                                Idle Promise

Gillespies                                                   Midnight Johnny Band (Blues)

Washington                                                Bosh Claret

Trinity Hospice Ball – Tower Ballroom        Touch the Pearl

Ardwick                                                     The Heat

Belle Vue                                                   Stiff Li'l Pearls

Royal Oak                                                  Rupert Fabulous

Waterloo                                                    Free Roll 7 - 9pm

Highfield Pub                                             Contraband

Stanley Ward Con Club                              The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham                                Bob On

27th September Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand          1 to 5pm       Free Entry            

1.00 - Laura Catlow
1.20 - Chance Encounter
1.50 - Glyn Bailey & the Beholden
2.35 - Limbs

3.20 - Fubar
4.10 - Twelve Paces

Royal Oak                                                 Emma Wright 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                   On the Edge 7pm

1st October Thursday

Waterloo                                                   Music Festival - Fogpocket + Jake McRae + Rogue Frequency     

Grapevine Poulton                                      The Monster Squad 9.30pm     

2nd October Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                 The Lincolns Teddyboy rock 'n' roll band from Australia!

The Bug Fleetwood                                    Riflemen of War

Travellers Rest                                           Scoundrels

The Venue Cleveleys                                  The Jeps

Rossall Tavern                                           The Deal

New Norcross SC                                       New Republik

Old Town Hall Poulton                               Alpha State of Mind

Layton                                                       Marauder

Winter Gardens                                          Blackpool Music Festival Free entry

Gillespies                                                    Blackpool Music Festival Benefit State, Pink Torpedoes....

Brun Grove WMC                                      Inciders (Ska)

Ardwick                                                     Trident

Belle Vue                                                   Deadbeats

Royal Oak                                                  Sabotage 9pm

Waterloo                                                    Music Fest - Don't Panic + +

Toast St Annes                                          The Rattlers

Lowther Pavillion Lytham                           Full Fat Boogie Band   

3rd October Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                 The Power 3

Steamer Fleetwood                                     Hooker

The Mount Fleetwood                                The Deal

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Golden Eagle                                             Blackpool Music Festival

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Bob On

Cleveleys WMC                                         The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                               Shiver

Layton                                                       The Rockits 8pm

New Norcross SC                                       New Republik                    

Washington                                                Whistle Test

Gillespies                                                   Hush / Blackpool Music Festival Free entry

Washington                                                Whistle Test

Royal Oak                                                  Power trip

Waterloo                                                    Music Festival - Montagu + +

Halfway House                                           Crush Cancelled

Highfield Pub                                              Kazoobian

Shovels                                                      Touch the Pearl

The Links                                                   The Method

Lytham Station Tavern                                Contraband

       Blackpool Music Festival 2015 1st to 4th October - FREE Entry



4th October Sunday

Many Venues on the Fylde                           Blackpool Music Festival Free entry

Poulton Old Town Hall                                The Deal

Waterloo                                                     James Luke

8th October Thursday

Galleon Bar                                                Luke Neptune 10.30pm       

9th October Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                    The Deal

Steamer                                                     Mitchell Acoustic show

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Electro80's

Layton                                                      One Cent Magenta (Chique + full band)

Galleon Bar                                               TMS Acoustic 10.45pm

Ardwick                                                    Glitterballs

Halfway House                                          Quotation UK (Duo)

Toast St Annes                                          The Secrets        

The Links Lytham St Annes                       Off the Rails

10th October

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                   Fag Ash Lil

Steamer                                                     Tony Auton

Clevelays WMC                                         Trident

Windy Harbour Caravan Park                     Blue Pig Orchestra

Newton Hall Holiday Park                          Off the Rails

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Jekyll

Old Town Hall Poulton                              New Republik    

No4                                                          TMS Acoustic                

Washington                                               Borders of Dawn

Royal Oak                                                 The Deal

Waterloo                                                   Alibi

Burlington                                                 The Sessions

Highfield SC                                              Free roll

Toast St Annes                                          Keytars

Ex Servicemans Club St Annes                   Full Fat Boogie Band

Station Tavern Lytham                              Superluminal

11th October   Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                   ARK Acoustic Duo 8pm

