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Archive - Live Bands Blackpool 2016

1st January 2016 Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                   New Republik 10pm

2nd January Saturday

Steamer  Fleetwood                                     Hooker 5pm

The Layton                                                 Fluid Rock

Royal Oak                                                   Rupert Fabulous

Stanley ward Con club                                 April Moon (Full band)

Toast St Annes                                            Jade Leigh

Station Tavern                                             Blue Pig Orchestra

8th January Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                    On The Edge

Travellers Rest  Cleveleys                             James Luke

The Layton                                                  Hooker

Jacks Bar St Annes                                       Wyreless Acoustic    

Toast St Annes                                             Keytars    

9th January Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Trident

Kings Arms                                                  The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

The Layton                                                  Roll Back (updated) Powertrip cancelled

The Queens Layton                                      Wyreless Acoustic

Royal Oak                                                    Insanity Beach

Waterloo                                                      Boomin

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 On the Edge

Toast St Annes                                             Kazoobian

Links Pub                                                    Deadbeats

Station Tavern                                             The Versions

10th January Sunday

Waterloo                                                      Touching Cloth 5pm

Links Pub                                                     Ashley from 6pm

15th January

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Tin Pan Alley

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Higher Ground

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              Paul Darran

The Layton                                                  Metalleeka 8pm

St Annes British Legion                                 Repeater

Toast St Annes                                             Chique

Station Lytham                                             Deadbeats

16th January

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Keytars

Highbury Club Fleetwood FC                         Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Monkberry

The Layton                                                   Still Stones (Free Entry)

Xanders Bispham                                          Molly's Chamber

Genting Casino                                              Star Fish

No 4                                                             Scoundrels

The Hop                                                       Trident 9pm

Brun Grove                                                   Borders of Dawn

Royal Oak                                                     The Deal

Waterloo                                                        Rock of Ages

Stanley ward Con Club                                   The Versions                      

Toast St Annes                                               Saraban

Station Lytham                                               JK as Robbie williams

22nd January Friday 2016

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Retirement Bash - Hooker etc

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Keytars

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              The Scoundrels

The Layton                                                  Free roll    

The Hop Inn                                                AC/BC

Belle Vue                                                     Deadbeats

Waterloo                                                      Tom Hingley Solo Acoustic + The Atmospherics  

Farmers Arms                                               Andy Holt

Toast St annes                                              Ash Parkinson 10pm

Station Lytham                                             Lioness - Amy Winehouse Experience 9pm   

23rd January Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                                Ska Face

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Monkberry

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Electrio

The Layton                                                   AC/DC Experience

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 

Clarence                                                        Scoundrels

Washington                                                   The Deal

Royal Oak                                                     Kazoobian

Waterloo                                                       Boombox (formerly Sessions) 9.30pm

Highfield SC                                                  Borders of Dawn

Stanley ward Con Club                                  Contraband

Toast St Annes                                              Higher Ground

Station Lytham                                              Heavy Sol Band

27th January Sunday

Waterloo                                                       Billy No Mates 5-7pm

28th January Thursday

Galleon Bar                                                   Fogpocket 9.45 Steve Pierre's birthday bash!

Royal Oak                                                     Scratch South Shore 7 - 11pm 

29th January Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 The Stories (Punk)

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Quotation

The Layton                                                    The Deal

The Clarence                                                 Starfish (Duo)

Royal Oak                                                     Sabotage

Toast St Annes                                              Nikki Fallows

Jacks Bar St Annes                                        The Scoundrels

30th January Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Contraband

The Genting Club (Casino)                            Wyreless Acoustic

Masonic Hall Blackpool                                 Molly's Chamber

Gillespies                                                     The Jokers

Live Lounge                                                 DePalma

Belle Vue                                                     Ska Face

Marton Institute                                            Bob On

Royal Oak                                                    New Republik 9.45pm

Waterloo                                                      Dirty Work

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Electro 80's

St Annes Cricket Club                                   Full Fat Boogie Band

Toast St Annes                                             The Coustics

Station Tavern                                              Brother Rabbit

31st January Sunday

Waterloo                                                      James Luke (Solo) 5pm

Farmers Arms                                               Billy No Mates

4th February Thursday

Brun Grove WMC                                        Inciders - Charity Event

5th February Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    A Band Of Gypsies

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Hooker

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Heat

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Keytars

The Layton                                                  Riff Raff

Ramsden Arms                                             Starfish Acoustic Duo

Waterloo                                                      Punk Night - 5 bands

Toast St Annes                                             Borders of Dawn

6th February Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Mitchell

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Two Stroke Diesel

The Venue Cleveleys                                    VenezuelaVenezuela (updated 05/02/16)

The Layton                                                  The Versions

Scrooges Bar                                                The Ebeneeze (duo)

Gillespies                                                      Owen Holt

The George                                                  Twelve Paces

Brun Grove WMC                                        DePalma (open to non members)

Belle Vue                                                     Touch the Pearl

Marton Institute                                            Brother Rabbit

Royal Oak                                                    Guilty Parties

Waterloo                                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Highfield SC                                                 Superfly

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Heat

The Shovels                                                 Elektrio

Toast St Annes                                              Smooth Chalk

The Links At Annes                                      Off the Rails

7th February Sunday

Waterloo                                                      On the Edge 6-8pm

Farmers Arms                                               Trident

12th February Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Shotglass

Marine Hall - Fleetwood Beer Festival            Blackjacks £4 Camra/ NUS £1

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Rattlers

The Layton                                                  On the Edge

The Hop                                                      The Heat

Toast St Annes                                             Daylight        

Jacks Bar St Annes                                       Wyreless Acoustic

13th February Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Marine Hall - Fleetwood Beer Fest                 Full Fat Boogie Band £3 Camra/ NUS £1

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Hush

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Jeps

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Kudos

The Layton                                                  Northern Soul Night - £3 on the door

Gillespies                                                     Wayne Carrick Band

Ardwick                                                      The Stories

Belle Vue                                                    The Heat

Royal Oak                                                   The Good Machine 10pm

Waterloo                                                     Smokin' Monkey

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Monster Squad

Toast St Annes                                            Hooker

Town House St Annes                                 The Deal

St Annes Ex Sevicemen's Club                      Deadbeats

Station Lytham                                            Manc Floyd

14th February Sunday

Waterloo Pub                                              Roll Back 6-8pm

18th February Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Alto Ego 9.30pm

19th February Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   The Marauders

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Shotglass

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Hooker

The Layton                                                  Tin Pan Alley

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                             The Deal

Station Lytham                                             Electro 80's


20th February Saturday

Hanbleton Sports Bar  F'Wood                      Wyreless Acoustic

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Whistle Test

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Jekyll

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Ghost Dancer 9pm

The Layton                                                  Boombox (The Sessions)

New Norcross SC                                         Inciders

Galleon Bar                                                  The Galleonairs 9.30pm (open till 4am dj)              

Gillespies                                                      Happy Daze 9pm         

Washington                                                  Borders of Dawn cancelled. Possible replacement band?

Royal Oak                                                    Glitterballs

Waterloo                                                      The Rockits

Marton Institute                                            Higher Ground

Highfield SC                                                 Full Fat Boogie Band  

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Deal

Toast St Annes                                             One Cent Magenta

Station Lytham                                             The Versions   

21st February Sunday    

Pump & Truncheon                                      Jam Night 7pm

Thursday 25th February          

Royal Oak                                                  Scratch South Shore 7pm £3      

26th February Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                      The Deal

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Cartoon Food

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Free Roll

Gardeners Arms Thornton                             Hooker

The Layton                                                  Quotation UK

Bispham Con Club                                        Shotglass

North Shore S&SC                                       Trident

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Ska Face

Royal Oak                                                    Repeater 9pm 

Waterloo                                                      Bloodyard 8pm

Hampton Road Club                                     Touch the Pearl

Toast St Annes                                             The Versions

27th February Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Borders of Dawn

The Steamer F'Wood                                    Powertrip

Iron Horse Cleveleys                                     April Moon (Full Band)

Golden Eagle Thornton Cleveleys                   Dirty Work

The Venue                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 AC/BC

The Layton                                                  Queenesque

North Shore Sports & SC                              The Versions

The Savoy Hotel                                          Molly's Chamber

Live Lounge                                                 Andy Holt

Pump & Truncheon                                      Trubador

Belle Vue                                                     Rupert Fabulous 9pm

Bloomfield Pub                                             The Deal

Marton Institute                                            Asis
Royal Oak                                                    Collixion  8pm

Waterloo                                                      The Heat

Highfield Pub                                               The Deal

Highfield SC *                                              On the Edge

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 One Cent Magenta

Toast St Annes                                             Electrio   

Vic St Annes                                                 F.U.B.A.R.