Royal Oak                                               On The Edge 4.30pm Battle of the Bands

Waterloo                                                  Paul Darran 7pm

14th October Wednesday

Belle Vue                                                  Blackpool Sixth Sessions 7.45pm - 10pm

16th October Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                   The Deadbeats-Total Punk Rock Band

The Steamer Fleetwood                             The Stories (punk)     

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                The Buzz

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Hooker

Layton                                                      Metaleeka

Uncle Toms Cabin                                     Bob On

Malloys                                                     Deadbeats

Ardwick                                                    Sessions

Waterloo                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Marton Institute                                         Rock of Ages

Farmers Arms                                           The Deal

Toast St Annes                                         The Jeps 10pm

17th October Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                               Hush

Highbury Soccer SC Fleetwood                  Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                 The Secrets

Genting Casino                                          Wyreless

Layton                                                      The Jam

Queens Layton                                          April Moon (Full Band)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                     Loyal Blood 

Ramsden Arms                                          Starfish (Acoustic)

Gillespies                                                   Wayne Carrick Band

Ardwick                                                    Power Trip

Marton Institute                                         Touch the Pearl 8pm

Waterloo                                                   New Republik    

Royal Oak                                                 Rebel's Yell

Yates South Shore                                      Mod-Life

Highfield SC                                              One Cent Magenta

Highfield Pub                                             Borders of Dawn

Stanley Ward Con Club                              Glitterballs

Town House St Annes                               The Deal

Toast St Annes                                          Kazoobian 9.30pm

Station Lytham                                          The Versions

18th October Sunday

Waterloo                                                   Mutha Funkin Blues 7-9pm

Royal Oak                                                 Revolution 4.30pm (Brian Ball & Andy Holt from the Heat)

The Links St Annes                                   The Deal (acoustic)

22nd October Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                    Andy Open Mic Night

23rd October  Friday  

The Steamer Fleetwood                             Queenesque

The Bug                                                   TMS Acoustic 9.30pm

The Venue                                                Kazoobian

The Layton                                               The Heat

Cedar Tavern                                            The Deal

Washington                                               On the Edge

Ardwick                                                    Hush

Waterloo                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Highfied SC                                              Rupert Fabulous - Ticket Only - £6 inc hot pot. Fundraising event.

St Annes CC                                             Deadbeats

Jacks Bar St Annes                                    Wyreless Acoustic              

Toast St Annes                                          Katie Alexander as Adele 8.30pm

24th October Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                               Hush

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                Fogpocket

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                   Alley Cats band

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Glitterballs

Golden Eagle Cleveleys                              TMS Acoustic

Queens Layton                                          Wyreless Acoustic

Layton                                                      Rebel's Yell

Uncle Toms Cabin                                     Keytars

No 4                                                         Starfish

Galleon Bar                                               TMS Acoustic 10.45pm

Ramsden Arms                                          Sessions (Acoustic)

Gillespies                                                   Powertrip

Ardwick                                                    The Deal

Belle Vue                                                  The Heat

Royal Oak                                                 Tin Pan Alley

Waterloo                                                   Kudos

Stanley Ward Con Club                              Contraband

Shovels                                                     Kazoobian

Toast St Annes                                          Borders of Dawn

Station Lytham                                          Blue Pig Orchestra

25th October Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood                              Nick Unlimited

Waterloo                                                    Revolution (Andy Holt & Brian Ball from the Heat) 7-9pm


29th October Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                    Caroline Lowe aka Amy, Nancy Doll..

Galleon Bar                                              Luke Neptune 10.45pm

Waterloo                                                  Eureka Machines + guests Jekyll 9pm    

30th October Friday 2015

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Keytars

Twelve Restaurant & Bar                          Blue Pig Orchestra

Layton                                                     Free Roll

Old Town Hall Poulton                             Borders of Dawn

Last Orders    FY1 2PQ                              The Deal

Gillespies                                                  Pink Hearse 7-11 Halloween

Royal Oak                                                Repeater

Toast St Annes                                         New Republik    

Station Tavern Lytham                              Deadbeats

31st October 

Hambleton Sports Club                              Wyreless Acoustic

Steamer Fleetwood                                    A Band of Gypsies

Strawberry Gardens  Fleetwood                   Repeater

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Trix

Bay Horse Cleveleys                                  Trident (Halloween Party)

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                           The Deal

Old Town Hall Poulton                              Shiver/ Free Roll?

Layton                                                     Flash Hearts

Genting Casino                                          TMS Acoustic

Uncle Toms Cabin                                    The Inciders

Queens Talbot Road   (Layton)                   Hush

Newton Arms Normoss                              Whistle Test

Gillespies                                                   Recycled Teenagers

Washington                                               Ghost Dancer

Belle Vue                                                  Rupert Fabulous (Haloween)

Marton Institute                                        The Heat (Haloween)

Yates South shore                                     Off the Rails

Royal Oak                                                AC/BC (Haloween)

Waterloo                                                   Twelve Paces (Halloween)

Marton Institute                                         The Heat

Highfield SC                                             Blue Pig Orchestra

Stanley Ward Con Club                             Touch the Pearl

Toast St Annes                                          Fogpocket

Town House                                              Borders of Dawn

Station Lytham                                          Stiffer - Halloween

1st November Sunday

Royal Oak                                                Fluid Rock Duo

Waterloo                                                  Quotation UK Duo

4th November Wednesday

Galleon Bar                                             Fogpocket 8pm?

5th November

Cottam Hall Fields Poulton                       Blue Pig Orchestra - Bonfire & Fireworks £4Ad £3Ch Family 2+4 £12

6th November Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                   Flashback (Duo)

Royal Oak Fleetwood                               The Fuse (60's 70's classics)

The Venue Cleveleys                                Poundstone

Layton                                                     Quotation UK

Galleon Bar                                             Monster Squad Acoustic 12pm (4am licence)

Gillespies Event       (Free Entry)              Live Punk Bands 7.30pm - Bordom, Potential Victims, Vomit, Discord


Waterloo                                                 The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club                            Robert Taylor

Toast St Annes                                        Keytars / Deadbeats

Jacks Bar St Annes                                  The Scoundrels

Station Tavern Lytham                             Electro80's

7th November Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood                             Tony Mitchell

The Venue                                                Electrio

Layton                                                      Smokin' Monkey (Lounge Bar)

Queens Layton                                          The Scoundrels

Xanders Bispham                                       Molly's Chamber                            

Gillespies                                                  Tin Pan Alley                                              

Royal Oak                                                SIMPLY STIFF FEAT MOLE'S 60th BIRTHDAY BASH

Waterloo                                                   Stark

The Highfield Pub                                      The Heat

Stanley Ward Con Club                              Borders of Dawn

Station Tavern Lytham                              Rupert Fabulous

Toast St Annes                                          Bob On

Links                                                        Baby driver

Fairhaven                                                  Repeater

8th November Sunday

Royal Oak                                                  Billy Nomates 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Paul Darran 7pm

Burlington                                                  Andy Holt  9pm

11th November Wednesday

Galleon Bar                                                End of Season Party Live Music, Buffet etc  

13th November Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood                              The Deal

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                 Freebird

The Bug                                                    Riflemen of War

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                            Hush

The Venue Cleveleys                                  The Jeps

Castle Gardens Carelton                              Deadbeats

Layton                                                      On the Edge

Norbreck SC                                             The Versions

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      The Monster Squad Acoustic 9.30

Raikes Pub                                                 April Moon (Full Band)

Ardwick                                                     The Stories

Waterloo                                                   Vladimir + The Atmospherics