Station Tavern Lytham                                  The Jeps

4th March Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                        New Republik                        

The Bug                                                       The Stories

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Company of strangers

Mount Pub Fleetwood                                   The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Versions

Layton                                                         Touch Too Much

Waterloo                          PUNK NIGHT - 4 BANDS Geofrey O!cott Sick 56, Littlebug, The X-Ray Eyes

Farmers Arms                                                On The Edge

Toast St Annes                                             The Secrets

5th March Saturday  

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Borders of Dawn

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  April Moon (Full Band)

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Jeps

The Layton                                                  Brother Rabbit ABR

Genting Casino                                             Star Fish Acoustic Duo

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        The Good Machine

Blackpool Cricket Club                                 The Rattlers 9pm free entry

Pump & Truncheon                                      Roll Back

Belle Vue                                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak                                                    AC/DC Experience

Waterloo                                                      The Blackaways

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Kazoobian

The Shovels                                                  Rupert Fabulous

Toast St Annes                                              Hush

Station Tavern Lytham                                  The Rockits

Sunday 6th March Sunday

Waterloo                                                      Allen Cartwright 6pm

11th March Friday


Royal Oak            Fag ash Lil

The Steamer         Pink Torpedos


Travellers Rest      Molly's Chamber 

The Venue            Frayed at the Edges  


Castle Gardens -    Blue Pig Orchestra


Layton                   On the Edge

Belle Vue               Deadbeats

Waterloo       Sin Circus + Avarius + Black Eddy 9pm

Stanley Ward  Club  -  Higher Ground

St Annes 

Toast                   - Trident

12th March Saturday


Steamer       -      Captain's Crew

Royal Oak Dead'uns - Fag Ash Lil


The Venue    -     Rupert Fabulous


Layton                 Hooker

Genting Casino      April moon (Duo)

The Live Lounge - Borders of Dawn

Washington            On the Edge

Pump & Truncheon - Ball & Chain Band

Belle Vue                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak                 Higher Ground

Waterloo                   Metaleeka (Farewell tour)

Marton Institute         The Deal

Highfield Social Club   Rockorama

Stanley Ward Club - Twelve Paces

St Annes

Toast                    Bob On


Station Tavern   Kazoobian

13th March Sunday

Waterloo                - Billy No Mates 6pm

16th March Wednesday

The Fairhaven     - The Scuttlebugs 8.30pm

17th March Thursday - Saint Patrick's Day 

Washington         - Scuttlebugs 2pm

Royal Oak           - Scuttlebugs 4pm

Waterloo             - Scuttlebugs 5.30pm

Marton Institute    -McAlpines Fusiliers All welcome (Small donation)

Toast St Annes    - Scuttlebugs 8pm

18th March Friday


Royal Oak      - Whistle Test

The Steamer    -Mod Life

The Venue       - Glitterballs


Layton             -Free roll

Raikes Hall      -April Moon (Full band)

Brannigans       -The Heat

St Annes

The Fairhaven  - Scuttlebugs 6pm

Toast                 The Rattlers

19th March Saturday


The Steamer     - The Deal


The Venue        - Bob On


Layton               - Chique

Cricket club        - Joe Publix

No4                   - Brother Rabbit

Brun Grove WMC  - Inciders (Ska/ Reggae)

Pump & Truncheon - Night Train

Marton Institute   - Andy Holt

Royal Oak         - Quotation UK

The Star     - 7pm Reopening Night - Lionel Vinyl DJ

The Star        9.30pm Rupert Fabulous 

Highfield SC *   - Blue Pig Orchestra

Stanley Ward Club - The Coustics

St Annes

Toast                 -New Republik

Cricket Club       - Joe Publix

Shillaylee Bar     - Scuttlebugs 9pm


Station Tavern  - Off the Rails

20th March Sunday

Waterloo      - The Blue Horizon 9pm

24th March Thursday

Grapevine Poulton            - ARK Band with Andy Hall & Stevie Gregg 9.30pm

Royal Oak      - Scratch South Shore  7pm £3

Farmers Arms - On the Edge + guests - Paul Darren's 50th

25th March Good Friday

Steamer Fleetwood          - Roll Back

North Euston  Fleetwood  - Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak  Fleetwood     - The Fuse

The Venue Cleveleys      - On the Edge

Old Town Hall Poulton   - New Republik

The Layton                    -The Versions

North Shore WMC         - The Heat

Malloys                          The Coustics

Brannigans *                   F.U.B.A.R

Waterloo                      - Atmospherics + Jake McRae & The What Went Wrongs.9pm

Highfield SC*               - Rupert Fabulous 7pm fundraising ticket event

Jacks Bar St Annes      -  Wyreless Acoustic

Station Tavern Lytham  -Touch the Pearl

26th March Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood     -Monkberry

Fleetwood Town FC         - Ska Face

The Venue Cleveleys         -The Secrets

The Bay Horse Cleveleys  -The Versions

Cleveleys WMC (Top Club) - Rockorama

Old Town Hall Poulton    -Dirty Work

New Norcross SC            -Molly's Chamber

Layton                            -The Rockits

Zanders Bispham             - Shotglass

Genting Casino                - Brother Rabbit

Uncle Toms Cabin           - New Republik

Clarence                         - Starfish (Acoustic Duo)

Pump & Truncheon         -Great Tune Robbery

Belle Vue                       - Monster Squad

Royal Oak                      - Powertrip

Waterloo                        - Elektrio

Marton Institute              - Trident

Highfield Pub                  -Twelve Paces

Stanley Ward Con Club   -Touch the Pearl

The Shovels                  - On the Edge

Lord Derby St Annes       The Coustics

Toast St Annes                Rupert Fabulous 10pm

Station Tavern Lytham  - Full Fat Boogie Band

27th March - Easter Sunday

The Steamer   Fleetwood      - Hooker Cancelled

Dockers  Fleetwood             - Ska Face

Stanley Park Bandstand       - Noches de Salsa 1-5pm

+ Friends of Stanley Park    - Easter Fair + Bike coding 12-3pm

Royal Oak                           -cancelled

Waterloo                            - Vice Squad + Pink Hearse 5.30 - 9pm

The Star                               Glitterballs 10pm

Ex Servicemen's Club St Annes    - Full Fat Boogie Band

Toast St Annes                       - The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham        -Deadbeats

31st March Thursday

Waterloo                     New-    Jam Night (house band support, hosted by Dennis Duxbury) - all welcome 8pm

1st April Friday

The Venue Cleveleys          - Free Roll

Layton                               - Riff Raff

Brannigans *                       -Deadbeats

Waterloo                           - The Threads 9pm

The Star                              The Heat

2nd April Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood      -Molly's Chamber + Support - Outside Influence

The Venue Cleveleys          - The Good Machine

Layton                                - Monkberry

Genting Casino                    Wyreless Acoustic

Gillespies                            Smokin' Monkey 9pm

Royal Oak                        - Rupert Fabulous

Waterloo                          Laura Catlow  & guests 7-12pm  (Louise Distras cancelled)

The Star                             One Cent Magenta (Chique + full band) 10pm

Stanley Ward Con Club       AC/DC Experience 9pm

The Links                           The Deal

Toast St Annes                    Shotglass

Stanley Park Visitor Centre  - Twelfth Night Shakespeare 2pm Free Entry

3rd April Sunday

Gillespies                           Billy Nomates 2-4pm

Waterloo                            Roll Back 6-8pm

Farmers Arms                    Paul Darran 8pm

7th April Thursday

Grapevine Poulton              ARK Andrew Hall & Stevie Gregg

8th April Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood          Blackwater Blues Band

The Steamer                      A Band of Gypsies

Travellers Rest Cleveleys    The Deal

The Venue Cleveleys          The Rattlers

Layton                               Rock of Ages

Brannigans *                      The Coustics Band

Marton Institute                  The Heat 1-2 pm Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                            Borders of Dawn 9pm

The Star                             Deadbeats 10pm

Toast St Annes                   Electrio

Jacks Bar St Annes             The Scoundrels

9th April 2016  Saturday           

Kings Arms Fleetwood          Higher Ground

The Venue Cleveleys            The Reform (6 piece band from Manchester)

Genting Casino                     Glen Tortolano

Uncle Toms Cabin                Lioness (full band)- Amy Winehouse Experience

The Clarence                       Wyreless Acoustic

Scruffy Murphys                  Coustics (Duo) 3pm & 9pm

Belle Vue                            Cancelled

Winter Gardens                    Jazz & Blues Festival - Brother Rabbit +++

Washington                         The Deal      

Brun Grove                         Smooth chalk              

Royal Oak                           5th Element

Waterloo                             The Good Machine

The Star                              Railermania (formerly Off the Rails) 10pm

Stanley Ward Con Club        F.U.B.A.R.

Lytham Tavern                    Soulvation

10th April Sunday

Winter Gardens                  Jazz & Blues Festival Fogpocket +++

Gillespies                            Black Frog 2-4pm

Waterloo                            Last Great Dreamers + Related to Lions - doors 7pm

15th April Friday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                    

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Freebird

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Keytars

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              Paul Darren

Layton                                                        Tin Pan Alley

No 3                                                           The Heat

Galleon Bar                                                 Mike yaylor & the Galleonairs

Brannigans* (Entry charge)                           Blue Pig Orchestra             

Ardwick                                                      Fogpocket

Waterloo                                                     Montagu

The Star                                                      Higher Ground

Farmers Arms                                              Allen Cartwright

Lord Derby St Annes                                    Deadbeats

Toast St Annes                                             Keytars

Station Lytham                                             Free Roll

16th April Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood             The Deal

The Steamer                            Bob On

The Venue Cleveleys                The Cobras

Old Town Hall Poulton             The Heat

The Layton                              The Method

Genting Casino                         The Coustics (Duo)

No 4                                        Brother Rabbit ABR 9pm

Galleon Bar                              Monster Squad Acoustic

Washington                               Bartender

The George                              Twelve Paces

Belle Vue                                 Rupert Fabulous CANCELLED

Marton Institute                        Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak                                Sin Circus 9pm

Waterloo                                  English Electro

Hampton Road SC                    Rockorama

The Star                                   Borders of Dawn 10pm

The Highfield                            Free Roll

Stanley Ward Con Club*            Power trip

The Vic St Annes                      Touch the Pearl 8pm       

Station Tavern Lytham               Dirty Work

17th April Sunday

Waterloo                                   Blues night - John Carroll, Keith Ganden, Geof Pearson 6-9pm

22nd April Friday

Hambleton Sports & SC                               Blue Pig Orchestra

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Company of strangers

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Ark

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Quotation

Golden Eagle Thornton                                 Genie

The Layton                                                  The Heat (Lounge Bar)

Ramsden Arms                                             Star Fish Acoustic Duo

Brannigans *                                                Don't Panic Band

Waterloo                                                      The Blackaways

The Star                                                       AC/BC

Olive Tree St Annes                                       Coustics (Duo)

Jacks Bar st Annes                                        Keytars

Toast St Annes                                             Nikki Fallows

23rd April Saturday - St Georges Day

The Steamer Fleetwood                                  Tony Auton

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                    Smokin' Monkey

Windy Harbour Holiday Park                          Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Alibi

Castle Gardens Poulton                                 The Deadbeats

Layton                                                          Rupert Fabulous (Concert Room)

Genting Casino                                              The Scoundrels

North Pier (Beer Festival)                              Coustics Band

The Clarence                                                Starfish (Acoustic Duo)     

Belle Vue                                                     The Heat 

Royal Oak                   Brian's Birthday bash  On the Edge 9.30 Free Entry 

The Star                                                       QueenEsque       

Waterloo                                                    Millie Manders, Alpha State of Mind, and Cosmic Slop - Doors 7pm

Highfield SC                                                 April Moon

Toast                                                           Touch the Pearl

Station Lytham                                             New Republik

24th April Sunday

North Pier Beer Festival                                Coustics (Duo)

Waterloo                                                      Bandeoke 3-5pm + House Band & On the Edge 6pm

28th April Thursday

Winter Gardens Empress Ballroom *              Status Quo £41.25 inc fees

Silantro St Annes                                          April Moon (Duo)

29th April Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Midnight Johnny

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Cleveleys                 Blue Pig Orchestra

Layton                                                         Sessions aka Boombox

Bispham Con Club                                        AIM

Brannigans *                                                The Deal

Revolution *                                                 Bob On

Royal Oak                                                    Insanity Beach

Waterloo                                                      Borders of Dawn

Farmers Arms                                               Rockorama

The Star                                                       Boxwood

Toast St Annes                                             The Heat

Fifteens St Annes                                          PJ

Jack's Bar                                                     Wireless Acoustic

Lytham Tavern                                             Railermania 9.45

30th April Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  The Stories (Punk)

The Steamer                                                 Flashback (Duo)

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Contraband

Old Town Hall Poulton                                  Molly's Chamber

Layton                                                          F.U.B.A.R.

Boars Head                                                   Bob On!

The Squirrel Bispham                                    Bartender

Belle Vue                                                     AC/BC 

Clarence                                                       Scoundrels

Marton Institute                                            Glitterballs

Royal Oak                                                    The Heat

Waterloo Pub                                               Twelve Paces TBC

The Star                                                       DePalma

Highfield SC                                                 Don't Panic Band

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Rattlers

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Coustics Band

1st May Sunday

North Euston Fleetwood                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Hooker

Golden Ball Poulton                                      Thistle

Marton Institute                                            Equinox - Pink Floyd Tribute *Tickets

The Star                                                       On the Edge

Cricket Club St Annes                                   Full Fat Boogie Band     

2nd May BH Monday

Farmers Arms                                               Billy No Mates

6th May Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Bluesblasters

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Deaf & Glory

The Layton                                                  English Electro

Xanders Bispham                                          Free Roll  

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Full Fat Boogie Band

Waterloo  Gigs at Waterloo subject to change at short notice  Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

Brannigans *                                                The Rattlers

The Star                                                       The Deal

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Shovels                                                        Deadbeats

Fifteens St Annes                                          Charlotte Lily

Toast St Annes                                             Higher Ground

7th May Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Two Stroke Diesel

Old Town Hall Poulton                                  Borders of Dawn

The Venue Cleveleys                                     The Deal

Gardeners Arms                                             Don't Panic

Old Town Hall Poulton                                  Borders of Dawn

The Squirrel Bispham                                    Bartender 9pm

The Layton                                                  The Rattlers

Genting Casino                                             Keytars (Duo)

Brun Grove                                                   Silverstone

Belle Vue                                                      DePalma

The Star                                                       Glitterballs

Waterloo Subject to change at short notice         Cheap Suits.10:00-11:00 Amy's Winehouse. 9:00-Cosmic Slop 8:00-Dirty Work 7:00-Atmospherics 6:00-The Cracked 5:00

Stanley Ward Con club                                  The Versions

Toast St Annes                                             One cent Magenta

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Ska Face

8th May Sunday

Gillespies                                                      Billy No Mates 2-4pm

Waterloo                                                      Touching Cloth (duo) 6pm

11th May Wednesday

Galleon Bar                                                  Dom Corcoran

12th May Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                        Andrew Hall Open Mike

Galleon Bar                                                  Dom Corcoran

13th May Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Chique

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Monkberry

Layton                                                         Quotation UK

Galleon                                                         Mike taylor & the Galeonairs

The Hop                                                      AC/BC

Waterloo  Gigs at Waterloo subject to change at short notice   Cancelled

Toast St Annes                                             Molly's Chamber    

The Links St Annes                                       Borders of Dawn

14th May Saturday

Highbury at Fleetwood FC                              Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                         Counterparts (Rush Tribute)

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                   Borders of Dawn

Windy Harbour Caravan Park                         Keytars

The Venue Cleveleys                                      The GoBots

Old Town Hall Poulton                                   Free Roll

The Layton                                                   Kudos

Galleon                                                          Luke Neptune

Gillespies                                                       On the Edge

Brun Grove WMC                                         New Republik

Belle Vue                                                      The Deal

Royal Oak                         AC/DC experience cancelled

Waterloo                                                        Dirty Work

The Star                                                       Brother Rabbit

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Elektrio

Toast St Annes                                              Chique

Station Lytham                                             The Heat

15th May Sunday

Waterloo                                                      Allen Cartwright 6pm

Galleon bar                                                   Kim Markhand + guest singers.

16th May Monday

Galleon bar                                                   Open Mic with Neal Thompson

17th May Tuesday

Galleon bar                                                   Neal Thompson

18th May Wednesday

Galleon bar                                                   Dom Corcoran

19th May Thursday

Galleon bar                                                   Dom Corcoran

20th May Friday

North Euston F'wood      Charity Event          Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Queenesque

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Keytars

Travellers Rest                                              On the Edge

Old Town Hall Poulton - Herofest                  New Republik, Don't Panic

The Layton                                                   Bob On

Galleon bar                                                   Mike Taylor & the Galleonairs

Waterloo                                                      Shotglass

The Star                                                       Free roll

Fifteens St Annes                                          Ook & the Elephant

Toast St Annes                                             Kazoobian

Station Tavern                                              Electro 80's

21st May Saturday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 Sin after Sin

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Hooker

Little Theatre Thornton                                 Pink Floydian

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Kudos

The Layton                                                  The Rockits

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        New Republik

Genting Casino                                             April Moon (Duo)

Galleon bar                                                   Luke Neptune

Gillespies                                                      Night Train / Tin Pan Alley ??

Washington                                                  Borders of Dawn

Bloomfield Brewhouse                                  Deadbeats

Belle Vue                                                     Smokin' Monkey

Marton Institute                                            Electro 80's

Royal Oak                                     Free Roll cancelled

Waterloo                                                      DePalma

The Star                                                       Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Club                                        Brother Rabbit 9pm

The Vic St Annes                                          Molly's Chamber   

Toast St Annes                                             Coustics

22nd May Sunday

Waterloo                                                      Roll Back

Galleon bar                                                   Kim Markhand + guest singers.