Toast St Annes                                           Blue Pig Orchestra

November 14th Saturday  

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                Borders of Dawn

The Mount Pub                                          The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                   My Friend and I

Genting casino                                            Keytars

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Rattlers

Layton                                                       Roxy Musique 8pm Tickets available

The De Vere                                              Wyreless Acoustic 

Scrooges Bar                                              Beatgeneration 9 - 3am

Gillespies                                                    Whistle Test

Ardwick                                                      Cover Up

Belle Vue                                                    Dirty Work

Bloomfield Pub                                           Kazoobian

Royal Oak                                                  Powertrip

Marton Insitute                                           Glitterballs

Farmers Arms                                             Vineyard (duo)

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                            Superluminal

Vic St Annes                                               Full Fat Boogie Band

Station Tavern Lytham                                Ska Face

November 15th Sunday

Ma Kellys South                                          End of Season Charity Show - 15 Top Live Acts!

19th November Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Flip with Andy Flynn 9.30pm

No3 pub                                                     The Deadbeats

20th November Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   A Band of Gypsies

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Molly's Chamber

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              Keytars

The Venue                                                  The Rattlers

Layton                                                        Bob On

Gillespies                Rock/Metal Night           Sinnergod, Sorrows Fall, Back Eddy

Toast St Annes                                            Nikki Fallowes

Jacks Bar St Annes                                     Wyreless Acoustic 

Station Lytham                                            Deadbeats

21st November Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                     Sonic Jam Project 7.30pm

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Kudos

Knott End WMC                                         Blue Pig Orchestra 

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Monkberry   

Old Town Hall Poulton                                New Republik

Genting Casino                                           Wyreless Acoustic 

Layton                                                       The Good Machine

Newton Arms                                              Contraband

Gillespies                                                    The Rattlers

The Clarence                                              Starfish

Washington                                                 Doug Perkins & the Spectaculars

Belle Vue                                                    Ska Face

Waterloo                                                     DePalma

Royal Oak                                                   Quotation UK

Waterloo                                                     Depalma

Marton Institute                                           Electro80's

Highfield SC                                                Rock O Rama

Stanley Ward Con Club                                April Moon (Full Band)

Lord Derby St Annes                                   Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                           The Heat

Ex Servicemans Club St Annes                     Kazoobian

Fairhaven                                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Station Tavern Lytham                                Full Fat Boogie Band

22nd November Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Nick Unlimited 3pm

Royal Oak                                                  Andy Holt 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Billy Nomates 7 - 9pm

26th November Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                    The Jeps 9pm

The Cube Poulton                                       Blackpool Sixth Sessions

Grapevine Poulton                                       Andy Halls Open Mic night 9pm

27th November                  

The Venue                                                 The Secrets

Bispham Con Club                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Layton                                                       The Method

Norbreck SC                                              The Monster Squad

North Shore SC                                          Electro80's

Uncle Toms cabin                                       DePalma

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Montagu

Shovels                                                      The Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                           Laura Catlow

The Links Pub                                            After Hours Blues Band

Station Tavern Lytham                                Mama Genesis Tribute

November 28th

Kings Arms  Fleetwood                                The Stories

Strawberry Gardens                                     Fogpocket

Hambleton Sports & SC                               Blue Pig Orchestra

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Hooker

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Cheating Hearts

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Higher Ground

Golden Eagle                                               Bob On  9.45pm

Bay Horse Thornton                                    The Rattlers

Old Town Hall Poulton                                The Heat

The Layton                                                 New Republik

The Albion Bispham                                     Molly's chamber

Last Orders                                                 Idle Promise

Washington                                                 The Deal

The Clarence                                                Starfish

Scrooges Bar                                               The Ebeneeze

Boars Head                                                  PR2                                                 

Royal Oak                                                   Free Roll

Waterloo  Pub                                        Greenpeace Winter Wonderland.