23rd May Monday

Galleon bar                                                   Open Mic with Neal Thompson

24th May Tuesday

Galleon bar                                                   Neal Thompson

25th May Wednesday

Galleon bar                                                   Dom Corcoran

26th May Thursday

Galleon bar                                                   Willy Fluss & Guests

Waterloo                                                      Doomsday Outlaw

 Portofino's Restaurant, Lytham                     Brother Rabbit ABR 8pm

27th May Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    The Method

Steamer                                                        Hooker

Kings Arms                                                   Free roll

The Bug Fleetwood                                       The Deal

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                       Blue Pig Orchestra - Beer Festival

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Elektrio

Golden Eagle Thornton                      Eaglefest   Rupert Fabulous

Layton                                                          Higher Ground

North Shore Sports & SC                               Electro 80's

No3 Pub                                                       Alibi

Galleon bar                                                   Monster Squad Acoustic

Brannigans *                                                 Molly's Chamber

Royal Oak                                                     no bands till further notice

Waterloo                                                       Fogpocket

The Star                                                       Venezuela Venezuela 10pm

Lord Derby St Annes                                     Deadbeats

Jacks Bar St Annes                                        Keytars (Full Band)

Toast St Annes                                              New Republik

28th May Saturday

Strawberry Gardens Fleetwood                      The Alley Cats - Beer Festival

Steamer                                                        Whistletest

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Free Roll

Knot End WMC                                           Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Jekyll

Golden Eagle Thornton                                 Eaglefest Elektrio, Atmospherics Kudos-5pm

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Don't Panic

The Layton                                                  Brother Rabbit

Royal Oak                                      The Deal cancelled

The Star                                                       Collixion 10pm

Stanley Ward SC                                           Kiss Da Beat

Highfield SC                                                 The Heat

Shovels                                                        Touch the Pearl

Toast St Annes                                             Monster Squad

29th May Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                         Irish Session

Golden Eagle Thornton Eaglefest                    Borders of Dawn + New Republik + Molly's Chamber

Golden Ball Poulton                                      Thistle

Star                                                              Rock of Ages 10pm

Waterloo                                                       Roll Back (Duo)

Stanley Ward SC                                           The Heat

Olive Tree St annes                                        Keytars (Duo)

30th May Monday

Farmers Arms                                               Paul Darran 4-6pm

3rd June Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       MaccaRamBa

The Venue                                                   Alibi

Travellers Rest Thornton                               James Luke 9pm

Layton                                                         Riff Raff

Royal Oak                                                   cancelled

Waterloo                                                      Alpha State of Mind, Boredom, Sunken, doors 7pm

Star                                                              F.U.B.A.R 10pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Billy NoMates

Toast St Annes                                             Star Fish Acoustic Duo

Bar Fifteens St Annes                                    Nathan Tonge & Ben Ibbotson

Vic St Annes                                                 The Versions

4th June Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  April Moon (Full band)

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Sonic Jam

Zanders Bispham                                          Molly's Chamber

Layton                                                         Hooker

Genting Casino                                             Brother Rabbit 8pm

Uncle Tom's Cabin                                        Electro 80's

Belle Vue                                                     Monster Squad

Waterloo                                                      New Republik + Joni Fuller

Star                                                              Powertrip 10pm

Highfield SC                                                 Glitterballs Glam Rock

Toast St Annes                                             Montagu

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Free Roll

5th June Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Irish Session

Stanley Park Bandstand                                New Republik + Monster Squad + Chique 1- 4.30pm

Yates South                                                 Guiding Light acoustic Duo 2pm

Waterloo Gigs at Waterloo subject to change at short notice  PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES + SUPPORT 5.30 to 9.30

Hampton Road SC                                        Gambler (Duo) Country & Western*

9th June Thursday

Galleon Bar                                                Owen Holt 8pm

10th June Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Trident

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Champagne Nippers

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Secrets

Travellers Rest Thornton                              Collixion

Layton                                                        Martini Blonde Partyband

Norbreck Bowling & Tennis Club                 The Versions

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Full Fat Boogie Band

Hampton Road SC                                       The Deal

The Star                                                      The Tracks  10pm

Toast St Annes                                             On the Edge

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

11th June Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Cheating Hearts

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Versions

Layton                                                        Kazoobian

Genting Casino                                            Starfish Acoustic Duo

Royal Oak                               Tin Pan    ll  Cancelled

Marton Institute                                           April Moon (Full band)

Waterloo                          Folk -  Troubador, Cartoom Food, The Sail Pattern, The Blackaways  Free entry 7PM

Hampton Road SC *                                    Flashback (Duo)

Star                                                             The Rockitts

Highfield SC                                                The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club*                              Twelve Paces

The Shovels                                                 Rupert Fabulous

Toast St Annes                                             Saraban

The Links                                                     Collixion

Lytham Tavern                                             Heavy Sol band

12th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                               1pm Spectral Rebel, then Bob On (Bob Marley)

Waterloo                            Folk - Phantom Voices, Ben Welham & Cellia Briar

Hampton Road SC                                       George Mackintosh (Western)

Farmers Arms                                              On the Edge 8-11pm

16th June Thursday

North Pier                                                   The Coustics 4pm

17th June Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   The Power 3    

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Free Roll

The Venue Cleveleys                                   The Rattlers

Layton                              ICAN Party from 6pm  AC/DC Experience 9.30pm

The Hop                                                      The Deal

The Galleon                                                  Monster Squad Acoustic

Waterloo                                                       Red Watts

The Star                                                       The Coustics 10pm

Toast St Annes                                             The Secrets

Silantro St Annes                                           April Moon Duo

18th June Saturday

North Euston Hotel Fleetwood                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Don't Panic

The Mount                                                   The Deal

Kings Arms                                                  Hush

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Dirty Work

Bay Horse                                                    Borders of Dawn 9pm

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The Coustics 10pm

Golden Ball Poulton                                      Venezuela Venezuela

Layton                                                         Power Trip

The Galleon                                                  Mike Taylor & The Galleonairs

Gillespies                                                      Night Train

Brun Grove                                                  Wyreless Acoustic

Waterloo                                                      Electrio

The Star                                                      Hooker 10pm

Halfway House                                             Juicy© - Rock pop band

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 April Moon Full Band

St Annes CC                                                Full Fat Boogie Band

Toast St Annes                                             DePalma

Station Lytham                                             The Versions  

19th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                 Touch the Pearl  & guests 1 - 4pm CANCELLED due to forecast rain.

The Galleon                                                  Kim Markham & Guest Singers 

20th June Monday

The Star                                                       Billy NoMates (After match)

21st June Tuesday

Galleon Bar                                                 Neal Thompson

22nd June Wednesday

Galleon Bar                                                 Dom Corcoran

23rd June Thursday

Galleon Bar                                                 Luke Neptune

24th June Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Cartoon Food

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Fogpocket

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Thornton                Blue Pig Orchestra

Eagle & Child                                               Indi Trix

Layton                                                          A Touch Too Much (Guitar Duo)

Galleon Bar                                                  Monster Squad Acoustic

Brannigans                                                    Electro 80's

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Higher Ground

Waterloo                                                      The Immediates 4 piece 60's Mod Band 9pm

The Star                                                       The Deal

Toast St Annes                                             The Deadbeats 

Fifteens Bar St Annes                                    Tom Wilson Band

25th June Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Gin Pit

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Juicy©

Iron Horse Thornton                                    The Secrets

New Norcross SC                                         Inciders

The Layton                                                  Rupert Fabulous - Concert Room Free entry

Galleon Bar                                                 Capt Pierre & the Galleonairs

Gillespies                                                     Collixion

Washington                                                  Borders of Dawn  

Belle Vue                                                     Brother Rabbit 9pm

Waterloo                                                      Free Roll

The Star                                                       Molly's Chamber

Highfield SC                                                 The Deal

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Monster Squad 

Toast St Annes                                             Bob On

26th June Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                 Sixth Form College- Rain Forecast - CANCELLED

Gillespies                                                      Paul Darran (Solo singer) 2-4pm

Waterloo                                                       Billy NoMates 6-8pm

1st July Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                        The Deal                                 

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Reform

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 The Versions

The Layton                                                  Dunn and Dusted

Uncle Tom's Cabin                                       Full Fat Boogie Band    

Waterloo                                            Punk Night - 4 Bands - Healthy Junkies, Trioxin Cherry, Featherz, No Thrills. Free Entry 7pm

Hampton Road SC                                        Moonlight (Trio) Rock & Roll

The Star                                                       Electro 80's

Farmers Arms                                               On the edge

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

The Links St Annes                                      The Deadbeats       

Fifteens Bar St Annes                                    Robusta

Toast St Annes                                             Trident  

July 2nd Saturday                     

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Power Trip

Tutefest Wrea Green                                    The Rattlers, Coustics

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Hooker

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Night train

Gillespies                                                      On the edge

Brun Grove                                                  DePalma

Royal Oak                                      Lauren Hope Vocalist + Comedy Ricky Lane from 9pm Free Entry


The Star                                                       The Power 3

Farmers Arms Charity Day                             8 local acts

Highfield SC                                                 Borders of Dawn

Shovels                                                        Electrio

Toast St Annes                                             Smooth Chalk

3rd July Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                 Rupert Fabulous 1pm (Motorcycle Show Italian Gardens 11-4pm)

Waterloo                                                       On the Edge 6pm

8th July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Shotglass    

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Monkberry

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Quotation UK

Cleveleys Con Club                                       The Secrets

The Layton                                                   Chique

Brannigans  *                                                The Versions

Ardwick                                                        Borders of Dawn

The Star                                                       Full Fat Boogie Band

Toast St Annes                                             Keytars

Dalmeny Hotel St Annes                                The Coustics  8.30 (Duo)

Station Lytham                                            Touch the Pearl

9th July Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Fagash Lil

The Steamer Fleetwood                                The Blackaways

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Alibi

Layton                            ( Family Fun Day)  Twelve Paces 9.30pm

The Clarence                                                Starfish Acoustic Duo

Gillespies                                                      The Deal

Belle Vue                                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Marton Institute                                            Higher Ground

Waterloo                                                      Rupert Fabulous

The Star                                                       AC/DC Experience

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Monkberry

Toast St Annes                                             Borders of Dawn

Lord Derby                                                  The Coustics (Full Band)

10th July Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Guardian Concert Band

14th July Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                      Jeanie & the Tonics 9pm

15th July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   A Band of Gypsies

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Hooker

The Bug Fleetwood                                      The Stories Punk

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Free Roll

Travellers Edge                                            On the Edge

The Layton                                                  Smokin' Monkeys

Claremont Con Club                                     Borders of Dawn (Charity Event)

Brannigans*                                                The Coustics (Full Band)

Waterloo                                                     Cartoon food

The Star                                                      The Heat

Toast St Annes                                            The Versions

Bar Fifteen                                                   The Yard Dogs

The Shillaylee Bar St Annes                          The Midnight Johnny Trio 9pm

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Deadbeats

Fifteens Bar St Annes                                    The Yard Dogs

16th July Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Borders of Dawn

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Old Town hall Poulton                                  AC/BC

Albion Bispham                                           On the Edge

The Layton                                                   Fu Fighters

North Pier Merrie England                             The Coustics (Full Band)

No 4                                                             Brother Rabbit

Marton Institute                                            Chique

Waterloo                                                     Good Machine

The Star                                                       The Method

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Sonic Jam

Toast St Annes                                             Shotglass

The Vic St Annes                                          Free Roll

Station Lytham                                             Electrio

17th July Tram Sunday Fleetwood

Steamer  Fleetwood                                       Eddie D 2pm

The Bug Fleetwood                                       Luke Neptune acoustic set 1pm

The Dockers                                                 Atmospherics 6pm, DJ Karl Griffiths 8.30- 2.00am

Jean Stansfield Park Poulton                          VenezuelaVenezuela

Stanley Park Bandstand                                 Choir festival 1pm

Waterloo                                                      Touching Cloth 6-8pm

22nd July Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Company of Strangers  

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Lewis

Wrea Green Institute                                     Ska Face* (Tickets)

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Secrets

Claremont Con club                                     Molly's Chamber

BisphaM Con Club                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

The Layton                                                  Free Roll

Brannigans                                                   The Deal

Waterloo                                                     Blondied  No 1 Tribute Band  + The Cracked 9pm

The Star                                                      The Manhattans 10pm

Toast St Annes                                             New Republik

St Annes Cricket Club                                  The Joe Publik

23rd July

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Collixion

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Smokin' Monkey

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Brother Rabbit

The Squirrel Bispham                                   Bartender

The Layton                                                 Queenesque (Concert Room)

Brun Grove WMV                                       The Soundcasters

Royal Oak                              Fifth Element Fifth Element cancelled

Belle Vue                                                    AC/BC

Marton Institute                                           Electrio

Waterloo*     Fundraiser - Justice 4 Fans       Heat, DePalma, Cracked, Wisdom from 3pm £5 entry.

Hampton Road SC                                       Rock O Rama

The Star                                                      Night Train

Highfield SC                                                The Coustics (Full Band)

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 On the Edge

St Annes CC                                                Full Fat boogie Band

Toast St Annes                                             The Deal

Station Lytham                                             The Rockitts

24th July Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                            Free Roll, Cadence, Brother Rabbit  1pm to 4.30pm

Gillespies                                                 Andy Holt (afternoon)

29th July Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                    Flashback

Royal Oak - Deaduns Fleetwood                Genie & the Deaduns

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Glitterballs

The Layton                                               Mothers Ruin

North Pier Merrie England                         The Coustics (Full Band)

Bar 19                                                       Hooker

Waterloo                                                   Cold Shot (Blues Rock)

The Star                                                    Shotglass

Farmers Arms                                            RockOrama

Toast St Annes                                           Hush

Fifteens                                                      Free Roll

30th July Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                 Free roll

The Venue Cleveleys                                   TBC

Layton                                                        Montagu

Newton Arms                                              The Secrets

Genting Casino                                             Starfish Acoustic Duo

Imperial Hotel                                              Molly's Chamber

Washington                                                  Bartender

Ardwick                                                       Cheese Puff Death Squad (Rock)

Belle Vue                                                     Touch the Pearl

Waterloo                                                      Smokin' Monkey

The Star                                                       Borders of Dawn

Halfway House                                            James Luke

Highfield Pub                                               The Deal

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Electro 80's

Toast St Annes                                             Rupert Fabulous

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Coustics (Full Band)

31st July Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Kudos & Friends 1 - 4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    One Way System (Punk Band) 6-10pm

St Annes Music Fest Ashton Gdns                The Coustics (Full Band)

4th August Thursday    

The Hop                                                     Punk Weekend Bands from 7pm free Entry                            

5th August Friday - Rebellion Festival Winter Gardens

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    The Method

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Poundstone

Bay Horse Thornton                                     Venezuela Venezuela

Layton                                                         The Tracks

Old Town Hall                                             New Republik

The Hop                                                     Punk Weekend Bands from 7pm free Entry

Galleon Bar                                                  Acoustic Rebellion After show from 8pm

Ned Kellys, Clifton Street                             The Rattlers

Brannigans                                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                                     Billy Nomates

Star                                                             Collixion

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Chique

Toast St Annes                                             Bill NoMates

6th August Saturday  - Rebellion Festival Winter Gardens

Kings Arms Fleetwood                               The Section

Broadwater caravan Park                            Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Tracks

Layton                                                      Joe Marcel and the Sweet Aspirations

The Clarence                                             The Deal

The Tache *                                              Ska Face (Rebellion Fringe) £5 tickets 2pm

The Hop                                                    Punk Weekend Bands from 7pm free Entry

Gallleon Bar                                               Captain Pierre & the Galleonairs

Gillespies                                                    Night Train

Waterloo                                                    Twelve Paces

The Star                                                     Dirty Work

Toast St Annes                                            Elektrio

1st to 7th August Monday

Lytham Festival *                                         Lemar Stg 2, Nina Conti Pavillion         

7th August Sunday - Rebellion Festival Winter Gardens

Stanley Park Bandstand                                 The Deal, The Ask, & Friends  1pm

The Hop                                                     Punk Weekend Bands from 7pm free Entry

Townsman, Topping St                                 The System

Claremont Conservative Club                         Lioness, Free roll, Molly's Chamber etc etc from Noon
12-12:45 UKE JOINT

14-14:45 COLLISION
16:00-18:00 ACOUSTIC ACTS - Zoe Davies- Neil Edwards-Tom Witham, Krazy Horse
18-18:45 FUBAR
19-19:45 THE DEAL
20-20:45 ROLL BACK
21-22:00 LIONESS
22:00-23:00 BANDIT - Indoors

Farmers Arms                                               Bill NoMates 8pm

11th August  Thursday

Galleon Bar                                   Luke Neptune

12th August Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Sonic Jam Project

The Steamer                                                 Keytars

The Venue Cleveleys                                     Jekyll

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                               Molly's Chamber

Layton                                                          Fluid Rock (Duo)

Waterloo                                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Toast St Annes                                             One Cent Magenta

Bar Fifteens  St Annes                                   Collixion

13th August Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  April Moon (Full Band)

Steamer                                                        Eddie P's Elvis show

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Hooker

Layton                                                           Bleeding' Riffs

Norbreck Tennis & Bowling Club                    Brother Rabbit 9pm

Washington                                                    The Deal

No4                                                              Starfish

Belle Vue                                                      Shotglass

Waterloo                                                       Soulvation

Star                                                               After Hours Blues band

Stanley Ward Con Club                                  Higher Ground

Toast St Annes                                              The Rattlers

Vic St Annes                                                  Molly's Chamber

Station Tavern Lytham                                   Manc Floyd free entry -(b4 9pm to avoid disappointment!!)