Highfield Pub                                              Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                                The Rockits

Toast St Annes                                            Ash Parkinson

Town House St Annes                                 Borders of Dawn

Links St Annes                                            SofaKings Midday till late live music

Station Tavern Lytham                                Off the Rails

29th November Sunday

Royal Oak                                                  Paul Darran 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    Revolution 7-9pm

4th December Friday

North Euston Fleetwood                              Ska Face

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Frayed at the edges

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Shotglass 5 piece classic rock.

Strawberry Gardens                                    Fogpocket

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                The Pink Torpedos

The Bug Fleetwood                                     The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Abba Tribute

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                             Higher Ground

Twelve Restaurant                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall Poulton                                Bob On

The Layton                                                A Touch Too Much (Duo)

Norcross SC  (Formerly Rugby Tavern)       The Secrets

Gillespies                              Punk Night     D-Liberate, The Drop-Out Wives, Sunken Monkey, The Charly Syndrome

Toast St Annes                                           The Jeps

Jacks Bar St Annes                                     Wyreless Acoustic 

Silantro                                                      SofaKings

Station Tavern Lytham                               The Heat

5th December Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                April moon (Full Band)

Steamer Fleetwood                                     Whistle Test

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Queen Tribute

Old Town Hall Poulton                               Shiver

Queens Talbot Road, Layton                       Wyreless Acoustic

Uncle Toms Cabin                                      Full Fat Boogie Band

Gillespies                                                    Shotglass 5 piece classic rock.

Scruffy Murphys                                        Coustics (Duo)

Ardwick                                                     The Section

Belle Vue                                                   Kazoobian

Royal Oak                                                  Riff Raff  (Classic Rock)

Waterloo                                                    Rupert Fabulous

Marton Institute                                          Blue Pig Orchestra

Highfield SC                                               Crying Out Loud

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Chique

Toast St Annes                                           The Versions

Fifteens Bar St Annes                                  The Vaults of 109

Links Pub                                                   The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Rockits

6th December Sunday

Waterloo                                                     On the Edge 7pm

Royal Oak                                                   Revolution 4.30pm

Farmers Arms                                             Allen Cartwright 8pm

10th December Thursday   

Grapevine Poulton                                       The  Keytars  9.30pm

11th December

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Gin Pit

The Bug Fleetwood                                     TMS Acoustic

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                             On the Edge (Duo)

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Jeps

The Layton                                                 Ska Face Concert Room - Free entry

Stanley Ward Con Club                               The Deal

Toast St Annes                                           Touch The Pearl

Bar Fifteens St Annes                                  Full Fat Boogie Band

Jacks Bar St Annes                                     The Scoundrels

The Links St Annes                                     Mad On Blonde

Station Tavern Lytham                                Bob On

12th December

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                 Hush

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Roll Back

The Bug Fleetwood                                      TMS Acoustic

North Euston                                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Hambleton SC                                             Keytars

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Queen Tribute

Old Town Hall Poulton                                DePalma

The Layton                                                 Monkberry

Queens Pub Layton                                     April moon (Full band)

No 4 Pub                                                    Starfish Acoustic

Cedar Tavern                                              Fogpocket

The Clarence                                              The Scoundrels

Belle Vue                                                    Bob On

Royal Oak                                                   Glitterballs

Waterloo                                                     The Velvet Kills 9.30pm Dirty Work 10.30pm to midnight

Marton Institute                                           Brother Rabbit 8pm

Highfield SC                                                The Deal

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Kazoobian

Toast st Annes                                             Higher Ground 10pm

The Links St Annes                                     Off the Rails

Townhouse St Annes                                   Whistle Test

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Monster Squad

13th December Sunday

Royal Oak                                                   On the Edge Band 4.30pm (families welcome)

Waterloo                                                     Allen Cartwright 7pm

Thursday 17th December

Dalmeny Hotel St Annes       Xmas Party           Touch the Pearl

Friday 18th December

North Euston Fleetwood                             The Deadbeats

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Midnite Johnny Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                     Barkin'