14th August Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand       -    The Shard, Genie, Whistle Test, Venezuela Venezuela, 1pm to 4.30pm

Gillespies                                                     Billy NoMates 2-4pm

15th August Monday

Galleon Bar                                                 Simone Craddock (Jazz Blues)

19th August Friday

Royal Oak  Fleetwood                                  Wayne Carrick Band

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Monkberry

Layton                                                          English Electro

The Hop                                                      The Heat

Branigans*                                                   The Glitterballs

Waterloo                                                      Plant and Taylor

The Star                                                      Happy Daze

Toast St Annes                                             Hooker - Cancelled Venue Closed

20th August Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Borders of Dawn

Highbury Club Fleetwood FC                        Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Deal

North Shore Sports & SC                              Monster Squad

Norbreck Castle                                  Tattoo Convention    AC/BC

Waterloo                                                      Red Watts

The Star                                                       Don't Panic

Highfield SC                                                 Rockorama

Stanley Ward Con club                                  The Rattlers

Toast St Annes                                             Touch the Pearl Cancelled Venue Closed

Vic St Annes                                                 2 of Us - G J Smith Roy Acton

Lytham Station Tavern                                  Brother Rabbit 9pm

21st August Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Maiden Lancashire, Raven, Borders of Dawn, Powertrip 1pm

25th August Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                  The Deadbeats

Grapevine Poulton                                      Jeannie & the Tonics 9pm

26th August Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Flying Scot Skiffle Team

The Venue Cleveleys                                    On the Edge

Layton                                                        Touch too Much (duo)

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Full Fat Boogie Band

Brannigans *                                               Electro80's

Marton Institute, Oxford Square                   Booming 8pm (Beer Festival) Free entry

Waterloo                                                     Sin Circus

The Star                                                      Free Roll

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Vineyard

27th August Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Two Stroke Diesel

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Kudos

The Venue Cleveleys                                    DePalma

Genting Casino                                             Brother Rabbit ABR 8pm

Layton                                                         Glitterballs

Washington                                                  Borders of Dawn

Brun Grove WMC                                        Inciders

Belle Vue                                                     Monster Squad

Marton Institute                                            Ska Face 2.30pm to 4pm. Touch the Pearl 8pm- free entry (Beer/ Music Festival

Waterloo                                                      Immediates

Hampton Road SC                                        Joe Marcel (Elvis Tribute)

The Star                                                       Full Fat Boogie Band

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Sounds Live

The Highfield Pub                                        Borders of Dawn

The Links                                                     The Reazon

28th August Sunday

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Hooker

Dockers Fleetwood                                      The Jeps 7pm (+dj till 2am)

Grapevine Poulton                                       John Banks 9.45pm

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Soul in the Park 1pm + Classic Car Show from 11am

Marton Institute                                           The Heat 3pm & 8pm (Beer Festival) Free Entry

Waterloo                                                     Graham Ingledew as Elvis 7 to 9pm                   

Highfield SC                                                 Rupert Fabulous Charity event £6 inc pie supper

The Star                                                      Glitterballs

29th August Monday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Bad Moon, Mod Life Crisis, Cartoon Food 1pm

30th August Tuesday - Ride the lights

The Star                                                    Black Frog (On the Edge minus drummer)9.30pm

1st September Thursday    

Grapevine Poulton                                      Caroline Lowe

2nd September Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood                                 QueenEsque

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                     Freebird

North Euston, Strawberry, Bug, Queens etc    Fleetwood Folk & Blues Weekend           

The Venue                                                   Venezuela Venezuela    

Layton                                                         On the Edge

Merrie England Bar N.Pier                             The Coustics 10pm

Brannigans                                                    Deadbeats             

Waterloo                                                      Hung like Hanratty  Support from  The New Subterraneans,Fat Albert,Stubborn Bastards

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Electrio

Toast St Annes                                             Higher Ground  Cancelled Venue Closed

3rd September Saturday

North Euston, Strawberry, Bug, Queens etc    Fleetwood Folk & Blues Weekend      

Kings Arms   Fleetwood                               The Atmospherics

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Northern Soul

Cleveleys WMC Top Club                            Rockorama

Old Town Hall Poulton                                The Coustics 10pm

Norbreck Tennis & Bowling Club                 Chique

Layton                                                        Joe Marcel Touch of Elvis

Squirrel Bispham                                          Bartender

Zanders Bispham                                         Shotglass

Genting casino                                             April Moon (Duo)

Brun Grove                                                 Borders of Dawn

Belle Vue                                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

Waterloo                                                      Electrio

Star                                                           Alibi

Stanley Ward Con Club                               AC/DC Experience

The Links                                                  The Deal

Station Tavern Lytham                                Ska Face

4th September Sunday

North Euston, Strawberry, Bug, Queens etc    Fleetwood Folk & Blues Weekend      

North Euston                                               Joni Fuller 7pm

Stanley Park Bandstand                               Brother Rabbit & Martini Blonde 1-4.30pm

Waterloo                                                    On the Edge 6-8pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Charity Event  Courtney Paige, etc 2-4pm

8th September  Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                        Vendetta

9th September Friday

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Electrio

Travellers Rest                                              The Deal

Layton                                                         Tin Pan Alley

Grovenor Casino                                           Electro80's

North Pier                                                    The Coustics

Bootleg                                                        Senton Bomb

Star                                                             Kazoobian

10th September Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Sin after Sin (Classic Hard Rock/ Metal)

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Sonic Jam

Old Town Hall Poulton                                The Deal

The Squirrel                                                Don't Panic

Layton                                                        Earthling Society + Guests Klaut

Waterloo                                                    AC/BC

The Star                                                     The Rattlers

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Brother Rabbit

Highfield SC                                                Full Fat boogie Band

Station Tavern                                             Bob On

11th September Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Kazoobian + The Monikers + Dipping Skinny

16th September

The Steamer Fleetwood                                Don't panic

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Midnight Johnny

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Contraband

Layton                                                         Into the Void (Black Sabbath)

North Pier                                                    The Coustics (free entry) - After fireworks

Bootleg Social                                              Indie Night - Tuscan Sun, The Lonely Valentines and Shards

Belle Vue                                                     Ska Face

Waterloo                                                      Rupert Fabulous

Star                                                              Genie 10pm

Stanley Ward                                                Electrio

17th September Saturday

North Euston Hotel  Fleetwood                     Glitterballs

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                  Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Bob On

North Shore Golf Club                                  Rockorama

New Road Inn, Talbot Road                           Bosh Claret

Gillespies                      Pub Closed?              Night Train

Winter Gardens*                                          AC/BC

Layton                                                        The Secrets

Tiffanys Hotel                                             Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

Bloomfield Pub                                            Kazoobian 8pm

Belle Vue                                                     The Heat

Marton Institute                                           The Deal

Waterloo                                                      Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars

The Star                                                      Collixion

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Powertrip

Shovels                                                        Rupert Fabulous

Station Tavern Lytham                                Railermania

18th September Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Twelve Paces

Gillespies                       cancelled              Billy NoMates 2-4pm

Waterloo                                                     On the Edge 6-8pm

Farmers Arms                                              On the Edge 9-11pm

22nd September Thursday

Tiffanys Hotel                                             Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

23rd September

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Backwater Blues Band

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Bad Moon

The Layton                                                  The Rattlers

The Venue                                                   Glitterballs

Galleon Bar                                                  Mike Taylor & the Galleonairs

Brannigans*                                                  Don't Panic

Waterloo                                                      Blaney + Atmospherics

The Star                                                      The Manhattans

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Deadbeats

24th September Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                         Bad Moon

Venue Cleveleys                                            The Secrets

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Don't Panic

Layton                                                         The Paul McCartney Anthology with Neil Tudor

Genting Casino                                              Starfish

Gillespies                           Tin Pan Alley now at The Pub, Lancaster

Grovenor casino                                           Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

The Star                                                       Charity Music Festival Streetlive

Stanley Ward Con Club                                  The Rockets

The Shovels                                                  The Heat

Station Tavern Lytham                                   Free Roll

25th September Sunday

Stanley Park Bandstand                                Mr Mel's Big Chill, Don't Panic, April Moon


29th September Thursday

Bootleg Social                                                Charity Punk Event 8.30pm £4

30th September Friday

North Shore Sports & SC                               Monster Squad

The Venue Cleveleys                                      Keytars

Town Hall Poulton                                          Kazoobian

Layton                                                           Mothers Ruin

Uncle Toms Cabin                                         The Full Fat Boogie Band (Raving Looney Party comvention)

Catholic Club                                                The Blackaways (Acoustic) Folk Event

Waterloo                                                       Atmospherics, Mad Winter, Jake McRae

The Star                                                        The Siders

St Annes Ex Service Club                                Deadbeats

1st October Saturday

The Mount Pub Fleetwood                            The Deal

Steamer                                                       Tony Mitchell

Windy Harbour Holiday Park                        Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                    The Jeps

Squirrel Bispham                                          Bartender

Tiffanys Hotel                                             Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

The Clarence                                               Starfish

Washington                                                  Amused

Marton Institute                                             Glitterballs

Waterloo                                                       DePalma, Jekyll, Eye the Bonb

The Star                                                       Power Trip

Highfield Pub                                               Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Rupert Fabulous

The links                                                      Borders of Dawn

Station Lytham                                             Touch the Pearl

2nd October Sunday

Waterloo                                                      Dirty Work 3pm, Twelve Paces 6pm

3rd October Monday

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Live Jazz 8pm

6th October Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Key-Tars     


7th October Friday

The Steamer Fleetwood     Musicians against homelessness fest - Bosh Claret

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Blue Pig Orchestra

Golden Eagle Anchorshome                           Blackpool Music Festival

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              On The Edge 9pm

Layton                                                        Riff Raff

Galleon Bar                                                 Blackpool Music festival

Waterloo                                                     Blackpool Music festival Savage Jaw 6pmLitterbug 6.30pmDysphonia 7.00pmClan of Anarchy 7.30pm
                                                             Sick 56 8.15pm Reject Renegades 9.00pm On Trial UK 9.45pmAddictive Philosophy 10.30pm Captain Hotknives 11.15pm

The Star                                                      Joe Satriani Tribute

Stanley Ward Con club                                 The Deadbeats

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Newfangled

8th October Saturday


The Steamer Fleetwood     Musicians against homelessness fest    Mollys Chamber

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Contraband

Golden Eagle Anchorshome                           Blackpool Music Festival

Layton  *                                                     Toyah + Ska Face 8pm Tickets £18 +70p P&P

Galleon Bar                                                 Blackpool Music festival

Winter Gardens  -    Blackpool Music Festival -  Free Entry

12noon - 12.25 Liz Murray & Owain Jones
12.30 - 12.45 Adam Smith
12.50 - 13.05 Joanne Louise Donnely & Stephen Stringer
13.10 - 13.25 Ryan Cregan
13.30 - 14.00 Chris Clancy
14.05 - 14.25 Beth Swan
14.30 - 14.55 Louise Spiteri & Guest
15.00 - 15.45 April Moon
15.50 - 16.25 Jess Allen
16.30 - 17.30 Kim Markham Presents: Bethany Jade : Lauren Hope : Mellisa Miles : Chloe Moyle : Sophie Worsley
17.35 - 18.05 Frank Flynn & Sara Cheston
18.10 - 18.35 Jack Haslam
18.40 - 19.05 Rebecca Roberts
19.10 - 19.40 Stephen Pierre & Guests
19.45 - 20.10 Dom Corcoran
20.15 - 20.30 Busker George
20.35 - 21.00 Neal Thompson & Guests
21.05 - 21.30 Owen Holt
21.35 - 22.00 Lauren Wood

The Star Pub    LAST NIGHT AT THE STAR 2016      Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

Highfield SC                                                 On the Edge

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Blue Pig Orchestra 9pm

Ex Servicemens Club                                    Full Fat boogie Band       

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Jeps    

Blackpool Music Festival 6th to 9th October          


9th October Sunday

The Steamer Fleetwood     Musicians against homelessness fest

Golden Eagle Anchorshome                           Blackpool Music Festival

Galleon Bar                                                 Blackpool Music festival

Winter Gardens                                            Blackpool Music Festival - Free Entry

13.00 -13.30 The Slumdogs
13.45 - 14.15. CHIQUE
14.30 - 15.00. Mikey T's Boogie Blues Band
15.15 - 15.45. Tuscan Sun
16.00 - 16 30. FUBAR
16.45 - 17.15 The Buzz
17.45 - 18.15. The Inciders
18.30 -19.00 Monster Squad Acoustic
19.15 -19.45 Nick Unlimited & Guests
20.00 - 20.30 Brother Rabbit
20.45 - 21.15 The Empress
21.30 - 22.00 The Poly Esters
22.15 - 22.45 All The Kings Men

Farmers Arms                                             On the Edge 8pm

13th October Thursday

Breck Club Poulton                                   Catfish Keith

14th October Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Tin Pan Alley

The Venue                                                 On the Edge

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                             Keytars

Brannigans                                                 The Deal                                                   

Marton Institute                                          Deadbeats

The Star                                                   Closed till next year   

Stanley Ward Con Club                               The Versions

Highfield SC                                               On the Edge

Station Tavern Lytham                                Electro 80's

15th October Saturday 

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Fagash Lil

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Monkberry

Norbreck Bowling & Tennis Club                 The Versions

Layton                                                        Night Train

Tiffanys Hotel                                             Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

Belle Vue                                                     AC/BC

Brun Grove WMC                                        Doug Perkins And the Spectaculars

Waterloo                                                      Rupert Fabulous

Hampton Road SC                                        Rockorama

Highfield SC                                                Blue Pig Orchestra

The Highfield  Pub                                       Borders of Dawn

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Contraband

The Star                                                   Closed till next year 

Lytham Station Tavern                                 Full Fat Boogie Band

20th October Thursday

Tiffanys Hotel                                            Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show 9pm

21st October

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                  Brian Rawson Band

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Jekyll

Bispham Con Club                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Claremont Con Club                                    Borders of Dawn

Brannigans                                                  Full Fat boogie Band/ Kazoobian

Catholic Club*                                            The Heat £2 doors 7pm

Belle Vue                                                    Deadbeats

Waterloo                                                     Boomin

The Star                                                   Closed till next year 

Station Tavern Lytham                                 In Cahoots

22nd October Saturday

The Steamer  Fleetwood                              Molly's Chamber

Kings Arms  Fleetwood                                The Section

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Dirty work

The Layton                                                 Electrio

North Pier                                                   On the Edge 1.30pm

Brannigans*                                                Kazoobian

Brun Grove Club                                         Rockorama

Boars Head                                                 Starfish (Duo)

Royal Oak Lytham Road                              Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

Marton Institute                                           April Moon

Waterloo                                                     Monster Squad

The Star                                                   Closed till next year 

Stanley Ward Con Club                                Touch the Pearl

Shovels                                                        Hush

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Versions

23rd October Sunday

North Pier                                                    Billy Nomates 12.30pm

Waterloo                                                      Billy Nomates 6pm

27th October Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                       Ark (Duo)

28th October Friday

Knott End WMC                                         Off the Rails

Steamer Fleetwood                                      Phoenix

The Bug Fleetwood                                     The Deal

Twelve Restaurant & Bar                             Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                   Higher Ground

North Shore Sports & SC                             Monster Squad

Uncle Toms Cabin                                       Ska Face + Natural Rhythm

Layton                                                        Free Roll

Waterloo                                                     Atmospherics + The Patriots

Highfield SC                                                Rupert Fabulous - Tickets - Charity Night inc hot pot                

Farmers Arms                                              Rockorama

Lord Derby                                                  Deadbeats

Lytham Beer Festival                                    Flipband

29th October Saturday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   Genie

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Monkberry

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              Molly's Chamber

Bay Horse                                                   The Heat 9pm

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Alibi

Genting Casino                                             Wireless Acoustic

Grapevine Poulton                                        The Misfires (Halloween Party)

Tiffanys Hotel                                              Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show

The Layton                                                  Gold from stone (Halloween Special)

The George                                                  Twelve Paces (Halloween Party)

Belle Vue                                                     Rupert fabulous (Halloween Party)

Marton Institute                                            Electro 80's 8pm

Waterloo                                                      Good Machine (Halloween Party)

Highfield SC                                                 April Moon

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Kiss da Beat

Lytham Beer Festival Flyde AFC                    Don't Panic

3rd November Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                         Mike Lee

4th November Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                              Route 66

The Steamer Fleetwood                          The Keytars

Old Town Hall Poulton                           The Versions

Cottam Fields Poulton                             Blue Pig Orchestra Bonfire Firework  Display 5pm

Layton                                                   Rock of Ages

Waterloo                                                 The Heat

5th November

Steamer Fleetwood                                Whistle Test

Royal Oak Fleetwood                             Molly's Chamber

Kings Arms Fleetwood                           The Stories

Layton                                                  The Tracks

New Norcross SC                                   Kudos 8pm

Clarence                                                Wireless Acoustic

Washington                                            Keytars

Marton Institute                                      Brother rabbit

Waterloo                                                FlashHearts 9.30 (Bonfire Firework event 5pm)

Highfield Pub                                         The Deal

Stanley Ward Con club                           The Rockits 9pm

Shovels                                                  Higher Ground

Vic St Annes                                           Full Fat boogie Band

Station Tavern Lytham                            Blue Pig Orchestra

6th November Sunday

Farmers Arms                                         Andy Holt  8pm?

Waterloo                                                On the Edge 6pm

10th November Thursday

Silantro St Annes                                     April Moon

Grapevine Poulton                                   Jeannie & the Tonics

11th November Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                               The Marauders

Steamer Fleetwood                                    Flashback

The Venue Cleveleys                                The Secrets

Layton                                                     Insanity Beach

Bispham Con Club                                    Shotglass

Brannigans *                                             The Versions                

Belle Vue                                                  Touch the Pearl

Shovels, Marton                                         Deadbeats

Stanley Ward Con Club                              Rang A Tang

Station Tavern Lytham                               Newfangled

12th November Saturday

Knott End WMC                                       Blue Pig Orchestra

Kings Arms Fleetwood                               Hush

Steamer Fleetwood                                    Cheating Hearts

The Venue Cleveleys                                 Tracks

Grapevine Poulton                                     Elliot Ramsbottom and Adam Morgan (Duo) 9pm

Old Town Hall Poulton                              Borders of Dawn

Layton                                                      Monkberry

Squirrel                                                     Sonic Jam Project

Genting Casino                                          Two Blokes with Guitars

Washington                                               Bosh Claret

Boars Head                                               Cheap Suits

Waterloo                                                   Glitterballs

Stanley Ward Con Club                              The Deal      

British Legion St Annes                              Repeater

Station Tavern Lytham                               Dirty Work

13th November Sunday

Waterloo                                                   Punk event - Addictive Philosophy Tour + Bolshy 5-10pm