Strawberry Gardens                                    Blue Pig Orchestra 8pm

The Bug Fleetwood                                    The Stories

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Abba Tribute

The Layton                                                One Cent Magenta (Chique with full band)

Galleon Bar                                                TMS Acoustic 10.45pm

Ramsden Arms                                           Starfish (Duo)

Waterloo                                                    Fog Pocket

Farmers Arms                                             Rockorama

Stanley Road Con club                                Powertrip

Dalmeny Hotel St Annes    Xmas Party        Touch the Pearl

Toast St Annes                                           The Coustics               

Jacks Bar St Annes                                     Wyreless Acoustic 

Station Tavern Lytham                                Torpedo Vegas

December 19th Saturday

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood                     Brother Rabbit

Hambleton Sports & SC                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Wayne Carrick Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                  The Jeps

Castle Gardens Carelton                              Deadbeats

Old Town Hall Poulton                               Ghost Dancer

Layton                                                       Glitterballs

Galleon bar                                                 Fogpocket 8pm

Gillespies                                                   The Deal

No 4                                                          TMS Acoustic (Duo)

Belle Vue                                                   Rupert Fabulous

Royal Oak                                                  The Rattlers

Waterloo                                                    Joni Fuller + The Blackaways with Joni

Stanley Ward Con Club                               The Coustics

The Shovels                                                Kazoobian

Toast St Annes                                            DePalma

Vic Pub                                                       The Deal

Lord Derby                                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Jacks Bar St Annes                                      Wyreless Acoustic 

Fairhaven                                                     Superluminal

Station Tavern, Lytham                                Touch the Pearl

20th December Sunday

The Links Pub                                             The Deal - Raw Deal

23rd December Wednesday

Belle Vue                                                    Deadbeats

24th December

The Venue                                                 Glitterballs

Grapevine Poulton                                       ARK - Andy Hall and Stevie Gregg Acoustic 9.30pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                               The Rattlers

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Coustics

25th December 2015

The Venue Cleveleys                                   On the Edge 

26th December Saturday

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Bob On

Rossall Tavern                                             The deal

The Layton                                                 Whistle Test

Boars Head                                                  PR2

Belle Vue                                                    AC/BC

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Glitterballs

Marton Institute                                           April moon (Full band)

Royal Oak                                                   The Heat

Waterloo                                                     Akin

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Rock of Ages

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Shiver

27th December Sunday

Grapevine Poulton                                      Caroline Beaumont 9.30pm (Sex Pissed Dolls lead gobbist)

Belle Vue                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Blackpool CC                                             Bob On 9.45pm

Bay Horse Cleveleys                                   April moon (Full band)

Waterloo                                                    Andy Holt 5pm

Farmers Arms                                             On the Edge 9pm

The Shovels                                               Touch the Pearl

Station Tavern                                            Deadbeats

29th December Tuesday

The Hop                                                     The Heat 9pm

30th December Wednesday

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Molly's Chamber

31st December Thursday  - New Years Eve 

Twelve Restaurant & Bar                             Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Jeps Ticket Only £10

Golden Eagle Thornton Cleveleys                  Free Roll

New Norcross SC (Nr Blackpool Rugby Club)  Kudos  Free Entry

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Ska Face Tickets £6 adv / £10 door

Layton                                                        The Sessions Free Entry

No 4                                                           Starfish (Duo) + DJ Buffet Tickets on sale

Belle Vue                                                    Monster Squad Free Entry

Marton Institute                                           Saj band + Shelly Timms (Solo) Tickets available £10 - inc Buffet

Hampton Road Social Club                           RockoRama tickets £2 members, £5 non members

Highfield Social Club                                    The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club                                The Love Rats

Shovels                                                       Brother Rabbit Free Entry

Olive Tree St Annes                                     Keytars

Lord Derby                                                 The Coustics Free Entry

Jacks Bar St Annes                                      Wyreless Acoustic 

Olive Tree St Annes                                     Keytars

St Annes CC                                                Deadbeats tickets £15