18th November Friday

The Bug Fleetwood                                    The Stories (Punk)

The Steamer                                               Trident

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Quotation

Travellers Rest                                            Higher Ground

Layton                                                       The Deal

Waterloo                                                    Phantom Voices

Genting Casino                                           Brother Rabbit ABR 8pm

Station Tavern Lytham                               Chasing Crows

19th November Saturday

Steamer Fleetwood                                        Eddie P

The Venue Cleveleys                                      Blue Pig Orchestra

Kings Arms                                                   April Moon

The Layton                                                   The Rockits

Queens Layton                                              The Section

Genting Casino                                              Brother Rabbit ABR 8pm

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Full Fat Boogie Band

Brun Grove                                                   The Rattlers                                               

Waterloo                                                       Twelve Paces

Highfield SC                                                  The Versions

Stanley Ward Con Club                                   F.U.B.A.R. 9pm

The Shovels                                                   Electrio

Links St Annes                                               Electro80's

Silantros St Annes                                           The Delmars    

Station Tavern Lytham                                   The Coustics

20th November Sunday

Waterloo                                    The Members + support from Discord, The Cracked, The New Subterraneans(Punk) 5-9pm

24th November Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                        ThArk 9.30pm


25th November Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                   A Band of Gypsies

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Shotglass

North Shore Sports & SC                              Electro 80's  

Hambleton Sports & SC                                Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                    Hooker

Brannigans                                                   The Deal

Bloomfield Brewhouse                                  Deadbeats   

Waterloo                                                      Sinnerboy  

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 Billy Nomates

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Cherry Valantine

26th November Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                   Borders of Dawn 

North Euston Fleetwood                                 Glitterballs

Steamer                                                        Tony Mitchell

The Venue Cleveleys                                      Bob On

Iron Horse Thornton                                      The Deal

Squirrel Bispham                                           The Secrets

The Layton                                                    Joe Marcel and the Sweet Aspirations (Elvis Tribute)

Clarence                                                        Starfish (Acoustic Duo)

Washington                                                   Bartender

Marton Institute                                             Touch the Pearl 8pm

Waterloo                                                       Monster squad

Highfield Pub                                                 Kazoobian

Stanley Ward Con Club                                  Blue Pig Orchestra

Townhouse St Annes                                      The Versions 9pm

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Torpedo Vegas

27th November Sunday

Waterloo                                                        Touching Cloth 1pm (Toy Run)

2nd December Friday 

The Steamer Fleetwood                                   Full Fat boogie Band

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                     The Fuse

Brannigans*                                                     Electro80's

Layton                                                          Joe Marcel & the Sweet Asperations

Bispham Con Club                                         Chique

Bootleggers                                                    Culture Shock

Waterloo                                                        Ed Banger & the Nosebleeds

Fifteens St Annes                                           Repeater 8.30pm

Station Tavern Lytham                                   The Deal

3rd December   Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                               Ska Face

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                 Two Stroke Diesel

The Steamer Fleetwood                                The Heat

Old Town Hall Poulton                                 Higher Ground

Layton                                                        Twelve Paces

Boars Head                                                  PR2

Belle Vue                                                     Blue Pig Orchestra

Marton Intitute                                             Rockorama  (non members £3)     

Waterloo                                                      Rock of Ages              

Stanley ward Con Club                                 Electro80's  £2 after 8pm non members

Station Tavern Lytham                                 Free Roll

4th December Sunday

Farmers Arms                                              Billy Nomates 8.30pm

8th December Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                  Jeannie and the Tonics

9th December Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                              The Method

Steamer Fleetwood                                  Chique

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                         The Secrets

The Layton                                             Kazoobian

Brannigans  *                                          The Rattlers

Waterloo                                                Blue Pig Orchestra

AFC Fylde                                             Rupert Fabulous

Station Tavern Lytham                           Bad Moon

10th December Saturday

North Euston Fleetwood                            Brother Rabbit

Royal Oak Fleetwood                               Antisocial + Support - The Filthy Lookers 9pm

Steamer Fleetwood                                   Monkberry

Highbury Club Fleetwood FC                    Blue Pig Orchestra

Burn Naze                                               The Rattlers

Old Town Hall Poulton                             Free Roll

Norbreck Bowling & Tennis Club             Electrio

Albion Bispham                                       Shotglass

Layton                                                   On the Edge (trio)

Belle Vue                                               Ska Face

Marton Institute                                      The Heat 8pm (non members £3)

Waterloo                                                Senton Bombs + Avarus  The Drop Out Wives Deaf or Glory 7.30pm - 11.15pm

Stanley Ward Con Club                          The Coustics (£2 non members after 8pm)

Fifteens St Annes                                    Full Fat boogie Band 8.30pm

Vic St Annes                                          Touch the Pearl

Station Tavern Lytham                           Heavy Sol Band

11th December Sunday

Waterloo                                                     Billy Nomates 6pm

15th December Thursday

Grapevine Poulton                                        Andrew Hall & Elliot Ramsbottom Acoustic 9.30pm

Tiffanys Hotel                                              Joe Marcel & the Sweet Asperations

Station Tavern Lytham                                 The Ask (Open mike night)    

16th December Friday

Royal Oak Fleetwood                                    Champagne Nippers

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                               Molly's Chamber

Castle Gardens Poulton                                 Blue Pig Orchestra

The Layton                                                  Bob On

Uncle Toms Cabin                                        Ska Face

Waterloo                                                      Rupert Fabulous

Townhouse St Annes                                     Kazoobian

Station Lytham                                             Groove Hustlers

17th December

North Euston Fleetwood                                Blue Pig Orchestra

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Barkin'

Iron Horse Thornton                                     Crash  9pm

Grapevine Poulton                                        Jeannie Croft

Layton                                                        Queenesque (Concert Room)

Washington                                                  Borders of Dawn

Brun Grove WMC                                        The Rob Martin Band

Belle Vue                                                     The Heat

Marton Institute                                            Flashback Duo (£3 non members)                 

Waterloo                                                      Electrio

Highfield SC                                                 Keytars

Stanley Ward Con Club                                 The Rattlers

The Shovels                                                 Brother Rabbit

Station Tavern Lytham                                  The Rockits

18th December Sunday

Farmers Arms                                          On the Edge 8.30pm

20th December Tuesday

Galleon Bar                                             Charity Night                                                  

21st December Wednesday

Burlington                                                Black Frog  (Paul Darren & Path duo)

22nd December Thursday

Ma Kellys Fleetwood                                 Deadbeats

Grapevine  Poulton                                   Vendetta

23rd December Friday

Steamer Fleetwood                                     Eddie P - Elvis Show

Twelve Restaurant & Bar                            Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue Cleveleys                                  The Secrets

Castle Gardens Carelton                              Deadbeats

Albion Bispham                                          Dirty Work

The Layton                                                DePalma

Brannigans *                                              The Heat

Belle Vue                                                   Rupert Fabulous

Brun Grove WMC                                      Soundcasters

Waterloo                                                   Bosh Claret - charity concert to raise money for Families in Recovery

Hampton Road SC                                      Joe Marcel and The Sweet Aspirations Tribute To Elvis Show 9pm

Fifteens St Annes                                       Collixion 8.30pm

Station Tavern Lytham                               Bob The Gob

24th December Saturday

Kings Arms Fleetwood                                The Deal

The Steamer Fleetwood                               Molly's Chamber

Hambleton SC                                            Higher Ground

The Venue Cleveleys                                  Glitterballs

No4                                                           Two Blokes with Guitars

Brun Grove WMC                                      Soundcasters

Stanley Ward Con Club                               Monster Squad 

Station Tavern Lytham                                The Coustics

25th December    Christmas Day 

The Venue Cleveleys                                    On the Edge

26th December


The Venue Cleveleys                                    Kazoobian

Travellers Rest Cleveleys                              Higher Ground

Belle Vue                                                     AC/BC

Lane Ends                                                    Andy Holt 9pm

28th December Wednesday

Steamer Fleetwood                                       Tony Auton Band

30th December Friday

Boars Head                                                   PR2

Belle Vue                                                          Deadbeats

Waterloo                                                      Dirty Work

Station Lytham                                             Touch the Pearl

31st December Saturday New Years Eve

New Norcross Social Club                              Molly's Chamber

Twelve Restaurant & Bar Thornton                Blue Pig Orchestra

The Venue*                                                  The Jeps* Ticket only

Norbreck Bowling & Tennis Club                   Higher Ground

Old Town Hall Poulton                                  Kudos

Layton                                                         Glitterballs

Uncle Toms Cabin*                                      Inciders - £3 on door

The Hop                                                      Jokers & Cowboys                                                                  

No4                                                             Brother Rabbit 9pm

Belle Vue                                                      Monster Squad

Highfield Social Club*                                   The Rattlers NYE Party

Highfield Pub                                                Bad Moon

Stanley Ward Con Club  membership available     The Heat - Members only £10

Shovels                                                        Electrio

St Annes Ex Serviceman's Club                      Contraband

Lord Derby                                                  The Coustics

Shillaylee Bar St Annes                                 Midnight Johnny Band

Station Tavern Lytham                                  Frayed at the Edges